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    Link 3 Worksheets that have common field

    I have copied 3 foxpro dbf files to Excel (2007). The field that all 3 have in common is named "Stock ID". I need to create a report pulling 1 or 2 fields from each file (or worksheet). Is there a way to do this in Excel, possibly using Pivot Tables or is there some other way? Thank you!
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    Edit Links in Protected Sheets / Link to a file "in the same folder" (without specifying the path)

    I have a protected spreadsheet that links to another spreadsheet that is in the same folder (C:\example\master.xlsx and C:\example\subordinate.xls) I want to be able to use them both in any computer (that means, in any folder). For instance, I would like to be able to paste those two files in...
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    Need help copying results from an autofilter to a new worksheet

    I'm working on a quote template that has 600+ products with descriptions and prices that gets autofiltered down to one product. After it has been filtered down to that one product how do I link that to a new worksheet?
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    Locking rows in excel between sheets

    I have a very lengthy and, what I think is, a very complicated Excel question: I'm working in Excel 2003, I'm looking at inventory depreciation forecasts between two different sheets. The two sheets are entitled '2002-Present' and 'Present-Forecast'. The reason I'm using two sheets is because...

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