1. S

    Link tabs to original data?

    I have a master spreadsheet (Tab 1) which goes to cell EM:3500. The boss filters for specific data, copy/pastes the filtered data to another tab and then runs calculations. This easily results in 20 tabs for a specific project. The problem is keeping up with revisions to the master data. How can...
  2. Y

    Need help with Cell linkages & Sorting

    Need help on this issue I have with excel: Sheet 1: master copy with columns of data, A, B, C Sheet 2: summary of minimum value linked from sheet 1, but of only selected cells with no fixed order; eg MIN('sheet1' B2, 'sheet 1' B4, 'sheet 1' B5) However, when I Sort my sheet 1 data, say column...
  3. R

    Link Worksheets in the same Workbook

    Hi all Please may you assist with this one I would like to link Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 (Both sheets are in the same workbook) so that sheet 2 displays the selected data of sheet 1 Also I dont want to show all of the data from sheet 1 ie. I only want to show everything in columns A,D, E & J...

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