linked workbooks

  1. S

    Array formula not calculating in linked workbooks

    I currently have a workbook with over 50,000 rows of data based on color, make, model, package, year and price of cars and I'm using an array formula to retrieve price based on multiple criteria. The formula works perfectly when all information is in one workbook, but the array formula does not...
  2. O

    Vlookups not working unless external source workbook is open

    Help please! I have a workbook that is vlooking up to another workbook. The issue is that when I open up the WB that has the vlookups, it gives me the update links dialog box (which is fine). When I click update, I then get an error box that it cannot update the links and #refs everything...
  3. J

    need help with linked workbooks

    I have one master workbook linked to many other workbooks. As the master workbook is updated I want all linked workbooks to update the same including if I add/delete rows. I added the following code to the master workbook worksheet and it works well in adding rows but deleting rows produces #ref...
  4. F

    Linked Workbook references

    Ok, lets see if I can explain this correctly. I have several workbooks that "feed" from main workbook. In this main workbook, I have several tables and named ranges. In order for my "daughter" workbooks to operate correctly, the main workbook needs to be open (which I can deal with). My...
  5. T

    Charts go to zero on blank cells - only when linked to other workbook that is closed

    Excel 2010 I have a number of line charts that are linked to data ranges in other workbooks. The ranges include a number of blank cells (future data to be dragged down weekly). These cells are actually blank, not formulas conditionally returning a blank. These blanks are displaying as zeroes on...
  6. babyhime4

    Linked Workbooks + Password Protect

    The Skinny: I am trying to put together a budget planner for my company where each division has the option to give a part of their allotment to each other. I need each division's workbook to have the latest update from the others: Division1 - gives $500 to both Division2 and Division3...
  7. S

    Problem with formulas in linked workbooks

    At my job we use a complex workbook with multiple worksheet tabs for managing budgets. We want to create a separate, but linked, workbook showing data from only some of the budgets that will update whenever the parent workbook is updated. (I'm using Excel 2007 for PC.) I understand the...
  8. C

    Hardcoding paths for linked data

    Dear Forumusers, Does anyone know how you can prevent the "path" of linked data from changing if other users open the linked data in the same excell session but have different network mappings. As example: Book1 has data imported from source1 located at...
  9. Lampshade54321

    Archive linked workbooks with links intact

    This issue relates to automating with VBA code the archiving of upto 40 linked workbooks whilst maintaining the integrity of the workbook links.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I manage a large project and have six cell teams...
  10. M

    link problem- will not recalculate if linked workbook is not open

    Hi, I'm linking workbooks and placing them in formulas. Using excel as a database alternative. It seems the 'linked cells' only recalculate and work when the 'linked workbooks' are open. I open all linked workbooks and re-calculate my sheet, save, close. works fine. But, once I JUST open my...
  11. C

    linked sheets - trouble matching data

    I have two files: 1) PO 2) SITE SUMMARY I am working in PO and referencing SITE SUMMARY. In PO <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 194pt;" width="258" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><col style="width: 17pt;" width="23"> <col style="width: 83pt;" width="110"> <col...
  12. M

    Repairing broken links after moving files.

    Hello all. Just a general question, I am almost sure this is possible but can't remember. Is there a way for excel to automatically reassign links when a linked file (the file with the original data) is moved from one folder to another? I have several files that have a huge amount of links that...
  13. B

    Linked Workbooks: zero placeholder

    I have a pretty simple question but it's bugging me! I have cells linked between two workbooks and the links work! However when I enter a value (text) in the source workbook and then delete that value, I get a "0" value (zero placeholder) in my dependent workbook. I have tried to override this...

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