1. F

    How to update range list in Data Validation cell, all at once?

    Hi, I have an Excel file that utilize Excel Data Validation - List by link to another sheet. However, the list seems not in the same pattern due to data were add up later in another sheet. so, the row at top part link to a number of rows while the bottom part link to data in more rows which...
  2. D

    Auto Refresh the Drop-Down List in Excel Worksheet

    Hello Everybody, First of all, thank you so much for using your time in assisting me with this matter and reading this inquiry. It is greatly appreciated! I am currently making an order form in Excel, where I am pulling my product data (material description) from a sheet I have named...
  3. mamady

    Lookup information from another sheet using VBA

    Hi All, I have a list of information in sheet 1, like the following table Country Month Subject Item and in sheet 2, I created a layout with a drop list for Country and Month attributes I want a VBA code that will retrieve/lookup the subject and item based on select...
  4. apgmin

    list and count unique Excel 2013

    In column A, I have a list of values from A2-A503, I fill these cells In column B from Column B2 onwards I want to list the unique values from column A ( A2-A503 ) In column C from Column C2 onwards I want the nos. of repetitions of the unique values listed from B2 onwards PLEASE SEE THE...
  5. L

    List default based on users information

    Can I have some help please? (See attached image) I have 3 tabs. the first sheet has employee’s data. UserID, Name and Level Second sheet is where I want the help. There sheet shows the users name and level, the level cell is a dropdown list containing all the possible levels. (The list values...
  6. J

    Dependent data validation question

    Hi all, i feel like i've watched a million youtube videos and read a million articles and they all seem sooo similar to what i'm trying to accomplish, but i just can't quite get there... Here's the situation; Excel 2016, will be a shared workbook so no tables allowed, workbooks will likely have...
  7. M

    Validation dependent lists

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I've been working with Excel for quite a few years now but now stumbled upon this challenge, for which I can't seem to find a solution. If it's even supported in Excel 2016. Please note I'm not using Office 365 so I can't use all function that Office...
  8. D


    For some reason my match is exactly 1 cell down from where it needs to start and I have not been able to figure out why. Customer A should come up 1,2,3 but I'm Getting 2,3,4 =OFFSET('Customer Info'!$A$1,MATCH($B$1,'Customer Info'!$A:$A,0),1,COUNTIF('Customer Info'!$A:$A,$B$1)) Thank you.
  9. Thumper007

    Formatting on a list Dropdown

    Good Afternoon all, I have a list that contains 3 options. Watch option is a statement. I want to highlight a specific word in each statement and then on another tab, be able to select the statement from a dropdown and have the statement come over with the word still highlighted. Is this possible?
  10. S

    Define a list of files as a variable target (VBA)

    Hello, I use a code to copy files to a template file, and delete old one, then save as old file's name. But choosing every single file for like 500 files, is very boring. Since, I do this operation once a week, now I need more clever way to do it. I use "GetOpenFilename" in order to choose...
  11. M

    Multiple dropdown based on cell value.

    I'm trying to write a macro that with Dependent Multiple dropdown based on Column cell respectively and below mentioned fixed content in sheet2 & in Sheet1 i need the data based on cell value for till nrows. Sample data mentioned below Mname mvalue mtext mid mextn abc 1 xyz q1 po1 abc 2...
  12. B

    How can I generate a list of codes in Excel based on criteria?

    I'm trying to make a list of codes based on a format of 001 A 001. They should be 001 to 062, A to E, 001 to 012. I need all combinations, so they would be: 001 A 001 001 A 002 to 001 A 012, then up to 001 E 012 Then 001 B 001 to 012, and so on until 001 E 001 to 012 Then 002, A to E, 001 to...
  13. C

    Updating a dynamic list

    Hi! I am looking to learn if it is possible to update a growing list within excel through a separate sheets inputted values. I will use name, height, weight, and age as example placeholders. On the first sheet (Sheet1), I would like to have inputs for the above data which will then populate a...
  14. J

    Creating a Client List from Monthly Summary

    For our business we have an excel sheet we track income on. Each month has its own sheet then i have a client sheet where i want to make a list of all clients in each month ignoring the duplicates and also trailing spaces and capitalization. SO basically i need to use VBA to pull First Name...
  15. N

    Removing an item in ComboBox list if already selected in the other Combobox

    I have 2 ComboBoxes. Both have same items inside. What I want to do is when say if "Report1" is selected in ComboBox1, ComboBox2 should not show "Report1" in the list and vice versa. Thanks. So far I only have this: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Worksheets("Settings").ComboBox1.Value =...
  16. B

    Return multiple values in a list based on other criteria

    I'm shooting for the moon a bit here, but thought I'd ask if this is possible anyway. In the below table, I want to make a list of values appear in column E based on the number in column B (as it's shown now with hard-coded values). For example, if there's a 2 next to QB, then QB would show up...
  17. W

    Macros code to return a list of numbers according to Specific Conditions

    4 numbers are to be picked at random from a bag containing numbers 1 to 20 For convenience purposes, said numbers are grouped as; 1 - 5 6 - 10 11- 15 16- 20 Numbers chosen in the Number Pattern (2101) means 2...
  18. J

    List of values based on criteria in two places...

    Hi there, I am currently using a tracking spreadsheet to list out titles of people who started in my organization and the days it took to hire them. The problem I am running into is based on the fact they are occasionally stored in an interim place if they have accepted an offer, but not...
  19. gmooney

    Excel Custom Lists?

    I just created a custom list in an Excel file that I am using for a Slicer and pivot table filter. I emailed the file to another person and the custom list did not transfer with the file? How can I make sure that the custom list stays in the file?
  20. U

    Inserted row above total is not included in total. Any solution would be welcomed!

    I have a worksheet with a list of properties. Every time an expense is added to the list it goes on the last row for the property, just above the total. I welcome any kind of solution either a worksheet formula or a VBA solution that would insert the new row and update the =SUBTOTAL( and =Sum(...

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