1. R

    Longest Column not finding last couple of rows

    Good morning/afternoon. If someone has some time to help, I would appreciate it. :) So, I've been using this code to find my longest row/column range so I can put 'all borders' around each cell in that range. However, on this last report, it doesn't seem to see the last two rows. Not sure...
  2. H

    VBA Code Add Condition

    Hello Friends, I am using the this VBA Code to format dates which are greater than or equal to today. I require to add another condition i.e. if the adjacent cell (right one) is empty then only the code should format dates otherwise nothing should happen. Sub formatdates() Dim rngCell As...
  3. H

    Macro to insert all borders on all sheets

    I have written code to insert borders on all sheets from row 9 up to the row before where total appears in Col A (could be total repairs, total expenses etc) I need the borders to be from Col a to the last Column Containing Text in Row 9. Your assistance is much appreciated Sub...
  4. zakasnak

    vba formatting used range with border

    Hi all, I found this code & it works, but I need to alter it so that only the top, bottom, and internal horizontal are bordered (no internal verticals). My range is Col A-F, variable number of rows, do not border the header row A1:F1. Help? Sub TheWall() Application.ScreenUpdating = False...

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