1. P

    Excel 2010 Power Query addin - connection only - unable to load

    Hi all - newbie to PQ here. I searched forum / google but couldn't find anything. I created a calendar table in a blank query & clicked "close & load" several times but it just continues to show "connection only". Any advice welcome on how to get this query to load so that I can set...
  2. sharky12345

    Unspecified error trying to load Listbox

    I am loading a Listbox on a Userform like so; With Me.ListBox1 .ColumnCount = 10 .ColumnHeads = True .ColumnWidths = "40;50;110;60;55;60;60;60;0;0" .RowSource = Sheet1.Range("A2:M" & LastRow).Address(, , , True) End With Most of the time it works fine, but regularly it gives me an error when I...
  3. gheyman

    Debug error on address

    My code doesn't like the first line. The name of the tab is correct Sheets("BOE").Cells("C5:C1015").Selection.Copy Sheets("Export Load Table").Select Sheets("Export Load Table").Range("A3").Select Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _...
  4. S

    Sorting by new parameter with several items per output parameter

    Hi, I have the following question: In my table I have listed lots of customers. For these customers certain transactions are planned in certain calendar weeks. In a given week there will be several transactions for several customers, there can also be several transactions for the same customer...
  5. T

    Getting error and need help to make this code better for FLP

    hi, i am getting problem when i call userform. it seems i am missing something and getting object . when i call userform it appears and when i try to submit that i get error,is that some old version and new version issue or something else how to solve this error. i am now using Excel-2010. i...
  6. sharky12345

    Error trying to load picture on Userform Image Control

    I'm using this to load an image into an Image Control on a Userform; With Img .Picture = LoadPicture(TextImage.Value) .PictureSizeMode = fmPictureSizeModeStretch End With Me.Repaint The image path is stored in TextImage. I'm getting an error on some occasions, but this doesn't happen all of...
  7. S

    Appending - Refresh one table and not the other

    I am trying to improve the performance of my Power BI queries. From an SQL database I created two tables "Data-Historical" which is set for data pre-2018, I have also Unchecked both Enable Load and Include in report refresh "Data-Current" which is set for data in 2018, I have also Unchecked...
  8. H

    Userform to Browse MS Access DB

    Hi Experts, Looking at the features of Excel, i want to learn n do more in Excel. Here is my request, not sure if this is doable or too much of ask. I am giving a try. I want to do following with a Userform in Excel. 1. Browse for the MS Access DB File and Load 2. Bring the list of Tables...
  9. D

    Personal.xlsb loading after selected working workbook

    When I first decided to use a personal.xlsb with Excel 2016 in XLSTART to store my macro it would load before I opened the workbook I wanted to work on so it was hidden and the workbook I needed to work on loaded last and so it was active. Fine. Recently, behavior has changed and now...
  10. B

    How to decrease loading time

    i have a huge file after adding some of the data after that i will click on run macro, its getting slower to load anything to add in macro to work faster
  11. L

    WinHTTPrequest and MSXML2.DOMDocument60

    I'm trying to put together a macro that will access a site's API and download files. First, it accesses the site and searches for a particular document. If it is found, the site returns various information about the document, one item being the 'view_address', which is the url to view or...
  12. B

    split column using formula to keep it dynamic

    Hey thanks for looking In column F I have between 1-3 words, when there are three words I would like them to go to column G and H using a formula, The data comes from another tab so I would like it to load dynamically. Any help would be great!! Thank you.
  13. S

    VBA excel, able to load even with different file name

    HI all!, i was asked to make the files to load in the excel more robust. Meaning the excel has to be able to load two files of different name and format to produce an output. keeping in mind format as in the the way the file is named. i have tried to do some codes myself but it would not load...
  14. F

    place image activex control

    hi. I cannot figure out how to load a picture into an image control. image1.picture = Loadpicture(filepath) but if the picture is just in another sheet and it's named. how can i load it? image1.picture = Loadpicture(range("pic"))??????
  15. A

    Load Multiple Solver Parameters and Solve

    Hello, I am wondering if it is possible in VBA to load one Solver model (saved in a range) execute it then load another model (saved in another range) replace the first one and execute and so on. Example: SolverLoad loadArea:=Range("A1:A8") then solve, move on to SolverLoad...
  16. S

    Formula to return offset value based on cell location of sech for text

    Good morning, I have a calendar in Excel where each month is on a new tab and am trying to populate text based on multiple conditions: The location of the value that equals 7 days before the date in the referenced cell (EX D18- 7 days = D9) Then using that location display the value that is...
  17. M


    Hello All! I can't remember how to utilize percentages in Excel. For example, I have 10 dummy clients, 2 dummy clients have viral load results equal to or less than 20.... I know basic math would be 2/10 * 100 = 20 (20%) So I Excel, I entered this in a cell: =2/10*100 And I got 20...
  18. C

    Cocatenate Text in subsequent cells in a column

    Can somebody help me to solve the below problem using VBA? I want to concatenate cells A7, A8, B8, A9 and paste it to A7. Similarly concatenate A10, A11, A12, C12, A13, A14 and paste to A10. Concatenate A15, A16 and paste to A15. Keep A6 same and A17 same as original value. Any help is...
  19. E

    Distributing a number/volume across multiple cells where the max possible value of each cell can be defined.

    I've a list of servers (rows) that I'd like to spread a total load across. Each has a max load, & a recommended % load threshold to prevent issues. Different servers have different max loads. (Note... For the non server nerds equally this could work for team members and tasks rather than...
  20. Z

    Open google with sendkey

    Hello, Below is the code I have been working on to open up google using send keys. Normally I use the waitime function I made below to guess when a page has loaded all the way. However sometimes the web page takes longer to open than other times. Is there any way that I can make the loop I have...

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