1. kelly mort

    General knowledge on datepicker - 32 bits vs 64 bits compatibility

    So I developed a few problems with datepicker in excel currently then I have to do more reading about that object.What I found was that it does not work well on the 64 bits office versions.When I tried testing it on 64 bits office version, it said it couldn't load the object. Then when I went to...
  2. J

    Setting Userform textbox value from Worksheet_Change

    Hi, The following works fine (I'm currently using Userform1 with vbModeless) Userform1.Textbox1.Value = Target I just want to know what affect this has when the Userform hasn't been loaded. It seems nothing happens but is it using memory? Or a bad idea? Can I check whether the Userform is...
  3. D

    Listbox to highlight current week when opened.

    Hi, I have a listbox (listbox1) with the numbers 1-52 in it. I would like a code that highlights the current week when the userform is loaded. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Dan
  4. D

    Dynamic array in autofilter

    Hi guys! Taking my first steps in working with arrays. I'm trying to load a dynamic array as an autofilter criteria, but I must be missing something. Found some hints Googling around, but couldn't make it work. I will get the filter marker in the right column, but no filtering results. Array is...
  5. Y

    Rename an Item In Listbox

    How can i rename an item in a listbox that is already loaded on a userform with a textbox value?
  6. W

    How to modify the load behaviour of Excel 2010 add-in (e.g. flexfind)

    I'm using Microsoft Excel 2010 and had a few useful add-ins like flex find installed. https://www.jkp-ads.com/officemarketplaceff-en.asp.However, I do not use these add-ins frequently. Since it seems that Microsoft excel 2010 loads, these add-ins at start-up and it significantly increases the...
  7. D

    Need Help to create "YARD IN QUERY"

    The goal for this query is to achieve the yard report at any time I run the query. To clarify when I run this query I want to know: what the trailers status loaded/empty/other currently in the yard. I don't need any information on the trailers that are out of the yard. The status must change if...
  8. N

    Determining whether Userform2 is Loaded : Error Object Variable or With Block Variable not set

    Hello I've button which loads Userform2. In Second command button i want to know whether userform2 is loaded in Gen Module Public usrForm As Object Function IsUserFormLoaded(ByVal usfrName As String) As Boolean IsUserFormLoaded = False For Each usrForm In VBA.UserForms If...
  9. T

    VBA - Unload specific userform from multiple loaded same userform

    A userform is loaded when a certain condition is met. When the same condition is met again, an instance of the same userform is loaded. What I need, is to add a timer after loading every userform to unload automatically after x seconds, so after x seconds this specific instance is unloaded...
  10. Skybluekid

    Using Power Query in Worsheet Formulas

    Hi I am just getting to use Power Query. Is there a way to use the data loaded into Power query in formulas on a normal worksheet?
  11. M

    Managing large personal.xlsb file

    I've got 20 years of utilities, forms, classes, and other macros in my personal.xlsb file. It's over 1MB now and while I use some macros more than others I don't want to leave any out for when I need them. I know it's a big chunk of memory to load the file, even if particular modules aren't...
  12. sharky12345

    Populate Listbox if value exists

    I have a Listbox on a userform and I want to load it with values from a range but only if another column has a specific value. My range is C2:C42 - I need the values to be loaded only if the text "Unassigned" does not appear on the same row in H2:H42.
  13. K

    CONCATENATE but list is too long. VBA needed?

    Hi all I have a list of numbers in column A (list is dynamically loaded from a data base) which I need to concatenate (comma separated) into one cell, let's say B2. This could look something like: A B 305 305,407,809 407 809 I have 2 issues: 1) because the...
  14. T

    Why are my column headings numbers?

    This morning when I loaded Excel 2010 with Vista, the same as I’ve always used, I noticed that all my column headings have changed from the usual letters to numbers. This is in an empty Excel. I thought maybe loading the program I've been developing would bring everything back to normal...

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