1. K

    locale of info_type argument of CELL function

    Hello! I would like to modify CELL function that is using info_type argument to work independently of Excel or Windows locale settings. The problem is that I am using Excel with SK locale setting: CELL("adresa"; ...) which will not work when opened in Excel using other locale settings, e.g...
  2. HawaiianShirts

    Format Cells - Date - Defalt "Locale" Selection Changes

    The Format Cells "Date" settings are behaving... strangely. I regularly pull in data from a reporting system via csv files. The source formatting is always the same, but Excel seems to be seeing something that I am not. When I copy the csv data from the source file to the .xlsx spreadsheet, I...
  3. A

    Detecting LOCALE of cell

    Hi, I used Adobe Acrobat to convert PDF files to Excel files. When I open the file it looks good, including the column of dates. However, when I sorted by date I get a mess. It turns out that many, but not all, of the the dates are in Afrikaans. So although the cell displays 04/12/15 (April...
  4. C

    Format Cells occasionally showing Chinese (Taiwan) locale

    Occasionally in Excel 2010 when I open Format Cells, I am presented with an odd result. Does anyone have a good explanation? Is my Lenovo keyboard doing this?
  5. P

    Error 1004- Query did not run or a database table cannot be opened

    I have an end user in Korea who is encountering an error when they execute a ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh from Excel VBA against an Access Db Query. There are three Excel worksheets with ListObject.QueryTable.Refresh updates in the workbook. Two are linked to Access Queries and one is linked to...

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