lock cells

  1. J

    Locking an empty cell after data entry

    Hi, Is there a way to lock a cell after data entry, with specific named users having access to write in any empty cell, but not able to overwrite data that has already been entered? I'll explain in more detail below.. I found a method of locking a cell with a password after data entry (i.e. if...
  2. G

    Apply formula to cells without relative cell referencing in VBA

    Hi, How do I prevent relative cell referencing with this formula? Dim LastRow As Long LastRow = Worksheets("data").Cells(Rows.Count, "I").End(xlUp).Row Range(Range("N2"), Range("N2").End(xlDown)).formula = _ "=SUMIFS(data!J2:J" &...
  3. tlc53

    Lock / Unlock cells depending on True / False

    Hi there, I'm not sure why this code isn't working. Can someone tell me if I'm missing a trick please? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Range("A17") = "TRUE" Then Range("F17:K17").Locked = False ElseIf Range("A17") = "FALSE" Then...
  4. R

    How to lock one cell out of three?

    Hi, First let me thank you for taking the time to read this thread. I am very new in excel, I have 3 cells (A1, A2, A3) and I would like to know if it is possible to lock one out of the three when two have data. for example; If I have A1="any number" and A3="any number" I want A2 to be...
  5. M

    Locking Cell if another Cell has Text

    Good morning, The spreadsheet I am working on needs the community's assistance. The goal would be to Lock 3 cells in the same row IF any alpha-numeric character is input in another cell. For example, if the user marks cell B12 - then lock cells C12, D12 and E12; if the user marks cell C12...
  6. V

    Need cells to lock until a comment is added in the comment cell then unprotect sheet

    I am new to visual basic and need some help with some coding. I have a excel template that has an plan end date and actual end date (2 separate columns) if my actual end date is greater then my plan end date, I need a message box to explain they need to write a comment. If there is no comment...
  7. C

    Locking/ Unlocking specific cells based on value

    HI! I've tried reading through different threads and sites trying to find something code that will work for me but I don't know enough (or anything) about VBA to modify them to work for what I need so I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have a spreadsheet set up for work that will be...
  8. M

    Lock Specific Cells on Multiple Sheets Based on Entries in other sheets

    Hello, I am trying to create an excel file that will be shared with another user. I need the user to select certain responses on one of three sheets in the same workbook. I have 3 tabs named "Full View" "Customer View" and "Product View" all showing the same information but in different...
  9. R

    Locking a range of cells without protecting the worksheet

    Good afternoon all, I have working on different ways to lock cells without protecting the worksheet. I have found the following code to perform someway to what I am looking for: Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Column = 6 Then If Target.Row...
  10. S

    Lock Down Table but Allow Sorting AND Executable Hyperlinks

    Hi all, I'm trying to lock down table edits but need to allow sorting AND executable hyperlinks.. Please help, can't find a solution that works for both. 'Allow Users to Edit Ranges' + all cells locked -> allows sorting but can't click the cells with hyperlinks 'Allow Users to Edit Ranges' +...
  11. O

    Locking specific cell

    I have already asked a similar question but I am still not getting the results I had hope for. My goal is to have for instance an entire worksheet that is locked so that other users cannot change anything. However, there will be an exception of cells like C6, C12, C18, etc.. In these particular...
  12. O

    Locking an Excel Cell

    I am creating a program within Excel where the workbook will be used by multiple players. Each player will be on their own sheet within the Workbook itself. Each sheet references answers selected in others sheets. Part of the program prompts users to select an answer from a drop down menu, so...
  13. T

    Check if a Cell's Value can be changed without error

    I would like to be able to check (without use of Exception Handling) to see if a single cell's Value/Value2 Property can be changed or not. For example I will not be able to change a cell's value if the cell is Locked and its parent worksheet is Protected. I also won't be able to change a...
  14. J

    VBA Lock Cells - Error Type 13 Mismatch - Multiple Cells

    Hi, I have a Yes / No data validation list in column A. When Yes is selected I want rows B - T to be locked and want it unlocked when it is empty / no is selected. The below code works brilliant but only when one cell is inputted with Yes. When multiple cells in column A are inserted with Yes...
  15. N

    Formula Help - Prevent Row from Changing when new row inserted

    Hello... I have a CountA formula, see below... =COUNTA('0 Data Summary'!B10:B108) I have a macro that creates a new client data row in row 10, and all other client data shifts down by 1. It works fine. Now, I have some formulas on Report tab that pulls this data using similar formulas like...
  16. K

    Lock cell access if contains text string

    Hi all, I have a sales pricing model and i need to lock access to a cell if another cell contains certain text. For example: If C7 = "Existing Client" then F14 is editable If C7 = "Prospective Client" then F14 is not-editable At present, the spreadsheet is not protected, but once i get this...
  17. S

    Trying to lock cells in one worksheet depending on value in another worksheet cell

    Hello, Any ideas as to why this will not run. I've been playing with it all day and can't figure out why it stops after the If statement is evaluated. I'd bet money it's something minute I'm overlooking but I can't find it. I have changed everything I can think of in the two statements...
  18. L

    Problem with lock range

    Hello, i have a problem with a subrutine. I did a subrutine to lock a specific range, but there are locked cells where i can write. If i look in format cell, I can see that the cell is blocked. So, I'm looking something to solve this issue, any solution? Thanks in advance. L.
  19. P

    VBA to lock rows after a certain date

    Hi! Please help me woth the following problem (it starts with B2): <tbody> Contract no. Date Today Partner company Merchandise Shipping date Adjustments Etc.1 Etc.2 Etc.3 Etc.4 Etc.5 Etc.6 Etc.7 1 2014.02.12 2014.09.18 XYZ Inc. Books 2014.02.26 No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 2014.03.13 2014.09.18 ASD...
  20. T

    Lock Cell and use a formula if another cell has value

    Hi, Probably an easy one. I have two cells: C4 & C6. IF someone enters in either cell, I want the other cell to be locked and have a simple sum formula in (=SUM(D4,D6,D8)) So if someone enters 100 in C4 - C6 will be locked and have a Sum formula, if someone enters in c6, c4 will have the...

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