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    Lock formulas in column, protect sheet, add and delete rows

    Hi, we have an Excel sheet which we send to the client for them to type in data for their employees and they're always messing around with the formulas in column G. We're trying to find a way to lock the formulas in column G, but still allow the client to add new rows by copying and pasting the...
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    Locking formulas in a set of cells

    I need to know how i can lock formulas in certain columns. As of right now I have the code below to list things through an input box. In columns E9:E30,F9:F30,J9:J30, and K9;K30 I have a formula than needs to me locked. Is there anyway I can write in my code to lock it without a password? Sub...
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    Can you lock conditional formating?

    I am using Excel 2007 and I have numerous conditional formating that I would like to lock and even hide if possible. I also have some formulas that I've already locked and hidden, but not the conditional formating. Is there a way to do this, but without using VBA/macros? The reason why I ask...
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    Locking formulas while allowing data editing

    Hi, I am new to Excel and finding the other answers unclear as to this distinction. This is URGENT as our accounts info is overdue to our tax agent & I still have to enter it all. I have created an income property accounts workbook with 12 worksheets, one for each month of the year. I have...

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