1. Z

    Tracking Login/Logout Times for users' multiple login/logouts on the multiple days.

    Hello everyone! I am in the process of figuring out how to make this work. I need to be able to track my beginning and ending Login/Logout times for my end-users. I need to track end-users login and log-out times. The issue is they can log in and out multiple times a day. Ideally, I would like...
  2. L

    Get external data from a website that requires a login.

    Long story short, I managed to push data from "public" websites. Quite straight forward process Data > Get External Data > Run Web Query and I get the data I want. My problem is how to do this if the data I need to access is personalized for a single user. I do have access to login details and...
  3. R

    VBA Code for Website Login

    Dear All, I am trying to create login ID password automation on our local website in excel VBA. but not able to get the element ID for username and password. can any one help me in this, I have attached the source code of the login page.
  4. A

    Best formula to count login - logout time

    Hey Dear community, i have big list of users login and logout time, i need to count users work time, i use minifs and maxifs to find login and logout time minifs-maxifs=result , is there any other ( easy ) way to do this? Names are in D:D and times are in J:J
  5. H

    Download data from website that requires login id and password

    I want to do a macro (hopefully record macro) and need to extract data from a website that requires a password. However, my colleagues have their own login ID and password, and i do not want to share my login ID and password with them. What should I do such that i can retrieve data from the...
  6. R

    power query to import data from web page that use login name

    I am trying to extract data from a web page through power query, new query using excel 2016 but unsuccessful as it requires to login to access the web page , Anyone knows a technique to achieve this.:confused::confused:
  7. Dazzawm

    Send Emails In Bulk From Spreadsheet

    I have a spreadsheet as below. Is there a macro that will open my email client and send an individual email in bulk to all in the sheet? Thanks <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Body 1 Body 2 Title Email JMatear sdgdfbxfb Login Details example@gmail.com JBrowning fsfbdfb...
  8. N

    Enable / Disable Shapes

    Hi All, I have a excel template where I have 8 shapes created as button and assigned a macro to each shape. Is there a option to disable the Shapes where the users are unable to click the shapes to run the macro. For example: I have a shapes with names Login and Logout. When the excel is...
  9. S

    Copy Paste Running Data Macro

    Hello, I am building a customer login sheet/tracker. I have a tablet that I will be running the login sheet off of for the customer's to fill in their information and I have put a shape at the bottom that looks like a button. I want to add a macro to where when they click the button, it copies...
  10. A

    Sumifs to find minimum ad maximum.

    Hey Dear community, I have a login details which i need to report. i can't figure out how can i ask excel to find first login and last log out data for each day of month for each person from table? Can anyone help me with VBA or formula please? B - DATE C - Name surname F - Client id J - login...
  11. J

    Excel Book Login and PW question

    Does anyone have any tips on the best way's to protect your workbook with a Login? Maybe an up front Form and Module? Thank you for any help... Johnzea
  12. J

    Login with no ID

    Hi, Want log in to a website automatically with vba but the problem I am having when I inspect the login box there's no ID HTML only what's in the picture below, tried using this line of code but doesn't work: HTMLDoc.getElementById("login").Value = Worksheets("Portal_Access").Range("F20")...
  13. M

    VBA login into website

    Hi Guys, Tried a lot but I can't figure out how to login on this website. Could someone please help me out ? I want to scrape some data from a website but I couldn't even login with VBA code because it's keep saying "Object doens't support this property or Method" with this code: Sub...
  14. A

    avoid login to microsoft site popup

    I am processing thousands of xls files and randomly I will get a popup that halts my processing. It is a login window (https://login.microsoftonline.com). Why does that come up and how do I avoid this so it does not halt my execution of my code? thanks
  15. S

    Hide rows using a userform login

    Can anyone give me advice on where to get help for hiding rows based on what user you are. I have a userform where users will register and then login to access a certain sheet. Once they register it will place them in a certain row alphabetically so when they login I would like to hide all...
  16. A

    VBA Code for Multiple Website login

    Hello I have a spreadsheet which has the URLs, User Ids and Passwords mentioned in columns A, B and C. I wish to put a button against each row, which when clicked, takes me to the URL and logs me into the website using the login Id and password. I searched through various threads but did not...
  17. A

    VBA Login Form not Working

    Hi, Expert I am new in a Excel. I went to get you expert solution for Excel VBA. I create a Excel Data entry UserForm & Excel LogIn From Option. But I face some Problems, When I open the Excel file then First show log in option But when I cancel the loginform then it show my Data Entry...
  18. J

    I keep getting logged out

    When I first visit the forum, I see the article list. Then suddenly I am redirected to the login screen, and I can only return to the article list after about fifteen seconds. Ugh. Then often I'll answer a question, spending ten minutes, taking screenshots, etc. I click on Post Quick Reply or...
  19. W

    Login on website with Username and Password

    Hi All, I'm practicing VBA for a while now as a hobby and I want it to take a stepfurther. I want to extractdata from a website but the first step is login. Do you know howI’m able to login with username and password on the website below? https://login.transporeon.com/login/ Thanks...
  20. Nelson78

    Vba and Excel: navigate url with tabindex

    Hello everybody. I'm trying to navigate a website as hundreds of time I've done. Probably I'm a little bit tired, anyway this time I cannot login because a particular framework with tabindex. The usual strategy doesn't work (no errors but nothing happens)...

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