1. A

    Best formula to count login - logout time

    Hey Dear community, i have big list of users login and logout time, i need to count users work time, i use minifs and maxifs to find login and logout time minifs-maxifs=result , is there any other ( easy ) way to do this? Names are in D:D and times are in J:J
  2. H

    Download data from website that requires login id and password

    I want to do a macro (hopefully record macro) and need to extract data from a website that requires a password. However, my colleagues have their own login ID and password, and i do not want to share my login ID and password with them. What should I do such that i can retrieve data from the...
  3. R

    power query to import data from web page that use login name

    I am trying to extract data from a web page through power query, new query using excel 2016 but unsuccessful as it requires to login to access the web page , Anyone knows a technique to achieve this.:confused::confused:
  4. Dazzawm

    Send Emails In Bulk From Spreadsheet

    I have a spreadsheet as below. Is there a macro that will open my email client and send an individual email in bulk to all in the sheet? Thanks <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Body 1 Body 2 Title Email JMatear sdgdfbxfb Login Details example@gmail.com JBrowning fsfbdfb...
  5. N

    Enable / Disable Shapes

    Hi All, I have a excel template where I have 8 shapes created as button and assigned a macro to each shape. Is there a option to disable the Shapes where the users are unable to click the shapes to run the macro. For example: I have a shapes with names Login and Logout. When the excel is...
  6. S

    Copy Paste Running Data Macro

    Hello, I am building a customer login sheet/tracker. I have a tablet that I will be running the login sheet off of for the customer's to fill in their information and I have put a shape at the bottom that looks like a button. I want to add a macro to where when they click the button, it copies...
  7. A

    Sumifs to find minimum ad maximum.

    Hey Dear community, I have a login details which i need to report. i can't figure out how can i ask excel to find first login and last log out data for each day of month for each person from table? Can anyone help me with VBA or formula please? B - DATE C - Name surname F - Client id J - login...
  8. J

    Excel Book Login and PW question

    Does anyone have any tips on the best way's to protect your workbook with a Login? Maybe an up front Form and Module? Thank you for any help... Johnzea
  9. J

    Login with no ID

    Hi, Want log in to a website automatically with vba but the problem I am having when I inspect the login box there's no ID HTML only what's in the picture below, tried using this line of code but doesn't work: HTMLDoc.getElementById("login").Value = Worksheets("Portal_Access").Range("F20")...
  10. M

    VBA login into website

    Hi Guys, Tried a lot but I can't figure out how to login on this website. Could someone please help me out ? I want to scrape some data from a website but I couldn't even login with VBA code because it's keep saying "Object doens't support this property or Method" with this code: Sub...
  11. A

    avoid login to microsoft site popup

    I am processing thousands of xls files and randomly I will get a popup that halts my processing. It is a login window (https://login.microsoftonline.com). Why does that come up and how do I avoid this so it does not halt my execution of my code? thanks
  12. S

    Hide rows using a userform login

    Can anyone give me advice on where to get help for hiding rows based on what user you are. I have a userform where users will register and then login to access a certain sheet. Once they register it will place them in a certain row alphabetically so when they login I would like to hide all...
  13. A

    VBA Code for Multiple Website login

    Hello I have a spreadsheet which has the URLs, User Ids and Passwords mentioned in columns A, B and C. I wish to put a button against each row, which when clicked, takes me to the URL and logs me into the website using the login Id and password. I searched through various threads but did not...
  14. A

    VBA Login Form not Working

    Hi, Expert I am new in a Excel. I went to get you expert solution for Excel VBA. I create a Excel Data entry UserForm & Excel LogIn From Option. But I face some Problems, When I open the Excel file then First show log in option But when I cancel the loginform then it show my Data Entry...
  15. J

    I keep getting logged out

    When I first visit the forum, I see the article list. Then suddenly I am redirected to the login screen, and I can only return to the article list after about fifteen seconds. Ugh. Then often I'll answer a question, spending ten minutes, taking screenshots, etc. I click on Post Quick Reply or...
  16. W

    Login on website with Username and Password

    Hi All, I'm practicing VBA for a while now as a hobby and I want it to take a stepfurther. I want to extractdata from a website but the first step is login. Do you know howI’m able to login with username and password on the website below? https://login.transporeon.com/login/ Thanks...
  17. Nelson78

    Vba and Excel: navigate url with tabindex

    Hello everybody. I'm trying to navigate a website as hundreds of time I've done. Probably I'm a little bit tired, anyway this time I cannot login because a particular framework with tabindex. The usual strategy doesn't work (no errors but nothing happens)...
  18. M

    VBA get current system login details with Email id

    Get current system login details with Email id and update in Excel sheet by Vba
  19. A

    Using VBA to complete pop-up form in IE

    I'm trying to build a macro to go to a website, log in to an account, and retrieve data. The login form isn't on the web page as soon as it loads - you have to click a button first to make the form pop up. I'm getting an "object required" error message on the final line of the code below, even...
  20. S

    ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Login Failed

    Hi, I have an excel spreadsheet that has a MS query where it pulls data from an Access database query. This has always worked fine up until now. When i attempt to run/refresh the spreadsheet i get the message: ODBC Microsoft Access Driver login failed C:\users\****\desktop\predictor.2015.mdb...

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