1. baitmaster

    SQL calculating two different things from same data

    Hi, I'm trying to use SQL within VBA to calculate several related things at once, but I'm doing something wrong I have 4 columns I'm interested in: ID, Description, Value and Date (see code for exact labels). I want to return a dataset that contains - unique ID - unique Description - sum of all...
  2. S

    Help to check sheet name then do something

    Hi all I have code below work well but I want to change this line: <code style="box-sizing: border-box; font-family: inherit; font-size: 1em;">If Sh.Name <> "LocKH" And Sh.Name <> "Ma" Then to <code style="box-sizing: border-box; font-family: inherit; font-size: 1em;">If Sh.Name =...
  3. S

    Help to set lastrow, lastcolumn minnimum

    Hi all I want to set lastrow always "> 4" and lastcolumn always ">6". I have code belovew and work well but I thinks have a better way to do. Could you have any suggession to do? My code is: Sub clear()Dim lrow As Long, lcol As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False With Sheets("result")...
  4. P

    CTransferring data to match to a cell value

    Hi. I am wanting to transfer data from one sheet to another within the same workbook. To put it in to context it is a spreadsheet for my work (school) for transferring data about pupil achievement in subjects. I currently have a table (on a spreadsheet called Pivot Table) in the format for...
  5. A

    VB Code to insert pdf file and fix in cells (cross post)

    https://chandoo.org/forum/threads/vb-code-to-insert-pdf-image.42675/ This is cross post, was not getting reply so posting here. I am using following code and it is importing jpeg image in cell range B14 : P28 (Merge cells) I need vb code which can insert pdf file as image in the same merge...
  6. E

    Dim lastrow As Long not working?

    Can anyone help please? It looks right to me but when the macro finishes, it pastes my formula in AC1:AC3. There are breaks in the data however, by pressing Ctrl and End it takes me to cell AC520. Sub ConsolidateTimeSheets() Dim Wbk As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet, wsData As Worksheet...
  7. S

    Extract a number from a long Cell

    This is the data in my cell: <tbody> <tbody> <tbody> ANUZ2B2KI2XTG;ANUZ2B2KI2XTG;23.93+0=23.93;Me;26.12;Ig:r#5:A20AY8YZ1X41HY;A20AY8YZ1X41HY;23.96+0=23.96;Me;26.12;Ig:r#5:>A2FATTUNY7ADJL;A2FATTUNY7ADJL;23.99+0=23.99;Me;26.12;Ig:r#5: </tbody> </tbody>...
  8. Nelson78

    Ideas about how to produce reports from a database

    Hello everybody. I've just taken charge of the database you can see in this link. From this db, updated day by day (see column N), I have to produce some reports. https://imgur.com/wHb7VtH First of all I want to specify that my predecessor used to manage the reports with formulas, for this...
  9. JackDanIce

    Excel 365 Macros running slow

    Hi, Since yesterday, I've noticed a number of macros running slower than before. I was using Excel 2013 and about a month ago upgraded to Office.365 I have a range A1:AK39 where A1 = Table name A2:A39 Months of the year, starting Mar 2019, ending Mar 2022 A2:AK2 Months of the year, starting...
  10. T

    I'd like to count cells with TRUE value in conditional formatting

    Using countif doesn't work because formula in CF (= i don't wanna enter conditional formatting always) is too long with many other functions and there are 4 cells. Is there any other way to get results of formulas in CF outside CF? Thank you.
  11. C

    64 Bit 2016 Right Click Context Menu (User Form)

    Hello: I am currently using Excel 2016 (64 Bit). I opened a workbook that is a few years old with a user form that used to have a context menu upon right clicking fields. I am no longer able to show the context menu with the below error: "Compile error: The code in this project must be...
  12. P

    Can someone help me with this? Probably a beginner level formula.

    I want to do SUMIFs for the following image but for more than one flavor criterion. The two flavors highlighted in yellow both have the same date and location, so I'd like to be able to get the total for them both without just simply typing another +SUMIFS formula for the second flavor. Mainly...
  13. 3

    Invalid Qualifier

    Hi, I have the following code. However, it would not run - I got the following error message: Compile Error: Invalid qualifier. Wonder if someone could point what the error is. Thank you! Sub update_MTD() Dim minus_day As Integer, sessionDate As String, current_Month As Integer...
  14. L

    Parameter changing once function run

    Hey guys, i am making a small function to add up all the numbers between 2 numbers. My code: Sub Sums() Dim a As Long, b As Long, i As Long, n As Long, ta As Long, tb As Long, ak As Long, bk As Long a = 0 b = -2 ak = 1 bk = 1 If a - b = 0 Or a + b = 0 Then n = 0...
  15. M

    More complicated than a simple, if greater than/but less than, formula

    I am setting up a market timing study in excel and I'm having difficulty with the following: In column c I have many rows of numbers ranging from 0 to 5. These determine if I'm long (invested) in the security or neutral (cash). For example I start long and stay long many days until a cell in...
  16. DataBlake

    Adding entire rows to array

    I'm trying to write a row to the end of an array the logic is essentially: i = loop through UBound of array 1 x = loop through UBound of array 2 if statement is true then add the entire row we are looping through from array 1 to the bottom of the array make changes to the new line and add 4...
  17. M

    Multiple keyword filters within Pivot Table in Excel 2016

    For instance, I have a whole range of job roles and the count, and I want to group several functions together, such as: Group 1 Sales Marketing Business BD Business Development Group 2 Admin Administrative Accounts how do I filter and group them together easily as long as the job role...
  18. L

    User forms and keeping array variables

    Hello, I am making a user form and I'd like it to contain: a drop down list, and 4 labels + 4 text boxes. The idea is after a choice is made in drop down list, 4 label values are changed depending on array position, and 4 text boxes can update the values of the array. So i fill up my array...
  19. O

    Copy from one workbook to another workbook

    Hi, I have the following code in a master spreadsheet that I am using to try and copy rows from one workbook to another workbook depending on the value in column R in the source workbook. Both workbooks are opening OK but nothing is getting copied across, any advice please?. Thx, John...
  20. V

    If Elseif else statement

    How to write a VBA code to get the below output. If Column A = Internal, Then column F = ok and If Column C = Long or Short Then column F = ok and if Column A is anything else, then it should check if Column C = Long or Short if yes then column F = ok else column F = check. Thank you in...

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