1. S

    forcing to enter a specific format of numbers and symbols in a cell

    I am looking for a way - preferably hidden in the sheet as a macro - to force users to enter a specific format for latitude and longitude (2 different cells) The format must be: 00-00.0 N/S - where the 1st 2 digits max 90 separated by - and then a max of 99 separated by . [not comma] and the...
  2. Z

    Convert Longitude & Latitude Start and End Coordinates into Nautical Miles (no API)

    I am trying to convert the START and END latitude and longitude coordinates I have into nautical miles. I read here that I had to convert my latitude and longitude (in degrees) to radians which I did by using the =RADIANS function. My situation is as follows: I have a start and finish lat and...
  3. E

    Longitude Latitude Question

    Hi, I am trying to find a formula that would determine the distance (in feet) that these two coordinates varied from. In this case, to be expressed as "X" (amount of feet south) and "X" (amount of feet west) or original point. Then total distance as the crow flies. <tbody>...
  4. S

    Formatting Dotted Decimal Values

    Hello Experts, I have single column showing decimal latitude and longitude of some points and they are separated by commas. This column has multiple no of rows but the no of digits after the decimal for each entry is not static. I would like to have code that will read the latitude and...
  5. D

    Can you get the county for latitude and longitude with a macro

    I have Latitude in cell I3 and Longitude in cell J3 in decimal degrees like this 34.40561111 -83.21211111 is there a way to get the county from the coordinates and put it in cell K3? In this case it would be Franklin. This will be for coordinates in the US only if that makes any difference and...
  6. muhammad susanto

    Custom Format For Typing Latitude & Longitude GPS

    hi all.. how to creating Custom Format to typing Latitude & Longitude like this : case 1 (Latitude) <tbody> data desired result 1679755 1.679755 18632547 1.8632547 </tbody> case 2 (Longitude) <tbody> data desired result 101429118 101.429118 101419375 101.419375...
  7. R

    Latitude/ Longitude Formatting

    Hi All - It's been a while - hope one of you can help. I have latitude & longitude information in a text string that I am trying to convert to decimal format. In cell A1 the Latitude value is 0434010N In cell B1 the Longitude value is 0792201W In both of the above; Characters 1 - 3 represent...
  8. M

    Sumif within distance from a latitude and longitude pairing

    Hi there, I have two lists of coordinates (i.e. latitudes and longitudes), the second of which has a "sales count" associated with it. I want to get a sum of the "sales counts" occurring within x miles of the first list of coordinates. How would you suggest I do this? See below: <tbody>...
  9. P

    How to use multiple computers on a Network to process files

    I have several thousand files I want to work on. Each file takes a few minutes of processing so to speed up the process I'm trying to use several computers that all dump their processed files to a central location. What I've noticed is that the different computers end up trying to open files for...
  10. N

    Verifying Longitude and Latitude

    I am trying to find or create a formula to compare to make sure that executed and completed, latitude and longitudes are a close match to the store longitude and latitudes closely match. I am thinking maybe a formula that will highlight the executed and completed coordinates green for close and...
  11. D

    Extract Latitude e Longitude strings from text

    Hello, I have a .txt file with a very long text. I would like to extract Lat and Long that follow the text "Coordinate: " using this pattern ##°##’##,##” N - ##°##’##,##” E after the comma can be one or two digit and after the dash there is often, but not always, a space character. I would...
  12. B

    Calc new Long/Lat based on centroid Long/Lat

    Hello all, I have a centroid (center pivot) with a known Longitude/Latitude. I have a distance, in feet, away from the known center point for both Latitude(X)/Longitude(Y). I need to calculate the new Latitude/Longitude for each point so that I can create a yield map. In the example below, I...
  13. H

    Calculate LAT/LON when given start LAT/LON, azimuth and distance

    I need to calculate the end LAT/LON for thousands of lines of data. The existing spreadsheet has the start LAT, start LON, azimuth and distance. Is there a formula so excel can calculate it for me?
  14. M

    Finding the closest site (Latitude / Longitude) to a long list of coordinates along a path.

    HI, let me thank you in advance for any all suggestions and solutions! I have been working on this problem for a while now and cannot find a solution. I have an extensive workbook with 3000+ sites. Each site has information specific to that site. Latitude, Longitude, Site Identifier, etc...
  15. M

    Calculation of latitude and longitude

    Hi, I need to calculate latitude and longitude for given speed and heading. First value of latitude and longitude is provide rest of the values need to be calculated for given other parameters such as speed and heading d1=speeds(1)*stept1; d2=speeds(2)*stept2...
  16. S

    Trend Line X Axis longitude problem

    Hello Everyone, Many thanks in advance. I have an issue where by a data set on a XY scatter graph is joined with Linear Trend line. It is used to show the routes a ship takes and the scatter graph has a map as a back drop, x axis is longitude and y is latitude. The longitude (x axis) starts...
  17. R

    Longitude and Latitude Calculations advice

    Good afternoon everyone I have used gmaps functions to fetch a list of longitude and latitudes for a (very long) list of delivery points for one of my customers. I am attempting to calculate the centre of gravity for the distribution (not to be confused with the centre of mass of a physical...
  18. P

    Eliminating Columns and Rows

    I have a spreadsheet. Latitudes are across row 1. Latitudes are across row A. The lower case letters are values of some function. I would like to delete all the columns and rows in the spreadsheet except for those that are closest to .00, .25,.50, .75. For example, this <colgroup><col><col...
  19. A

    Expert level: Proximity matching for latitude/longitude

    Hi Excel Geniuses I've got a doozy of a question. I'm trying to take a center point (lat/long) and then use that value to reference a table to find the three closest matches by lat/long proximity. Here is a simplified example: The first spreadsheet has the centering location value and we...
  20. M

    Cell Formatting to except Longitude & Latitude in DMS anD format them

    Hi, I hope this is pretty simple. I have been asked to take over address for the county i works for and I am in the process of creating an Excel (2010) template sheet that the Secretary taking the address request calls can fill out information I need to verify and add an address. I have two...

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