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  1. T

    Sum of multiple Cells to give date when it meets criterion

    Hi all, i have rainfall data for 3 years. I want a formula that can give me the day of the month once total rainfall from 01 Jan is equal to 51...
  2. O

    Weird Data Structure - VBA to join to tables ?

    Hi there, I have two sheets with a common key "CardName". One sheet has properties (first table below) that I want to copy to the second sheet after the last column of the second table. The first row would be headers and the second row repeated for each item with the same card name. The...
  3. W

    Return MULTIPLE corresponding values for TWO Lookup Value, Horizontally, in one Row

    Similar to this link(reference the bottom)- I am trying to return multiple corresponding values with two look up conditions, horizontally, in one row. Then I can apply it down other rows. Not sure how to go about this- I have been stuck for days. I provided a sample below: ID Name Qty A...
  4. D

    VBA or formula to run a look up based on a cell value

    Hi All, i have been looking at many different ways on how to do this, its more than likely very simple but i just cannot figure it out. i want to look up a value in another sheet based on another cells value. i can get the formula to work on every cell but i just want it to run for the "No"...
  5. A

    VLOOKUP greatest value of multiple text inputs

    Dear Community, I am currently trying to do a VLookup and I was hoping you guys could help me save some time. I want to lookup multiple text inputs and return the greatest value among those inputs. I am sure this is a simple task and I am afraid I have over complicated it. This is for a...
  6. S

    Need quick help with calculating the below

    Need quick help with a formula I have the following data in excel. Based on the row label value in the description column, it has to go to the corresponding column label, and have to extract the intersection value of row and column. Can you please provide some guidance. I tried various...
  7. K

    Conditional formatting look up into a table/named range

    Hello :) Please could someone help me write a formula, that looks up between workbook1 and named ranges/tables on workbook2. In book1 I have a "Role" column (D) and then a "Name" column (E). In book2 I have named ranges (also made into tables) that are headed with a variety of roles. One of...
  8. B

    Look up cell in an array and then return the value of a cell in that same array relative to the

    Hello, I need to look up a cell in an array, and then return the value of a cell in that same array relative to it. For example: A1 = 1/1/2018 B1 = 2/1/18 C1 = 3/1/18 D1 = 4/1/18 E1 = 5/1/18 A2 = 2/1/18 A3 = 2 A4 = 4/1/18 A4 was found by looking up A2 in the A1:E1 array...
  9. C

    Look up formula based on two criteria

    Good afternoon, I need some assistance on finding a formula! Jumping straight to the point, here is my predicament: <tbody> Customer # Customer Name Master Price Level 0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 x apple 1 y ibm 2 z dell 3 </tbody> I am trying to look up a value under...
  10. M

    Return non-zero data and associated row header from an array

    I will be grateful for help with the following I have an array in the following manner: 31/01/2018 28/02/2018 31/03/2018 30/04/2018 31/05/2018 30/06/2018...... First 120 0...
  11. B

    Max, Lookup, Sumproduct Complexity!!

    Hey everyone! I can not figure this out right now to save my life...so I need help I need an equation that does the following.... "Take Rate" Tab cells BM7:BV17 represent how many of the part called out in cell B7 is in each of the full products shown in cells BM6:BV6 "Volume Summary" Tab...
  12. A

    looking up or comparing data from one column to another

    Hello all, I am new to the site and looking to learn how to work more efficiently using excel formulas. Need help looking up which client deposited funds to our account. In our BANK DATA we see the account number or a reference from whom the transfer is from and I usually just copy the number...
  13. B

    Lookup value and return 1 row below

    Hello everyone! I have an easy one, I hope, for you! I have a vertical list of data (years) in cells A2:A19 on Tab 2 I have a horizontal list of data (years) in cells C5:T5 on Tab 1 I have a horizontal list of data (sales) in cells C6:T6 on Tab 1 I need an equation that does the following -...
  14. B

    Find Cell Value in Data and Return Value of the Cell to the Right

    Here is an example data set - a series of cash flows A1: 0 A2: -50 A3: -25 A4: 50 A5: 80 A6: 100 I need the following... In the first cell (B1) I need to have the first year of cash flow regardless of whether the cell is < or > 0 In the next cells (B2) I need to have an...
  15. C

    Need Some Help With A Look Up Function

    Hi, all i need some help with a look up function. I understand the basic principles of how they work , but I cant figure out how to make them work with a date range. My look up data looks like below. I need a function that will take a Date and look within the Start Date and End date to...
  16. A

    Forumla/ LookUp to find preceding ID

    Hello everybody :), I got a little excel task to do, however I really cannot get my head around how to solve it, so I hope you guys can help me out. The problem: I have a list of contracts with contract IDs in column A. However, not all of the contracts are completely different ones. Some of...
  17. N

    Create a list of names based on a number indicator

    I have a list of QA Analyst, and a number of how many audits they need to complete. I then have another list of advisors that need to be audited. I want to apply the QA Analysts name next to the advisors names the exact number of times that the first list says they need to audit. I'm not sure...
  18. T

    Help with Lookup Function

    Hi guys, I was hopeful someone could help me out with a Lookup function (IndexMatch, Vlookup, or Hlookup) for the following data. The objective is to look up what is in column A (Weeks) and find its match in the array F2-I8, and bring the value E1-I1 into column C. <tbody> A B C D E F...
  19. E

    Look up values from 2 columns

    Hello, I am attempting to look up only the sales team names from 2 columns of employee names. I will be using a list of Sales Team employee ID numbers as the look up value to identify the sales team. In column 1 is the first and last name separated by a space. In column 2 there are multiple...
  20. T

    Making a formula that by inputting a recipe, it gives the list of ingredients?

    Basically, I have several recipes and I would like to make it so if someone inserts a recipe code/name, it will "look up" and output the list of ingredients. Does anyone have ideas on how I can do this?:confused:

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