1. E

    VLOOKUP "restart"

    <tbody> 0 A =VLOOKUP($D$1,$A$25:$B$25,2) 26 1 B =VLOOKUP($D$1,$A$25:$B$25,2) 2 C =VLOOKUP($D$1,$A$25:$B$25,2) 3 D =VLOOKUP($D$1,$A$25:$B$25,2) ... ... ... </tbody> Column A has numbers from 0 to 25. Column B has the letters of the alphabet. Column C should only have the...
  2. R

    Deleting/Replacing Part of a String With 3 Static Characters and 4 Variable Characters

    I have thousands of records that have User IDs in them. I need to find a way to delete these User IDs, as the data is being sent externally. The issues that I'm encountering are: - The text is not static. It always starts with UID, but the last 4 characters can be alpha-numeric variables. -...
  3. mikecox39

    Getting spreadsheet to someone without XL

    I need to the data on a spreadsheet to someone who probably doesn't have access to XL. It though about printing it out, then scanning it back in as a jpg file but that seems lame. There must be a better way. I looked for an "export" option but only found a "share" option but the receiver...
  4. B

    Running clock

    Hi I am looking for a macro/VBA code which will put a running clock into a cell showing the current time but I want it to run when the workbook is opened, I have looked and nothing I have found so far works for me I am fairly new to excel
  5. S

    Both times with AM need to subtract 1 from the other

    Good evening, I have spreadsheets that I receive from clients which have times in different cells. I have a 8:50 in cell A1 and 3:10 in cell B1 when I looked closer the cell values both have AM in them. I looked at the next one and it also has 7:15 and 4:10 and they are also AM. The times will...
  6. D

    Where can I go to find out how to copy data from one table to another table

    Where can I go to find out how to copy data from one table to another table that is kept in another workbook? I have looked and I just can't seem to find it.
  7. J

    Open macro from macro

    This one is driving me nuts. These are the keystrokes I want to do in a macro- Tools Macros Macros Which should give me the screen with the list of my macros. I tried recording a macro but when I looked at the macro it was just sub and end sub with a comment between them. I googled the heck...
  8. Dan Wilson

    Undo and Redo not available

    Good day. I am running Excel out of Office 365 on Windows 10. All of a sudden the Undo and Redo functions in the Menu bar are grayed out and when I position the mouse over them, it says the function is not available, use Control-Z which does nothing. I have looked through the options, but I...
  9. L

    Help with List validation settings

    Hi I'm looking to achieve the following ! I don't know whether to use vlookup, offset, indirect or a combination of 2 have looked and looked and looked !! and can't find a solution similar to what I'm trying to achieve I did see one post similar but it didn't solve it for me :( ok here's what...
  10. K

    Excel - Long Number Help

    First - I'm sure that there's already a solution for my problem out there somewhere, and I have looked and looked but have so far been unsuccessful in achieving the results I am trying to get, so sorry that this is probably an often repeated question! I have some long numbers that Excel is...
  11. B

    Count data

    Hello All, I'm trying to get a formula to count with sequence number of "0" and "1" from data row #2 . The result should be looked like in the row #4 and row #5 . If there is an "A", then I just need to copy it to the same row as number/Letter in the front of it. I appreciate any help that...
  12. B

    Result of DAY formula as variable

    Hello! I got a formula in my cell assigned via VBA: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=DAY(MAX(values!C8))" It finds the highest number of day among all values in the column. I want it to be my variable without having this value in a cell. I looked into Worksheetfunction options, but it seems that DAY...
  13. A

    Hyperlink not working

    Hi Id be grateful for some help with a hlookup formula which is supposed to return the value, but also any hyperlink associated with that value The formula is as follows =HYPERLINK(hlookup(C$1,Master!$C$1:$BM$150,ROW(),FALSE)),"") but the error is 'Cannot open the specified file' I've...
  14. J

    Table trouble

    Have table name associated with a formula (works fine) until I add new lines in the table an then the formula returns a "#VALUE!" error message. Looked at that different ways with no luck. Help please.
  15. L

    Having trouble with a IF/VLOOKUP formula that has conditions

    Hi, I'm having trouble writing a IF/VLOOKUP formula that will either show the cell as blank when the cell being looked up is blank, contains an asterisk or when the cell being looked up doesnt exist in the table, and when the cell is found and doesnt contain an asterisk then it returns the...
  16. M

    Row height randonly(?) changing to zero

    I've recently made some improvements to a reporting spreadsheet at the company I'm currently working at, nothing spectacular, just automating tasks etc. I am now seeing the occasional row height changing to zero, too many times to be a coincidence, and I'm fairly sure not user created. None of...
  17. P

    Finding the address of a matched cell with VBA

    Hey. I need to change the below cell code into VBA code. =ADDRESS($O$7;MATCH(K7;'3rd exercise'!3:3;0)) Just to clarify, I am trying to remove unnecessary cells from the worksheets, so all the cell references are already variables in the code, except for the '3rd exercise'!3:3 as it is a value...
  18. T

    Formula using range name entered as text in a cell

    I want to put the range name in a cell, then use this cell in a formula, so that if I enter a new range name in this particular the range looked at in the formula also changes
  19. H

    Question for Excel Tables

    I use tables frequently and enjoy using them. In fact I convert almost all data to tables just so I can manage them better. So maybe a stupid question - are tables faster, or do they utilize memory better than a range of data that has a filter on? I've looked this up but could not find a...
  20. S

    Index/Match returning unwanted data

    I'm getting more than I wanted. If there is no match, I would like nothing returned. Using this from Office support: =INDEX(array or reference, MATCH(lookup_value,lookup_array,[match_type]) I think this is right, it gives me the value I want. The function is in cell M18. I want to copy it to...

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