lookup 3 rows / col

  1. G

    Lookup help - multiple ranges

    Hi there, I am looking for a formula which can lookup the text in cell S7 and match this with the range of options in the range U3:U20. I would then need the formula to check the table range V3:AG20 for the cell which contains the percentage figure and then return the date in row 2 into cell...
  2. B

    Need Help in lookup value with multiple criteria

    HI Team, Need help in attached sheet for looking up value from table with multiple createria which includes 3 column lookup for 2 input and need result from another column with matched createria. Please help. In attached sheet Need D column output by checking G column and H column price...
  3. A

    How to complete XLOOKUP across a row but have the lookup array change dynamically by column in another table

    For example: let's say I have a six-sided die with sides A through F. I roll the die four times and record results per trial as follows: Trial Roll 1 Roll 2 Roll 3 Roll 4 1 A B C D 2 E F A B 3 E D C F Now I have another table where I want to output the roll during which each letter...
  4. E

    Need to return first non-blank cell based in one column on a date in another column.

    I have a spreadsheet that has a bunch of exchange rates with dates in Column A (most recent date at the top) and exchange rates in the rest of the columns. I previously used INDEX/MATCH to look up exchange rates on specific dates or the average of exchange rates over a date range...
  5. S

    Triple criteria lookup

    Guys, I have been breaking my head on this and can't think of a helper column idea for some reason. Please let me know if I can clarify anything further. Goal: Fill in Template in Picture 2 (the yellow part) based on the following constraints Obtain values from Column B such as "bm-gq3a" etc...
  6. M

    Match 3 Values & CONCATENATE custom text + Cell Reference

    Hi All, I am working with bar codes of products. Any bar code repeated in specific period is considered redo. For this I have created 4 helper columns which are somewhat fulfilling the need. But I still need to read whole description of work done to specify if it is redo or not. What I am...
  7. M

    Check Redo Based on Date difference

    Hi, I am looking for a solution to check redo based on multiple criteria. There are basically 2 values in column P and Q it should check both in another sheet named "Previous" if value of P Q matches values in "Previous" and is with 1 month (matching value "Visit") or 3 months (Matching value...
  8. S

    Excel Pattern Matching?

    Is there a way to match patterns of characteristics of data? Assume I have 10,000 rows of data and each is made up for 5 columns. The first column is a unique customer number and the remaining four columns each have either a 1 or 0. There are 15 unique patterns of 1 or 0 in the data set (e.g...
  9. T

    HLOOKUP Question

    Hi, Hope some one can assist me with this. I am trying to do a HLOOKUP from data like below <tbody> 13/14 P13W3 13/14 P13W4 14/15 P1W1 14/15 P1W2 Bread 46 55 54 33 Rolls 28 22 42 12 Butter 66 57 58 69 </tbody> On another tab I have a drop down box to select the period/week...
  10. D

    Lookup 3 column array.

    Good day, I am struggling with my formula. hopefully I can get some help. I need to compare 3 columns in sheet 1 with sheet 2 and give me the result in column D. I am currently using the following formula. I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly...
  11. C

    Data Search and match through multiple columns and rows

    Hi, I have a table that has the following structure and data; and i have a form that looks like this; I need to make the form link into the table and look through the data to show the correct FIT rate depending on the selections through the form. Everything i have tried so far doesn't work...
  12. G

    Lookup based on 3 criteria, summing and requiring index function

    Hi there, I have hit a slight snag... On the datasheet I need to retrieve numbers from, I have months running down Column A and payroll numbers running down Column B and account codes running across row 2. The problem is I need it to sum based on column A, month and column B, payroll number (a...
  13. R

    Vlookup with multiple variables

    Hi, Thanks in advance. I have a table that needs a vlookup with 2 variables to reach the final result. Its not a nested vlookup inside a vlookup, this wont work. I could make the table 12 times larger and a traditional vlookup will suffice, but is unnessecary if there is a function available...
  14. K

    Lookup 2 vertical and 1 horizontal

    Hi, I have data's(All text) from Column A to Column G and I need a formula which lookup ColA, ColB, Row1 and gives output ColA ColB ColC ColD ColE ColF ColG Scenario Op NC FO FI CP Past What is.. ABC kjha ert sd fgh fg What is.. XYZ qwer ert df fgh aw What is.. MNO er rt ter er What...

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