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    Vba to loop copy and past one cell at a time until blank

    Hi all, I am confident you can help a novice like me. I want to copy one cell at a time from sheet2 (cell x2 until blank) and paste in sheet1(cell j3). I want to loop it with my code for printing pdf. So, when the cell is copied and pasted as values it will do the calculations and print pdf...
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    VBA: Running Solver on Multiple Data Sets, Copying Output to Indexed Columns

    An outline of my code is as follows; 1. Copy single column of data from raw data sheets, of which there are 5 in a separate workbook, to the curve fitting sheet (different workbook). 2. Run solver on these data to minimize the sum of the squares. 3. Copy the output to the i'th row of column...
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    VBA loop? to copy/stack 5-25 columns from 1 tab to another

    I'm tryin to copy data from Spreadsheet 1 to Spreadsheet 2. All of my data that I'm copying starts at row 7 except for the GL account value. Col A (cost center), Col F (Project) Col's G to ? are dollar amounts. Some sites may only have 2-5 columns, others up to 30 columns starting at G. G6...
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    Macro to Copy / Paste data from one sheet to a new sheet

    Hi all -- I have a csv file with data from the Twitter API. Each row has an uneven number of data points so the two data points I am interested in -- the tweet, labeled "text" -- and the coordinate --labeled "coordinates:"-- do not fall into straight columns. I would like to line up the columns...
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    Copy Paste in another worksheet based on cell value vba

    Hi, I'm new with VBA but did quite a bit of macros last week with the help from this forum. Now I'm stuck with this one and can't figure it out. Any help is much appreciated. I have a schedule something like this on Sheet1: <tbody> Name Mon Tue Wed John Surrey 0900-1700 Van 1230-1945 APH...
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    Copy/Paste loop until blank

    I am trying to copy data from sheet 1 (which is manually updated by users) to sheet 2 (which acts as a database). The data I need to copy consists of processes and users. Processes are listed in one column on sheet 1 (no breaks), users are listed in one row, both the number of users/names and...
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    Macro to copy paste from a different workbook

    I have two workbooks. I need to copy a row from workbook A and paste it 17 times on workbook B and repeat this until I've gone through all the rows in workbook A (approximately 480 rows). Steps: 1) I need to copy A1:E1, A2:E2, A3:E3....A480:E480 from workbook A to workbook B. 2) On workbook...

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