loop until

  1. A

    Loop until IE textbox contain 6 letter

    What is the code for loop my code until IE text box is contained specific character which user tpye. Loop until capca is entered by user
  2. D

    VBA Loop to create Excel Sheet, save excel sheet to specific folder on computer and generate Outlook 365 Email with attached excel sheet.

    Hi All I am hoping you can assist in how i would be able to writeup a VBA macro code that can resolve the below issue. Summary: Looking to create a VBA macro that can check the vins in the attached sample excel sheet “MOND94 – BUGS CERT -Checklist” where it will identify each row through a VBA...
  3. J

    Loop with VBA and Last Value

    Hi all, I have two lists of data. One list is like this in a column: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The second list is like this: 1 2 3 How can I use the loop until function which will find the last value in the first list (10) and continue the list in the second column until the last value found in...
  4. J

    Problem Exporting worksheet to PDF in a loop

    Hi, I have set up a worksheet which is set to export (print) to a PDF file. However it is a form with changing values (form values changes before each export), that's why i have put the code in a loop. The problem is when i have to print (export) the worksheet multiple times excel gives an...
  5. T

    Loop Until and then once more

    I have written a macro that repeats a series of actions on a row and then drops down to the next row and repeats these actions (different variables though, so the actions are not a straight copy and paste). It loops until it comes to a blank cell in Column A. What I would like it do, after it...
  6. R

    How do you LOOP UNTIL a formula result equals a certain value?

    Hi, I'm using the 'Do' and 'Loop until' vba functions so that I can copy a formula down to a certain cell in the column. The only way of identifying this 'certain cell' is if I were to evaluate a formula based on the sum of a range in the column next to it, sum(RC[1],R4C100)=0, where the range...
  7. A

    Copy to ActiveCell and activecell.offset(0, 2)

    2 parts to this question: 2 Workbooks Copies Data from wb1 to wb2 make changes in wb2 and override this information in wb1 -- (This part I got) This part seems confusioning and i thought a loop would be way to go, but not sure how to begin. Data which is copied back is as follows in...
  8. A

    Animation ideas

    Hi all, I am very inexperienced with macros, but had a strange idea about writing animations in Excel by writing an automated scroll (please humour me!). For the animation to work, the cells must be scrolled through visibly. I have done this successfully using a continuation of the following...
  9. A

    Finding next available row and making data entry required

    Hi all, I'm attempting to write a macro that will "loop until", down a given column (column a) until it finds a blank cell. Once the cell is identified I would like the focus to be on that cell and remain there until an entry/input is made by a user. Perhaps even a message box when a user...
  10. P

    Simple macro ends after loop?

    The following are two examples of a macro that simply end after the loop. They seem to complete the loop properly, but instead of continuing on with the rest of the code it ERRORs out? I just need it to then go to the "RegCard" sheet then and stop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank...

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