loop until

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    Loop with VBA and Last Value

    Hi all, I have two lists of data. One list is like this in a column: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The second list is like this: 1 2 3 How can I use the loop until function which will find the last value in the first list (10) and continue the list in the second column until the last value found in...
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    Problem Exporting worksheet to PDF in a loop

    Hi, I have set up a worksheet which is set to export (print) to a PDF file. However it is a form with changing values (form values changes before each export), that's why i have put the code in a loop. The problem is when i have to print (export) the worksheet multiple times excel gives an...
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    Loop Until and then once more

    I have written a macro that repeats a series of actions on a row and then drops down to the next row and repeats these actions (different variables though, so the actions are not a straight copy and paste). It loops until it comes to a blank cell in Column A. What I would like it do, after it...
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    How do you LOOP UNTIL a formula result equals a certain value?

    Hi, I'm using the 'Do' and 'Loop until' vba functions so that I can copy a formula down to a certain cell in the column. The only way of identifying this 'certain cell' is if I were to evaluate a formula based on the sum of a range in the column next to it, sum(RC[1],R4C100)=0, where the range...
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    Copy to ActiveCell and activecell.offset(0, 2)

    2 parts to this question: 2 Workbooks Copies Data from wb1 to wb2 make changes in wb2 and override this information in wb1 -- (This part I got) This part seems confusioning and i thought a loop would be way to go, but not sure how to begin. Data which is copied back is as follows in...
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    Animation ideas

    Hi all, I am very inexperienced with macros, but had a strange idea about writing animations in Excel by writing an automated scroll (please humour me!). For the animation to work, the cells must be scrolled through visibly. I have done this successfully using a continuation of the following...
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    Finding next available row and making data entry required

    Hi all, I'm attempting to write a macro that will "loop until", down a given column (column a) until it finds a blank cell. Once the cell is identified I would like the focus to be on that cell and remain there until an entry/input is made by a user. Perhaps even a message box when a user...
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    Simple macro ends after loop?

    The following are two examples of a macro that simply end after the loop. They seem to complete the loop properly, but instead of continuing on with the rest of the code it ERRORs out? I just need it to then go to the "RegCard" sheet then and stop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank...

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