looping through directory

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    Looping through a directory to generate a report

    Good afternoon. I'm hoping you all can help me (again). I have a directory that is a repository for forms created in excel. All the forms have the same format. Re repository may contain hundreds of forms in various stages of completion. A form is "complete" when all the required reviewers...
  2. N

    Loop thru Subdirectories find all .xls update value of specific cells

    Hello, I need code to loop thru all subdirectories open each workbook in the subdirectory that contains as part of the file name "_Sales Order.xls" and open each "_Sales Order.xls" and update worksheet "Sales Order Form" the following values: C44 new value = "00-440" D44 new value = " a few...
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    Excel 2007 code for file directory loop - can't use Application.Filesearch

    Hello, I have been trying to process Excel files in a directory with the following code: Sub FindExcelFiles() Dim foldername As String Dim FSO As Object Dim fldr As Object Dim file As Object Dim cnt As Long foldername = "c:\users\bseagreen\desktop\TuesdayFeb102009\week ending feb 7...
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    Copying ranges from three worksheets in each workbook to master

    Hello, I'm new to VBA and am reading "VBA and Macros for MS Office Excel 2007" and "Excel with VBA & .Net" but do not as yet know how to tackle the following: I have numerous workbooks in a directory that I want to combine into a master workbook but why I am posting is because I haven't read a...

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