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    Excel 2007 auto-recover path - cannot find .xar files

    Good afternoon A colleague of mine still uses Excel 2007 and had a document saved on a Network Drive They have been working on this all day without saving, although the auto-recovery is enabled for every ten minutes She accidentally closed excel down without saving I have searched in the...
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    Excel only allows one character per cell!

    I am a basic Mac-based Excel user producing budgets, cashflows etc, though we are cross platform at work. While working on budgets at home today I noticed that Excel had started displaying only one character (letter or numeral) in a cell. Any cell. Each character replaces the one before. I...
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    Lost Text When Using Two Instances of Excel

    Hi. Copying and pasting cells from a worksheet in one instance of Excel to a worksheet in another instance of Excel results in the text being truncated. I have a laptop display extended to a VDU so I have two instances of Excel open so that I can view two Excel files at the same time...
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    Pivot tables no longer linked to data - HELP!

    Hi All, I'm working in Excel 2007 in Excel 2003 compatibility mode in order to share with others using Office 2003 on a long set of pivot tables in a worksheet tab labeled "PTable" that as created off another worksheet labeled "Source Data" for days and all was good. I open the workbook today...
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    Excel Data Suddenly Lost!

    I made some changes to an excel file (added a new sheet, changed the order and numbers on first sheet) and when I opened the workbook today all the changes are lost! There is no reason for this happening - my data was successfully saved previously. Is there any way to restore the lost data...
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    Rows of data lost after closing an excel file

    I am bringing data from Microsoft Access into Excel 2003. When I paste the data in, all the data I have copied is there in Excel. After saving my worksheet all the data is still there. If I close out of the Excel file and re-open it I only have 16,110 rows of data. The rest is gone. It is...
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    Screen went blank and is now grey

    I was working on a very detailed Excel budget spreadsheet. I was moving the cursor and my finger slipped and I must have activated a menu button by accident. The entire spreadsheet is now grey and looks like it is hung up waiting for a response. The menu options are opaque. When I click on...

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