1. H

    How do you unhide multiple sheets?

    I hid a lot of sheets, now I seem tho have to unhide them one by one. Is there a btter way?
  2. O

    loop through specific sheets and copy entire row into one master sheet if data is in column

    Dear VBA wizards, Can someone please help me – I have been going through this for a while I have about 25 sheets in total in an excel file of which 10 sheets (one tab is called is AGV, one other tab is AGR etc) has some data and I would like to copy the entire row in each of these sheets if...
  3. S

    problem with VBA

    Hi everyone! I'm sort of new here,a novice.I'v had problems with the excel for some time but the online suggestions couldn't help me as I don't know a lot of stuff. here is the deal,whenever I use a vba code. I have to clean up a list of exel on Task manager otherwise when I turn on my...
  4. N

    Running Excel remotely - VPN vs Virtual Machine

    Hi all - just wanted to some insight on running Excel over a VPN vs a virtual machine. We have a series of robust workbooks that use a lot of VBA several COM add-ins. Lately, we have been encountering a lot of workbook crashes for remote users(they happen at arbitrary times - can be while...
  5. D

    How to align data in different colums

    Hi Guys, Please help me how to align data in different columns. Please see below raw data given. C-1 C-2 C-3 A 1 B JOHN C CRUZ -Given the sample above. Can you please help me what would be the formula on this? Because, i'm having...
  6. G

    Filtering Missing Data

    Hello, When I apply a filter to this document I'm using, a lot of the data suddenly goes missing. I've got a lot of two digit codes that I'm sorting by and when I sort A to Z it only brings in the codes that are numbers and remains blank for all the other two digit codes that have letters...
  7. J

    How can I add a progress bar to a loop?

    Hi, I've never done anything before with progress bars. I have a macro which loops through a worksheet to last row and the data is used to update an external program. The problem is if there are a lot of rows (1000+) Then excel freezes up until finished. Is it possible to add a progress bar...
  8. T

    COUNTIF in multiple sheets

    Hello, I have an excel file with about 30 sheets, each with the name of a nurse at my hospital. What I'd like to do is count if the field E11 in each sheet contains "NA" if a nurse has given an invalid answer to a question. If the nurse has given a valid answer the cell will have a number...
  9. N

    Reducing code for copy/cut paste

    Hi everyone, first up - apologies for the very beginner level question, I have never learnt VBA and don't use it much, so I typically just play around until I get it to do what I want. No hate! I am looking to cut down my code a little on 4 lines that I use quite a lot, which is basically...
  10. M

    solution for forgotten password to unprotect sheets.

    Hi everyone. Seven years ago I wrote a large workbook as a favour for a friend. I protected a lot of cells to avoid accidental corruption. He has just come back to me and asked for some changes. I gave him the password but as hes never needed it he's forgotten it and my email storage doesn't go...
  11. P

    Moving from Sequental Rows to Columns?

    Hi, Currently have data set up in multiple rows, as follows: <tbody> Subject ID Lot Numbers 10001 9001, 9002 10001 9345, 9100 10002 9004, 9005 10002 9045, 9099 </tbody> and would like to have it as <tbody> Subject ID Lot Numbers - Grp 1 Lot Number - Grp 2 10001...
  12. Y

    Creating Formula to help sort values from one table to another

    Is it possible to create a formula where I would be able to generate values in the (sample) table I've entered below. However, the formula would need to be able to distingush the values in column A and when it changes from xxxx to yyyy. The main objective of this formula would be to count how...
  13. Johnny C

    Excel VBA - copying range to Powerpoint crashes Powerpoint instantly

    This isn't a question, I resolved it after a morning googling and watching Powerpoint stop working. I thought it might help someone else. We have large PPs with a financial forecast (say 60 slides) and large workbooks (100 sheets) that feed them. They go through multiple iterations through...
  14. P

    Code won't stop looping even when the cancel button is pressed within an input box

    When I click on the cancel button within the inputbox it gets stuck in the loop. How can I exit sub when cancel is clicked. Thank you. Sub splitLot() answ = "" ans = MsgBox("Is this a split lot?", vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton1, "Split Lot") If ans = vbNo Then...
  15. S

    Need help with a chart and formulas for making sentences based on similarity or differences, proximity and date of sales.

    I want to write a sentence only using formulas, for instance, I am comparing many things about a home. I would like to say how things are similar, superior and inferior all in the same sentence if it applies. My version of excel is not really excel at all but a spreadsheet built into my software...
  16. E

    Count of items being calculated in a cell?

    I'm having to add (and subtract) a lot of numbers in a lot of cells and want to be able to count the number of items being calculated in that cell. It's so I can compare to the document I'm copying the numbers off of as a cross-check. So: =15+32+50-42+3 would be 5 items being calculated...
  17. L

    Vlookup or something else?

    <colgroup><col span="9"></colgroup><tbody> Hi guys, I am trying to use a vlookup up to calculate whether a capital gain or loss has been made or lost when selling shares. A major problem I have is; if shares are purchased in two separate lots and at different prices, when I...
  18. M

    UserForm: Enter a number for the line to which the data goes

    I'm building a Rent Sheet. I'm using a UserForm to gather information (i.e. Lot#, Amount Paid, Check#, etc.) I would like to use the Lot # as a reference for my table. Example: If I enter Lot# 32 and click 'Submit', then the information starts at cell N34 (The starting cell of information for...
  19. W

    Increase count by 1 but ignore multiple characters to the left

    I've seen a few things around for something similar, but I'm starting to wonder if this is possible... I formula that finds the last filled cell in range "A". That cell contains the following text "DEV-19-1". I need to increment the last digit (will eventually be 2 digits), but ignore the...
  20. muhammad susanto

    Insert 3 Spaces Between Number

    hi all... how to make 3 spaces between number below : count of number = 18 <tbody> Data After formula 197906141999031001 19790614 199903 1 001 196206031981091002 19620603 198109 1 002 </tbody> anybody help me, thanks a lot.. .sst

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