1. LottoMatic

    Excel expert advice needed

    I am looking for the advice of experienced Excel users regarding the "translation" of a web-based application into an Excel spreadsheet and really hope to get some useful input regarding this matter. Since year 2014 I've been working on a rather complex lottery prediction system. It is a...
  2. M

    Lottery Combinations

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need a lottery generator that can pick few numbers from each group to make all possible sets of combinations, layout can be different if require to be fit for the macro to work no problem. </SPAN></SPAN> Example.... 2num from Group1, 2num from Group2, 1num from Group3...
  3. M

    Lottery Bingo

    So i have a list of say 10 players down column 'A' To the right of these names there are 6 numbers ranging from 1-59 in separate cells (columns B, C, D, E, F, & G) Somewhere else in the spreadsheet, i want to put the recent lottery results (drawn twice per week) which will consist of 6 numbers...
  4. A

    Any Excel VBA or Excel functions that can help with general lottery forecasting?

    Permission to post, admins... Mostly the posts here about the lottery concern with random number generation, with pick-3 games and with lotteries dealing with huge numbers (e.g. 5 out of 90). I am only concerned with general, simple lottery forecasting concerns. So, I'm wondering if anyone...
  5. P

    lottery software program

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum so please bear with me. I run a small lottery for a local junior football club and I would like to know is there an Excel program that would do the check automatically for me. The lottery is any 4 numbers from 1 through to 24 Thanks in advance
  6. Drrellik

    Lottery / Programs I see there are plenty of people here looking for different ways to randomly pick or perhaps guess lottery numbers using Excel. I would like to share my spread sheet and also see what approach others have taken. Like jak68 or...
  7. B

    Help with a lookup please

    Hi Everyone, In my workbook I have Sheet "LOTTERY" & Sheet "BACKUP". In the LOTTERY Sheet I have Column E2:E70 which I need to populate based on Column I2:I70 looking in Sheet BACKUP Column D2:D70. I am not sure how or if I can upload the workbook for you to look at but...... Thanks
  8. P

    Separate last digit, create a field to type the strings then confront with which lottery hit 80% or more

    please !, separate last digit, create a field to type the strings then confront with which lottery hit 80% or more ojetivo = play the same string in several lotteries
  9. J

    Formaula Assistance

    I own a small business and I'm having trouble with employees adding incorrectly and I'm wanting to create a spreadsheet that will do the math for them. As a part of my business I sell lottery scratch off tickets. Each ticket is numbered and we count them down at the end of the day to determine...
  10. I

    Lottery Optimizer 6/45 using elimination of combinations

    Hey all, I'm in charge of a syndicate group and we're looking for an excel macro/program that produces the an optimized set of numbers whose combinations have not been or less repeated by previous combinations. Lottery Basics: 6 numbers from 45. Order does not matter. Can play 7 to 20...
  11. P

    Convert from the table of 9 sums to the line of each lottery draw

    Convert from the table of 9 sums to the line of each lottery draw
  12. M

    "n" unique random dates between date range, excluding weekends and a list of public holidays

    Hi all, This problem has had me stumped for a while now. I'm looking for a formula to produce unique random dates between a date range, excluding weekends and a list of public holidays (different for each year). Like a lottery, once a date has been selected, it shouldn't be used again. My...
  13. L

    Do I use the Excel or the Access to do it?

    I analyze the past results of a lottery game and I ve seen this program on lottery websites and other paid lottery statistics websites. But if I wanna do it at home, a lottery search numbers, that I can save all the past results into a database and I can check how many matches my numbers did on...
  14. L

    About counting number of occurences in a lottery game

    I d like to learn how to count the occurences of a lottery numbers drawn. Its a pick-5 game, so I d like to make a chart with the number of occurences for single numbers, another one for 2 number matches and another one for 3 number matches together. Does the excel has a function ready to do it...
  15. S

    Lottery Winner Question

    Folks, I have a query where I need to find Lottery winners. 1. Each Lottery will be won by the one who has least lottery number. e.g. Lottery 1 to be won by number 13 which is held by X5. So X5 is the winner. 2. Once a person wins a lottery then he becomes ineligible for coming lotteries...
  16. W

    auto Rotating large list of numbers

    hi everyone, need need some help auto rotating a large list of win3 and win4 lottery numbers..... each digit position has a rotation pattern full independent of one another p1-p2-p3 or p1-p2-p3-p4 as a new digit takes the place place of the previous digit with each new draw .digits that...
  17. F

    Lottery Analysis with Excel

    Hi, I wanted to do a few things with excel but am struggling to go about it. There are a few neccessary things I need and a few I would like but don't mind if I can't find out how to do. The ones I need: - to be able to collect random numbers based on probabilities. - to collect 3or4or5or6...
  18. C

    Calculate the number of mondays in a dynamic time frame

    Ok, so the title might be confusing. I play the lottery a little bit. What I am trying to calculate is the end date based upon the number of drawings I purchase. Taking the two everyone is most familiar with Powerball and Mega Millions If I purchase tickets today(2/8/15) for four draws on...
  19. L

    Lottery Bingo Conundrum

    At work we run a lottery bingo where 30 people pick 6 numbers each from a total of 30 numbers, the easy bit is highlighting a persons number when one is drawn using conditional formatting but I need to highlight a person if they have absolutely no chance of winning the game due to other people...
  20. T

    Powerball spreadsheet. Trying to find 5 numbers (from 1 to 50) that add up to 160

    I have downloaded an xls spreadsheet with the past powerball winning numbers. I want to use this data set and find out every combination of numbers that add up to a certain total, for example 160. I do not know how to go about doing this, without writing huge, nested if then statements and...

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