1. C

    Insert Partial Blank Rows

    Hello, I have a worksheet, "Comparison" that is fed by two other worksheets. This worksheet compares two different estimates, original and new. What I would like to do is add blank cells in either A:E or J:N so that my systems numbers in cells A and J match. I don't need anything else to match...
  2. N

    SumIFs for two tables

    Hi everyone! I need some help. I have two tables (short version, see below). And I want put these together with the and want to have the total sum (from table 1) for the categories in table 2. The R and Z is the positions in a grid. So I want to sum up the weights in table 1 for every...
  3. D

    Logical formula for calculating until a number has been reached

    Hi Guys, I would like help with creating a measure for the following data. I would like to categorize the products as i did manually for Apples - I calculated the total volume for the product and divided it by 3. Then I would like to start summing from the lowest volume of Apples to the highest...
  4. K

    Create a low/high range of postal codes

    Hi, I have a list of postal codes arranged on 1 column of around 13000 rows. Some of these postal codes could be collapsed and setup in ranges since they are consecutive like in the example below: 121012 and 121013 could be collapsed in 1 row as Low:121012 High:121013 <tbody> Country IATA...
  5. E

    Priority Formula help

    Hello All, I am trying to create a survey that results in a priority. Here's the detail. I have 10 questions, each answer is to be entered as a number (0 = no, 1 = not sure/maybe and 2 = yes) After answering them all, I have the total in a cell, lets call it B13, which will be anything from 0...
  6. R

    ERROR FOUND 0x80072ee7. The server name and address could not be resolved

    Hi All, I am new to coding and programming in excel vba. Actually I have 50 Stock Tickers in Column "C".I am trying to download data from the Yahoo Finance website using their API. But when i run the code , an error is coming that: Run-time error '-2147012889( 0x80072ee7)': The server...
  7. R

    How to download 52 week high and 52 week low

    Hi all, I am new to coding and programming and would appreciate any suggestions you can give me in creating my first real code. So here i want the solution of how to download the 52 week high and 52 week low of a particular company into excel using the vba code. That's really all I am...
  8. V

    Conditional Statement Producing an Incorrect Value

    I'm no Excel expert -- so forgive me if I use the incorrect terminology. In a report I've created using Excel, there is a cell that is to produce a conditional value. The formula I've written for the cell is as follows: =IF(CalcSheet!F58>1,"low agr",IF(CalcSheet!F58>=0.6,"mod agr","high...
  9. C

    Need Formulas

    https://app.box.com/s/s7qk7yds4q1gdwmhl4du9zccr4n27znh Col G formula to place digits in col B low to high Col D formula to place OE count in col D Col F formula to place LH count in col F Thanks for all the suggestions!
  10. S

    Formula Help - High to Low and Odd to Even

    Hello everyone, I have 2 requests but they refer to the same cell range Cell range = A1 through C1 Example: Each cell can have a value from 0 through 9 A1 = 0 B1 = 0 C1 = 0 Even to Even formula A1 = 0 (even) B1 = 0 (even) C1 = 0 (even) So the result would be 2 (even follows an even (B1...
  11. K

    VBA - Sorting

    Hi guys! I am having trouble figuring out how to do the following. Basically, I have a spreadsheet that I need to add controls to so the end user can re-sort the log based on how they want to see the data. Rows 1:6 are headers Print Range is A7:AG1525, but range will grow as new rows are...
  12. K

    VBA : Create loop to update Multiple Textboxes based on ComboBox Selection

    Hi I am trying to update multiple textbox based on selection in a combo box The Combox section is based on an email address . This email address could appear multiple times in the data base and I need to return data in the Textboxes for each line. I have created a form and am able to update the...
  13. M

    Inventory Spreadsheet

    I've inherited an Excel document that is used to keep track of where materials are located within out facility. Recently they asked me to include quantity counts and mark them red when quantity gets low. This part wasn't hard, simply used a <count-if> function, then set conditional formatting...
  14. S

    Calculating Number of Boxes

    Need to calculate number of boxes. Need to add "TM" in another row and highlight in yellow and another blank row. Total the qty. 5 In Big Box 3 or 4 in Medium Box 1 or 2 in small box TM names vary from 1 to 15 Here is the example Any formula to do this <tbody> TM Address City State Zip...
  15. O

    Combine List Results

    I am working with 7 lists using conditional formatting to sort list selections by color. I am hoping to find a way to combine list results to reach a conclusion. Each list supplies the option to choose Low, Minimal, Moderate, High. If List 1 is Moderate, List 2 is Low, and List 3 is Moderate...
  16. U

    Using Multiple COUNTIFs

    Hi, Thanks in advance for reading. I am trying to crack a formula to look up multiple criteria and return me the total count value. Brief description: Creating a report for incidents, to show me, the number of incidents per month, which have been open for longer than 7 days and the...
  17. W

    Need help urgent!!

    Here's a quick question. I am currently trying to create a calculator on excel that determines if a cell is greater than 10% then by how much and then allocates the amount that it is greater than to another cell respectively. So I have 3 categories High Medium Low that equate to 100% there are...
  18. P

    VBA Delete Duplicates and Blank Rows

    Hello All, Info: I've created a spreadsheet that filter data from and inventory list to 2 other sheets one titled "low" and the other titled "out of service" when the "actual qty" falls bellow the "req qty" in the inventory list it's filtered to the "low" sheet. When the "req qty" turns to...
  19. J

    IF Statements where multiple conditions exist

    Hello, I have the following data set: <tbody> A B C D E F 1 LOW POINT TEMP QTY ORDER QTY STATUS CURRENT QTY LOW? 2 2000 0 1000 NOT COMPLETE 500 FORMULA??? 3 500 700 1000 NOT COMPLETE 200 FORMULA??? 4 400 0 300 COMPLETE 200 FORMULAS??? </tbody> 1. If D2 = COMPLETE, Then I would...
  20. B

    Index and Match Help for Risk Calculation

    I am trying to auto populate the risk level of an item based on the selection from two fields and where they intersect in a matrix Column A = Impact; dropdown selection Column B = Probability; drop selection Column C = Risk Level; calculated based on the selection in the above two fields and...

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