1. A

    Match and Display Text

    <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Eng1 Eng2 Eng3 Lowest Miles Eng 40 39 52 39 </tbody> I want to match the 'lowest miles' number to the three ENG numbers. When matched, I want to display the ENG1/2/3 under ENG
  2. L

    Automatically rank list based on numbers from highest to lowest

    Hi all, I was wondering if it's possible in Excel to automatically rank numbers from highest to lowest? So in this example, you see that the numbers go from 5 to -1, but if I were to change the -1 to 6, Excel would automatically change the list so that cake is first, candy second and chocolate...
  3. E

    Make the lowest value a 0

    Hello, If i have a series of numbers as per the below, how do i make the lowest value return a 0? A1 - 25 A2 - 36 A3 - 14 A4 - 20 A5 - 6 In B1:B5 i need B1 - 25 B2 - 36 B3 - 14 B4 - 20 B5 - 0 Thank you
  4. L

    Find cell with lowest last number

    Hard to explain what I'm trying to do in the title. There is a link to the screenshot below, I'm having problems trying to add the image to this post In column F: i want to find the cell with the lowest last number. In this case it is F1791 as highlighted. The last number could be anything...
  5. M

    Using SMALL with multiple arrays Google Sheets

    Hello there, I'm tracking times in a similar way to this: <tbody> Sheet 1 C D 2 1:00:01 0:59:59 3 1:00:02 1:00:02 4 1:00:02 1:00:02 5 1:00:02 1:00:02 6 1:00:02 1:00:02 7 1:00:02 0:50:50 </tbody> I will have this for exactly 11 tabs, and my goal is to display the 5 (or 10) lowest...
  6. D

    Image being placed below line or text box

    I have a spreadsheet that will have x number of lines added to it. When all lines have been added, I have a button that inserts a signature 5 lines below the lowest part. The lowest part is a line at the bottom. Underneath the line, there is a textbox that will have notes written in it...
  7. H

    Capture Highest & Lowest Value

    B2 gets updated by values due RTD B3 I have kept a flag which becomes 1 for a certain time period (ONLY ONCE DURING A DAY) Solution required: B4=HIGHEST VALUE of B2 when B3=1 else 0 B5= LOWEST VALUE of B2 when B3=1 else 0 How to accomplish? Thanks in adv
  8. J

    Lowest decimal place value from a range of data

    I have this array formula which calculates the highest decimal place in a range. {=MAX(LEN(SUBSTITUTE($A$1:$A$9,TRUNC($A$1:$A$9)&"","",1))-1)} How can this be modified to return the lowest decimal place in a range?
  9. M

    Conditional Formatting Formula

    Dear Forum I have a table of data; Columns G to M. This range contains prices, however some columns have no prices so are blank I have added conditional formatting to highlight the lowest price using the Min function, however this highlights all of the blank cells I have tried to correct...
  10. S

    Pull a min value from cells

    This should be basic, but it isn't working for me for some reason. I have two cells containing a number from IF formulas, I want the lowest number in another cell. The =MIN returns 0, I thought it maybe from the IF formulas?? So I put an IF which is =IF(O32<P32,<p32,<p32,o32,if(p32<o32,p32,))...
  11. xeven_

    Calculate running percentage change highs and lows every five days

    I have data in coulmns C and D. I want to calculate the percent difference between th ehighest and lowest valueevery five days and have that value populate in the adjacent column/cell E. Is there a formula to help me do this? As in this example the percent change form the highest vale 8.2 to the...
  12. theYaniac

    DMin function on an Access 2016 form to find lowest value in multiple controls

    I am very new to Access and I am trying to figure out of I can use the DMin function to return the lowest value found in several text boxes at once. I am building a simple database for tracking stock and option trades. The tracker form will be filled out manually for scalable entries into...
  13. Z

    VBA - WorksheetFunction.Small with conditions??

    Hi, Column A consists names, and Column B consists numbers. How can I find 3rd lowest value from column B, where column A contains "John" ?
  14. R

    Extract lowest value from data set

    Hi Excellers ... I wonder if anyone can assist . I have a data set that contains product code and a cost associated with that code.Column A & B The issue i have is , for some reason there are more than one cost attached to each code ( weird ) Eg Code 1234 £1.99 1234 £2.99 222 £3.99 3456...
  15. A

    Finding the lowest value variable

    I have 5 variables in that stores row numbers, I need to find out which has the lowest value and then put that value into another variable is there a way to do this without creating a horrible nested IF ELSE .?
  16. J

    A "not so simple" Sorting Problem

    Hey all I try and get around all my Excel difficulties myself, but this one has me stumped. I have a list of jobs (of which there will be duplicates) and each job either has a credit or a debit attached to it). I need to organise all the jobs into smallest amount per job BUT keep all other...
  17. S

    Excel Formula to sum players with lowest winning score

    I am nearing the end of small project for a golf club and need some help. In this spreadsheet teams\players are listed in column “E”. The individual golf holes are listed in Columns F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X Teams\Players participating in the skins game are marked...
  18. E

    Macro to count occurances of decimal value

    Looking for a macro that can count the occurrences of the decimal values in column O2-O20 and count and write them from highest to lowest in Q2-Q20 .Any help much appreciated https://files.fm/u/6k5ug2cq#/view/Count.jpg P.S Your upload picture dont work on this website
  19. G

    RANK function

    Hi all, The rank function is driving me insane!! I am trying to add a rank column to my table, but to ignore the 0 values, not have duplicate ranks and show the lowest value (which isn't 0) as 1. So far, I have managed to do everything except for getting it to show the lowest value as 1. I...
  20. S

    If formula based on score

    Hi All, I just want to create simple formula where excel should return value based on increasing / decreasing trend.. Details .. We have highest and lowest score board where lowest value is better ( Payment due in months =<1.5 months is better than =>2.5 Months). Here we want to give 15%...

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