1. M

    Index Small Across 8 Worksheets

    Hi and good evening, can anybody help me with their best approach to the following scenario. I have a shared workbook (4 people) with 9 worksheets named "Dept1" - "Dept8" (Column Headings Identical) and 1 named "Summary". 25 rows of data approx. will be added to the Dept. worksheets on a daily...
  2. tourless

    Runs on one but not another

    Hi Folks, I've got this code... Option Explicit Sub TransferToMain() Dim sourceWB As Workbook, destWB As Workbook Dim fName As String, strName As String Dim weDate As Date Dim iWeekDay As Integer Dim LastRow As Long 'Set Source & Copy Sheet To Production File...
  3. N

    Running Excel remotely - VPN vs Virtual Machine

    Hi all - just wanted to some insight on running Excel over a VPN vs a virtual machine. We have a series of robust workbooks that use a lot of VBA several COM add-ins. Lately, we have been encountering a lot of workbook crashes for remote users(they happen at arbitrary times - can be while...
  4. W

    Creating a date/time formula that excludes weekends including friday

    I am currently trying to create a schedule in which the time/date fields exclude Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cannot seem to get it to work properly and to continue throughout the spreadsheet. Sorry tried to copy and was hoping it would let you see my formulas...
  5. T

    Excel “no fill”macro

    I am looking for macro which will solve my issue. I have planning of machines per days, but on top of that I would like to have "overview" per machines (if there is no color fill in machine capacity planning then that means it's available for planning, otherwise is at machine planning is fill...
  6. BrianM

    Transfering Customized Ribbion to new machine.

    Hello all, I'm currently running Windows 10 - Office 2013. I'm getting a new machine, is there a way to copy all my new tabs from my customized ribbon to my new machine. Normally, I just take a bunch of screenshots and the redo them on when I get a new machine; but, this is a lengthy process. Brian
  7. Y

    Run code on windows 7 and above

    How do i tell my code to run if the machine is windows 7 and above?
  8. M

    Index Match On Multiple Columns

    Hi and good evening,how would I perform a lookup on 1 unique "date time value" in columns D and F and return their matches from columns C or E all sorted from oldest to newest (like finished Data Set below).Times and Dates in columns D and F are formatted as "ddd-dd-mmm-yy hh:mm".Also I would...
  9. R

    Excel Fun - Slot machine Style Result

    Hello all, For a bit of fun in Excel I have an If argument with 2 possible outcomes where I'd like the result to appear to spin (slot machine style) in the cell before settling on the result. Is this possible? Many Thanks
  10. F

    Solver question

    Hi All, I am trying to create a file which helps me make the most optimal filling order. It is most optimal if I minimize the switching time. When I use the solver add in to fill in the order i won't change anything. The file that i want to create is something like this table below hwere...
  11. J

    Excel version differences in Code

    Hello - I am relatively new to VBA. I wrote, with the help of many, a working code on an updated machine using an updated Excel. I take it to am older machine and things go wrong. Is there list, or maybe een a pogram to scan, and identfy code syntax difernces from one versn to the other...
  12. S

    Finding best combination for machines

    Hi, I have a list of machines that can produce diffrent types of products. some machine can produce same part but there is diffrent between machine in the quality performance. also not all macines can produce all products. I would like to get the best setup in order to set the product that will...
  13. C

    Puling data from matched date, time & machine name

    Hello, I have a measuring device on 4 x machines which measures run time in minutes and metres of material run through the machines. The measuring device outputs the data into Excel but the format isn't great it displays as: Date, Time, Machine 1, Runtime Date, Time, Machine 1, Length Date...
  14. H

    Edit output from a measuring machine

    Hi! I have data that is output from a measuring machine. The machine outputs numerical data with a one letter descriptor of direction into each cell. For example in row one I have 0.1 H, 0.2 B, 0.1 I, 0.4 F All of the results are positive numbers with a descriptor. The descriptor tells me...
  15. L

    Vba Clean Up

    Hello guys, At my wits end. I've posted this before but cleaned it up. We run this sub 24 hrs a day on a 10-15 second loop. We have had to restart this twice during operations per day this week (which is obviously bad). The sub contains 6 machines however, I've only put one here for the...
  16. L

    .autofilter to certain column

    G'day guys. Have the below code: Set TB = ActiveWorkbookWorkbooks.Open "C:\Users\Luke\Desktop\LIVE\Best Shed Scheduler Flashing.xlsm" Set OB = ActiveWorkbook erow = OB.Sheets("Corner Flashing Machine Data").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row TB.Activate...
  17. L

    VBA Not Responding - but...a solution

    G'day guys, I have a long sub and it runs on a 9 second loop for 9 hours per day. It may crash once or twice a day. The instant solution is to hit a "stop button" which is on the program within excel and hit a "restart button" commencing the sub routines again. Ultimately the dream... for it...
  18. L

    2 Subs - 1 crashes. Help required.

    G'day I have 1 issue. The issue being I can run this code (indefinitely) which is awesome! it runs 7 days a week 24 hours a day on a never ending loop (we have shift workers and load up thousands of jobs a month). Public v As IntegerSub BeginAutomation() Application.ScreenUpdating = False v =...
  19. T

    Issue with finding results, not sure what formula to use

    Hi Everyone I am currently trying to use a data base to find out which parts go onto which machines I currently have a list of all the parts that i am using and next to each part i have each machine number that uses that part. <tbody> Description 34562 Brown Link wire 53456 45366...
  20. CPGDeveloper

    accde file not working on specific machine

    I created and administer a Microsoft Access Application -- there are about a dozen users. I created an accde file that i distributed to all the users to put on their respective desktops. Every time I make an update, the application identifies that there is a new version available, and a batch...

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