1. R

    VBA MacOS ActiveX components

    I am currently having problems using ActiveX components in my VBA code on MacOS. Specifically with: Dim oXMLHTTP As Object Set oXMLHTTP = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP") oXMLHTTP.Open "POST", "URL.....", False 'Set Open Posts For Text MyBody = "{Content}" 'Request Body For Text...
  2. B

    Alternative to "CreateObject" for MacOS?

    I have aVBA code that works great for Windows, but need to change it for MacOS. The code creates a .txt file and writes the content from an intake form to the file. I use the following vba code to create the file and write the content to the file: 'Create the text file Set TxtFile =...
  3. P

    Excel for Mac - VBA to Create PowerPoint Presentation

    Hi all, I'm a Mac user. I'm trying to create a PPT using VBA in Excel to copy a few tables and charts to different slides. However, whenever my script reaches PowerPoint commands, such as the one below, PowerPoint or Excel crash completely and close Set pptPres =...
  4. D

    Excel Table : moving a column messes up with the width of other columns

    - OS : MacOS and Windows (tested on both) - Excel version : 16.64 - Issue When I do SHIFT + drag & drop a column within an Excel Table (it's NOT a Pivot Table, it's a normal Table), it will mess up with the column widths. It doesn't behave like this when it's not a Table. - Screenshots of...
  5. N

    Disabling [DataSource.NotFound] Folder or File not found: Could not find a part of the path

    Hello! We're migrating a file from W10 to MacOS and it contains some power queries and pivot tables. When I open the file it gives me this alert - [DataSource.NotFound] Folder or File not found: Could not find a part of the path - regarding the files from Windows due to not finding them. I'm...
  6. N

    Adding data from different workbook into table on main workbook and add a new collumn with part of file name

    Hello! I've been struggling with this code: Sub Select_File_Or_Files_Mac() 'Select files in Mac Excel with the format that you want 'Working in Mac Excel 2011 and 2016 and higher 'Ron de Bruin, 20 March 2016 Dim MyPath As String Dim MyScript As String Dim MyFiles As...
  7. J

    Gray field buttons on Pivot Table MacOS

    Hello! I can't seem to show the gray field buttons on my pivot table. I'm using MacOS is that the issue?
  8. M

    Unable to Extract Data from an external source on Excel on Mac

    I am working on an assignment, and it asked to extract data from a database but I was unable to do it. This message popped up: "Microsoft Excel cannot complete this operation because the ODBC Driver Manager is not installed. To install the ODBC Driver Manager, run Setup and install the...
  9. P

    Can't refresh external connection in Excel from Mac

    I have a an Excel workbook that have several External data connections via PowerQuery (actually from built in Data > Get External Data; and slightly modified code in PowerQuery to include variable filenames). The connections are made to .xslx, .xlsm and .csv files. As I read, Microsoft states...
  10. D

    More Table Option - Pivot Table Fields

    Good Afternoon everyone, I’m currently struggling with an excel feature. Whenever a pivot table is created and the pivot table fields open, there is an option under the fields column called ‘more tables’! I’m wondering how can I add that again. I updated my Excel to the most recent (2016) and I...
  11. D

    MAC OS Excel VBA save as pdf sometimes don't work

    My Excel VBA to save as PDF on MAC OS sometimes work, sometimes don't work. It will give the error "Error while printing" then "Run-time error '1004': Application-defined object-defined error". My original code is as below, which works yesterday but not now: 'a) For Windows<code style="margin...
  12. T

    Variable Help - XL 2003 VBA - Declaring and Using a variable

    Hi, Forgive me as this will probably be so simple for most of you but my searches haven't returned anything that I can use and my knowledge is limited to an extent in VBA. I have several lines of code that require certain rows numbers to be used: 'Copys The Row Specified...
  13. andrewb90

    importing CSV data from files with changing names

    I am looking for a way to import CSV data from different files into my existing spreadsheet and fill it into my cells. For example one file will be labeled Z005_13 and cells B11:C35 will need to be copied from that file. Now everyday the file name will change. the two digits at the end will...
  14. S

    I need both Datalabels to be visible...on this VBA created chart...

    Hi, I'm trying to create a XY scatter chart in VBA in an excel sheet. When I manually create it, it creates it just fine, but for some reason, when I try to automate its creation, it doesn't include both values in the Datalabels, just the Y value (the value in the second column of data). here...

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