macro - copy/paste

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    Macro Won't Leave Blank Cells

    In this formula I would like it to skip blank cells In the "a" column of the sheet I am copying from any suggestions would be appreciated. If there is no data in the A column I want to skip pasting it to the trades sheet. Sub copypaste() Dim lrb As Long With Sheets("trades") lrb =...
  2. C

    Excel Macro to copy to a data sheet then clear the copied

    I am working on a excel sheet, where I have a 4 cells that i enter information into. I am trying to make a button inside this sheet that has a macro assigned to it. The button needs to copy the cells (E3:E6) in the column (E) once it has copied the data from these cells paste them to another...
  3. S

    Moving Entire Row to Another Sheet Based on Progress Column Value

    Hello, I'm very new to the forum and am by no means an excel VBA pro. I have been asked to update our task tracking sheet for the office and could really use some help! My boss has asked me to create a macro that, when run (not automatically), will cut and move the entire row of a completed...
  4. S

    Excel Macro

    I am trying to write a macro to Copy Paste Special Value from one cell to another. I've written the following but its not working. Can someone help please: Sub PasteSpecialValue() Range("C35").Select Selection.Copy Range("B35").Select ActiveSheet.PasteSpecial End Sub
  5. A

    Insert Copied Row 'X-1' Times into Tows Below Depending on Cell Value 'X'

    I'm an advanced user of Excel yet have a minimal understanding of vba coding. I have looked through the forum and can only find vba coding related to inserting copied rows into new worksheets as opposed to inserting them into the same worksheet. I need some vba code to allow the contents of a...
  6. V

    VBA help required to copy and paste info from multiple tabs in to new work book and save

    Hello! i'm hoping someone can help me as i know the solution to my problem can be solved via a macro of some sort. I have a spreadsheet that containing 3 tabs, sheet1 sheet2 and sheet3. Sheet1 only has data in column A which is the unique values of my data range... there are over 100...
  7. A

    Macro to copy data from one sheet to another.

    Hey guys, I am working on a spreadsheet for my school work, and I am a little stuck :rofl: I require a macro which copies (customer) data from one sheet named "All_Customers" to another sheet called "New_Order". I know how to copy the data from one sheet to another (very basic but it works lol)...
  8. B

    Help w/simple two step macro - Excel 2013

    Hey there, I'm using Excel 2013, and hoping you can help me piece together the code to create a simple macro. I have an Excel spreadsheet that acts as a simple statement generator by populating a number of cells based on a VLOOKUP against a master list of account numbers. The user enters the...
  9. K

    Macro to copy specific cell from multiple sheets to single sheet in different workbook

    Hi, I REALLY need some help, please! I can do basic macros and am expanding my skills, but not nearly to this level. Here's what I'm trying to do: Every two weeks, two reports are run and are exported into Excel. Productivity workbook has a spreadsheet for each employee; PROD PPE workbook has...
  10. M

    Paste special formatting issues

    Hi all, I have a macro which copies data from one sheet (including tables, figures etc) and paste specials - values and formatting only - to another worksheet. The only issue is that cells which are highlighted in the first workbook are not getting copied to the exactly relevant cells in the new...
  11. M

    Download file from Excel

    hi, I would like seek some help on how to download html / pdf files using excel. It could be formula or a macro. Response is highly appreciated.

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