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    Need Macro To Save Myself Hours of Formatting

    Hello All. I greatly Appreciate your help. I receive daily emails with large amounts of data I need to format through a macro. I copy the data into notepad and then excel, and the data appears as such, where the | represents a new column: 35M |1/1/2029| 3.22 |5| Eaton| Vance| -| TABS|...
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    Page Orientation Macro

    I have a macro that hides and un-hides rows, which was graciously created with the help of this forum (see below). I am looking to adjust it (if possible) so that depending on the number of rows visible, the page orientation will change from portrait to landscape, and vice versa. If it is...
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    Macro Form Button change size

    every time I expand . anbd resize my windows the form buttons for my Macros change sizes. Some times the are real small some times huge. What is happening?
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    Macro to Format Subtotals - Guidance Requested!

    Hi everyone, I'm using the "GoTo-Special-Visible cells only" method of formatting my subtotals, so that they appear different from the data in the table. This is embedded in a macro which attempts to format the subtotals immediately after the subtotals have been added (to a range which is...

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