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    VBA How to delete rows in column G that begin with...

    I've tried recording,editing multiple recordings, understanding other forum posts, the kutools vba is useless. The sheet is called "Columns"; column G has a header and the number of rows occupied will vary. There are 19 If the cell begins with "x" delete the rows These keywords will stay the...
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    Need a macro or formula to number occurrences of a defined string in the cell sequentially Example inside

    In the below example "]Engine Oil: is the defined string. Input <tbody> Quantities: ]Engine Oil:10W-40 oder 10W-50Â SAE]Engine Oil:SHÂ API]Engine Oil:MAÂ JASO]Engine Oil with Filter:4,0Â Litre]Brake fluid:DOT 4Â specification]Transmission Oil:75W/90Â SAE]Cooling system:2,8Â Litre]Fork...
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    macro to compile what to bring on certain days

    my first sheet is called database. column a is the serial number, column B is the activity name and column C to the end is what items are needed for a certain activity. my second sheet is called schedule. column a is the serial number, column B and c is the dates (beginning and end) column D...
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    Print to PDF from Data Validation Drop Down

    I am trying to Print to PDF from a data validation list. I have a pay summary sheet that auto fills when i select the employees name from a drop down list in Cell C6. I need to be able to print off each persons pay summary without having to manually select each persons name Currently i have a...
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    In need of help with my macro code

    I am trying to write a macro that will match a number in the IO# column on one sheet match in the other sheet. Then copy and paste my notes from one sheet to another. I have no idea why its not working. any help would be greatly appreciated. code: Sub Macro3() ' ' Macro3 Macro ' '...
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    Separating $1 and $2 Coupons by Bar Code

    I'm having a hard time coming up with a macro that will sort this data the way I want. We have farmers market coupon barcodes that will be for $1 and $2 food coupons. The $1 coupons will all have barcodes that fall within this range: 850001-860000. The coupons will always start with HB2016. So...
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    Need macro to search column A Sheet 1 for a similar match (about 6 common characters in the same order in the cell) in Sheet 2 then cut column B,C,D,E

    I have a bit of a complex problem that i have been having trouble fixing. We currently perform alot of data entry and i would like this macro to avoid doing it manually. We recieve a list from our client and in column A is a list of their clients. I need the macro to verify as close a match as...
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    Trouble with event changes

    I am new to VBA and have been following many different YouTube videos. I have had great success until it came to event changes. In a specific worksheet I have entered the following: Sub addition() Cells(3, 1) = Cells(2, 1) + Cells(1, 1) End Sub Private Sub commandbutton_click() Call...
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    Macro Help - Parse Worksheet Name

    I'm Trying to create a macro that will save each worksheet as the tab name instead of saving the file as "Sheet#". What am I missing in the code below? Sub SaveShtsAsBook() Dim Sheet As Worksheet, Sheet$, MyFilePath$, N& MyFilePath$ = ActiveWorkbook.Path &...
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    Help! In VBA, how do I add in protect sheet options into my coding

    Hi all, Need some help please. The macro I have created currently creates a new sheet from a current one (copies it exactly and then changes a few things in the sheet as per what I have asked it to do). The macro is currently working fine and does what I want it to do, however I've noticed...
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    Macro to create new workbooks from current workbook data

    I have a table with 7 columns. Cust Id, Customer name, cust part number, cust description, our part number, price, uom. I need to create a workbook for each customer (782 total workbooks/customers) that has columns 3 to 7, each customer has multiple rows for each item(over 16000 rows), but no...
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    Help creating a Marco that will Populate another Cell on a Separate sheet dependent on a data validation list

    Hi guys, My first post! Wh00! Okay, I'm a little stuck around these VB Macro's. I've done some C# about a year ago (a bit rusty now) but I understand the concepts so hopefully any technical jargon and methods should be understood fine. I've been asked to put together a Quick (and dirty) little...
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    Need help to create one challenging excel macro

    Hi Guys, Thank you so much for reading my post. I really need your help to create the following excel macro. I want to get some particular data from the website but unable to get it. What i do is 1) Go the website 2) Click on "Transparency Portal" which is available on...
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    Macro Help Required for Multiple Column to Single Column Conversion (With Header Info)

    Dear Experts, I intend to re-arrange the data generated by system. I am using Office 2010 Current Format: Mat No Cost1 Cost2 Cost3 A 5 3 2 B 6 9 3 C 7 6 2 To be Format: Mat No A 5...
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    Protect worksheet and prompt for a password using macro

    Hi all, Can someone help me please. I need 2 macros: 1. Protect the current worksheet only, and prompt me for a password. 2. Protect the whole workbook (so that sheets cannot be rearranged) and prompt me for a password. Thanks :biggrin:
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    Unhide rows in multiple worksheets using a macro in vba

    Hi all, I am currently using a macro which hides rows with a 'NO' in column A in all worksheets in the workbook. Now I need a macro which will unhide rows in all worksheets, as it is too long unhiding manually. I need it to unhide between rows 16-55. Can anyone help? Thanks :biggrin:
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    Xl2007 Find Replace VBA Increment Column Letter

    Hi, I am setting up an excel file to use as a database (MSAccess currently not an option) with a data entry sheet and a table sheet. The data entry sheet is set up to use 8 columns per day times 365 days (data is entered in columns B to DHQ). I have set it up like this as it is the currently...
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    How to search for specific data from several workbooks and import to one sheet.

    <tbody> Run ID Carrier ID % LIVE Cut Time LOADING/DONE Trailer # Bills Cut </tbody> Above is the information that is contained in each work book. I need to create a Macro that will allow me to search up to 7 days of these files. Each day of operation is saved to a new file. I need to be...
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    Quick Macro Help

    Hey all I need some help. Just discovered macros and need to use one for a big file. I have a set of data like so: <tbody> date time number number </tbody> which has 25 numbers for each date/time. i need to copy and past, then transpose to this format on a separate sheet: <tbody> date...
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    Help with a macro to clear cells with numbers but not cells with formulas

    Hi- help would be greatly appreciated on a macro to clear cells with numbers but no cells with formulas with in this macro: Dim i As Long i = Range("E3") If i > 0 Then ' Copy range Range(Cells(6, 10 + i), Cells(500, 17)).Copy Range(Cells(6, 10), Cells(500...

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