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    Macro for cells containing certain text

    Hi there :nya: Need some help. Currently this macro only finds cells containing the exact text entered into the text box Search_OrganName. I would like it to find any cell from the range that contains that text rather than just exact matches. I'm thinking there is a really obvious solution...
  2. T

    Macro Select All Rows until Formula is FALSE

    Hello Excel world, I want to perform the LEN formula in a macro for column D. I want to test "=LEN(D:D)=9" and where the last TRUE is highlight all rows above it, including the last TRUE. I have scoured the internet with absolutely zero success in knowing if this is possible or not. Can this...
  3. B

    Macro ******* multitask

    Hello I am new to the site and macros but would like to know if anyone can help. Basically I am learning macros and would like to know if it is possible to have a macro display a range from another sheet Sheet 1 has names (A13:A40) with IDs (B13:B40) and a 2015 calendar in range of M9:AI43...
  4. S

    Finding and Selecting Cells by Color

    Hi! I have a question regarding my macro. What I want it to do is search for all the cells that are blue colored and select all the cells that are blue colored. I, then, want it to take only the blue colored cells and email them. Help please? I have the email part down, I just can't seem to have...
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    Superb Excellent Macro needs minor tweaking: HELP PLEASE!

    Hi everyone, Good day to you all. A couple days ago, a kind sir by the name Mike Rickson gave me a macro to extrapolate a set of random numbers from a given range of numbers from column A:1 all the way to A:49 sitting on 49 rows. At the moment i am concerned for his wellbeing because he...
  6. T

    Replacing text on Word document from excel macro

    Hello, I have a lot of word documents that need to be constantly updated. The most important thing that needs to be changed is the dates on the documents. Each word document has multiple pages, and each page has a date in the format MM/DD/YEAR on the top right hand, no headers. Also on the...
  7. A

    Web Data Collection.

    I would like to be able to use a macro that ask for apart of an web address then use that address to get the information I want. Example: Items bold and underlined needs to be changed Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' look at me ' ' With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _...
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    Excel Macro Help Finding Specific Values

    Hey all, I'm new to this site and this is my first post, but I cant figure out what code to use for the following problem: I have a sheet with the following 5 columns: Acct #, Month, Year, Type A or B, and $ Amount. Basically, what I want to do is sum up the $ amounts for Type A and B...
  9. J

    Fraud Prevention using....?

    Hi guys, I am trying to create a way to check for fraud in our system. We have sales reps that go around different parts of the country and they turn in info about their sales. The problem is some reps have found a way to submit multiple entries that count as sales, when in actuality, these...
  10. E

    Macro to check if A#:F# on Sheet1 exists in another sheet, if not add to sheet

    Going to try to make this as brief and simple as possible. My workbook has 3 worksheets, each sheet's data starts at A4, columns are A:F. I'm trying to make my macro read Sheet1!A4:F4 as a single value, then check if it exists in either Sheet2 or Sheet3 (also A:F, not in a single cell)...
  11. M

    Using a Macro to Automatically Update Files from a Database

    Hi all, I am hoping to put together a macro that will allow me to automatically update files from a database of corresponding files. I will have one folder of "Scorecards", each of which has a corresponding "Master Document" from which all of its fields can be populated. Currently, I just...
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    Find and copy rows

    Hi, I have a list of emails(1400) that I want to find in another list of emails(38400). The second list of emails has first name and second name. Can anybody please help me with a macro or any idea that may help me find the list of emails(1400) in the second list of emails(38400) plus copy the...
  13. K

    Macro to copy specific cell from multiple sheets to single sheet in different workbook

    Hi, I REALLY need some help, please! I can do basic macros and am expanding my skills, but not nearly to this level. Here's what I'm trying to do: Every two weeks, two reports are run and are exported into Excel. Productivity workbook has a spreadsheet for each employee; PROD PPE workbook has...
  14. M

    how to create search box at beginning of macro

    Hi all, I've created a macro that automatically updates periodic data sets. I now want to create a search box at the beginning with options to change the date/period (i.e. enter 2015 q1) for the macro to update.. would appreciate any insight. Thank you in advance
  15. B

    Function Requested: Search, Look-up, and Copy/Paste from Google

    Hello, I have a large database with just about 2400 listings of addresses. It is in a single cell and most include the street name, then the city name followed by a comma. What I would like to do (since there are 2400 of them), is find a way to somehow auto-populate the next column in the...
  16. S

    Making a Filtered Range Dynamic

    Hello Everybody, This I my first post and along with that I am a beginner to VBA/Macro. I really need your expertise to help me pass through this hurdle I have been facing couple of days. I have tried alot and went through 100's of post but wasnt able to come up with something concrete that...
  17. N

    Excel Macro- searching a value

    Hi, I got a macro that works most of the time with the data I have, but sometimes my data is incorrect and needs to be changed manually. The data is incorrect when in kolom A the text is not ZORS (or blank). I want to let the macro search in kolom A whether there is a value that is not: ZORS...
  18. L

    Finding largest instance of consecutive prefix spaces in a worksheet

    I'm copying a PeopleSoft department tree into Excel. For those unfamiliar, it is a grouping of departments similar to a file structure where certain departments roll up into other nodes (folders) that all eventually roll up to the ultimate parent node (folder). When pasting this into Excel...
  19. A

    Creating search box using macro and highlighting search results in the same sheet

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and I have minimal knowledge on macro in excel. I have a problem and I hope you guys can help. I have a single worksheet containing text data and all the while I used Ctrl+F to find the texts that I need. I need to have a macro to create a search box and can...
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    Copying specyfic cells if cell is not empty

    Hi i have sheet that looks similar to this one but larger: <tbody> a b c d e name code LL KK AA a 3 1 b 12 c 8 d 4 9 </tbody> My goal is to copy headers from columns c, d, e to column b when cells have values. Here is what i try to accomplish: <tbody> a b c d e name...

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