macro vba if functions

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    Check the first two digits in a String in a Macro VBA function

    Alright, imagine I have a worksheet which looks like this: Item No. 916.96.426 210.11.001 284.00.921 372.01.921 558.12.943 634.23.211 634.65.407 634.69.500 660.07.221 660.07.301 903.99.631 100.87.802 124.41.112 210.11.003 210.40.601 but just with 8800 Item Numbers. The first two digits of the...
  2. H

    Data Valdation Doesn't work when question marks (?) are entered

    Hello All, I'm experience an issue with cells in Excel 2010 which I have Data Validation turned on for, the user's are to enter "Yes" or "No" and receive an error message if they don't to try again. I was having a pilot user run through some QA Testing on the document, and they found if they...
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    Macro VBA for Automatic Row Coloring

    Hi all.. Attached is my sample file.. And I have this script Sub auto_open() DerCell = Selection.Range("A2").End(xlDown).Address Set MyPlage = Selection.Range("A2:" & DerCell) Dim MyDate As Date MyDate = Now + 7 For Each Cell In MyPlage...
  4. B

    if function Macro not working

    Can anybody tell me why this function is not working: Function CalcValue(pVal As String) As Long If pVal = "xy1267" Then CalcValue = "fdsfs, dfs" ElseIf pVal = "xy1671" Then CalcValue = "xxx, ysdf" ElseIf pVal = "me2742" Then CalcValue =...

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