1. D

    Run-time error "53": File not found

    Hello everybody, I am currently having a problem with one of my files. I have made an order form where people can order goods from. They download my excel sheet and click on a submit macro which sends out the excel sheet in a PDF file through email. This works perfectly fine when I do it...
  2. G

    Auto Data paste in new cell

    Hi , I need a help , I've one sheet name "PDA" . I'm copying cell no . C6 to I6 then I paste that value in cell no C7to I7. Then again I'm Copying cell no C6 to I6 (when gets refresh and new data arrived) and then I'm paste data in cell no C8 TO I7. Then again I'm copying cell no C6 TO I6 and...
  3. R

    *URGENT* Merge Multiple Workbook into One and then combine

    Hello Everyone I have two workbook in one path and both have same headers. I have code to merge both the workbook into one but then i need to combine them into one worksheet. like copy data from one sheet to paste on another sheet last filed row Sub GetSheets() Dim Path as Integer Path =...
  4. D

    Conditionally format cells to red color if cell 4 rows to the left is not blank

    Hello everybody, I currently have the following list: I want to create a formula (probably through conditional formatting i'd imagine), that basically says: If the cell 4 turns to the left of any designated cell (A1) in row E is not = blank, color the cell in row E with a red...
  5. J

    VBA Copy and Paste Data from one workbook to another - specific columns

    Hi, I have a statement converted from pdf to excel. Unfortunately, the column headers above the data that I really need may lie on different rows, for e.g. row 17 or row 18. I have 3 columns I want to copy from the statement: Date (column B), Description (column C) and Amount (column D); then...
  6. J

    Convert PDF to Excel and Copy into existing excel sheet

    Hi, I want to convert a pdf file to excel and be able to transfer the data into another workbook using VBA. Based on research, converting pdf to excel can be done by first converting to Word document and then to excel. But I want to know if the excel conversion can be transferred into an...
  7. T

    Running graph-creating macro through multiple rows

    Hey, I dont and cant use VBA nor any other programming language at all but need this thing for my work, so sorry in advance for my phrasing; I created a macro simply through "record macro" button in excel. The pourpose of it is to create a simple graph out of one row of a table. Now I need...
  8. M

    Need help with macro

    Hello! I am trying to use the below macro to flag an error message when a date range exceeds 7 days. I have used the below which only applies to the first cell in the column. What must I do to apply it to the whole column, I have 350 rows. Just to let you know column K is a calculation of...
  9. K

    Find Synonyms for a word in MS Excel using VBA

    Dear VBA experts, i have set of words in column A, i need a excel VBA macro to get the meaning for each word in column A on corresponding B column. Please help me with a code. Thanks in advance ! Regards, Karthikha.
  10. A

    Extract Data from a Table with Macro/VBA

    Hi All, I Have a table and Macro code below. What I want to do is: -Copy all numbers to a worksheet named "TEST" (Helper worksheet) -Criteria are: 1. If Header of Column is "Total" - End VBA 2. Start with Range(E2) then if value is "-" or if Value of Cells(activerow, 2) = blank then select next...
  11. M

    copying images from one folder and pasting in another based on schedule in excel file

    Hi guys Hope you all well and safe from Covid. while in lockdown im hoping someone can assist me with this query. i had a macro created whereby image product code is listed in Column A, Column B lists the location of that particular image and Column C displays the location of where i want...
  12. R

    Excel VBA Subroutine Problem

    I have a macro that finds the last row in a spreadsheet and then moves down a column 1 row at a time to check if the current cell is empty. If it is, then it copies the value from the cell immediately above and then continues moving down. I have run this macro on the same worksheet on multiple...
  13. R

    VBA Comparing Name on schedule to vacation list

    I'm hoping someone on here can help we with what I'm trying to create in our Excel work schedule. In the Sheet "Availability" it lists all of the employee's in Column B. With the date listed in Row 2. In the Sheet "Assignments" is where we enter each employee's assignment for that day (Date is...
  14. V

    Figures Update - Macro

    Hi, We have a main spreadsheet that lists all bookings made by our team. I am trying to create a separate sheet that shows their figures just for the current month that updates as a new booking is added/removed. I have tried filtering within the macro in the main sheet and also then tried...
  15. R

    Move Excel File based on their file names

    Hello Everyone, I am working on one big project and need your small help in the same. I want to move excel files to folder based on their file names. below is the example - I have a folder path in A1 - B1 have date : 20-07-2020 - C1 have date : 15-07-2020 in path i have four files: 1...
  16. R

    insert all excel files name into excel from folder

    hello everyone i want to insert all excel file into exceel from specific path metioned in A1 target or destination cell would be B1
  17. A

    Repeat Formula until it Returns zero [VBA]

    Hi. Is there a way to paste certain formula in column E until the formula returns a zero value? Column E don't have anything in it. So basically, I want to input a formula in E1, then input same formula in E2... and so forth.. until the formula return a zero value.
  18. D

    Code looping twice

    Hi friends, I am stuck in a VBA problem. actually, the code is printing the value twice in subsequent rows its working fine on my previous excel version 2007 but now I shifted to office 365 and its printing the values twice whenever the cell changes. Attached photo for clarification see timing...
  19. R

    Rename Multiple workbook without opening that.

    Hello Everyone I have some workbook in folder and i want to change their name without opening them. By some function i have picks their old name and added their new name in excel cell. example AA1 - \\ABC\Working File\2020-07-17.xlsx AB 1 - \\ABC\Working File\New_2020-07-17.xlsx and so one...
  20. R

    Create Folder in Path mentioned in Cell

    Hello Everyone I have a code to make new folder in path which is working as well. Sub Button1_Click() MkDir ("\\ABC\ragga\Desktop\Testing\Consolidated File") End Sub but i want that, path should be pick from the cell. Consolidated file would be folder name i want this...

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