1. A

    Complicated sales projections

    I am consulting for a publishing company that is trying to generate more in-depth numbers using excel. They use a CRM that can generate most reports, however they need calculations done on a term they refer to as "contract sales" which their CRM does not calculate due to the complicated nature...
  2. S

    Screenupdating in Workbook_Open

    Our IT department recently updated our intranet/sharepoint and some of my files stored there for my department are now behaving differently. A sheet I was unhiding ("Guide") based on user name is now the sheet it always opens to even though it's not the last thing that happens in the macro (a...
  3. J

    Macro to cycle through drop-down selection to print to pdf (with loop?)

    Hello, I've got an excel workbook. There's a drop-down menu (validated) on the main worksheet I'd like to print to PDF. It populates data based on the drop-down option and the data is pulled from other worksheets. I'd like to 1) select from the drop down menu, 2) print the main spreadsheet to...
  4. M

    Uppercase Date While Keeping DATE Format

    I've been attempting to format a cell while maintaining the DATE() format: MONTHNAME DD, YYYY using the following code: Sub uppercase() With Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B2") .Value = Date .NumberFormat = UCase(Format(Date, "mmmm ")) & UCase(Format(Date, "dd")) & ", yyyy"...
  5. U

    VBA Change Footer Logo

    Hello Guys, Could you possibly help me simplify below codes? Basically, I recorded a macro changing the left footer logo. Also, is it possible to loop the codes as I need to do the same thing for all the excel files saved in one folder. After running, can I have a prompt of how much files...
  6. V

    VBA/macro/code for combined the name from multiple row

    HI All, Thanks in advance, we have the following sheet in excel and there is names in two or three rows, we want to combine them. For example Code No. 763 (row 10) name in three rows, we want to make in one "UGC-Net/JRF/SET Teaching, Research, practice, numerical, 100 mock Aptitude (General...
  7. Z

    Apply filter onto the 2nd sheet of the workbook

    Hey there, i have a problem when trying to filter the second sheet of the workbook, thought that by declaring the ws im working on it will work but it doesn't instead it applies it in the first sheet Here is my code: Dim wsToFilter As Worksheet Dim wbToFilter As Workbook Set wbToFilter =...
  8. U

    Saving PDF as Excel

    Hello Guys, I was looking for macro codes that can convert pdf files to excel and found this helpful blog - PDF to Excel Converter in Excel VBA - PK: An Excel Expert It runs smoothly but I noticed that it doesn't replace the file PDF type to excel. I was thinking there's something wrong...
  9. U

    VBA - Convert Excel Files to PDF

    Hi Gurus, Could you possibly help me build a codes for this one? Basically, I have a folder with excel Files: Folder Name: Data Sheets The folder contains different sheets example: 1. Data 1.xls 2. Data 2.xlxs 3. Data 3.xls 4. Data 5.xlsx ..and so on Is there any way, where I can convert...
  10. K

    Automatically Insert PC or Excel Username of the Last User to Update a Cell in a Worksheet.

    Hello all, I am a first time user of this forum. My question is as follows: I have a data entry table from Column A to Column Q, then I have this VBA code below. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim myTableRange As Range Dim myDateTimeRange As Range Dim myUpdatedRange As...
  11. M

    subscript out of range issue. I have a workbook and I need to copy data from a sheet to another which already contains data in it of the same workbook

    Sub customercheck() Dim i, j, k, lastrow, lastrow2 As Integer Dim arr(), outputarr() Dim customername, kam, segment, unit As String Dim endurid As Variant Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Dim target As Workbook For Each wb In Application.Workbooks If wb.Name <> "Offline Deal...
  12. R

    Automatically add a blank row via macro, vba

    Hi, Please download the sample workbook first. I am just learning macro. Here What I want is: 1. My data will start saving from "A9" 2. As you can see from my sample book "A19" is called as "Total" and "E19" Will show the sum of "E9:E18" So if I start saving data and it reached to "A19" then...
  13. A

    MACRO/VBA - Extract unique values to different worksheet that meets a criteria

    Hi everyone. (NOTE: Due to company privacy policy, attaching file is BLOCKED by out IT Dept) I have to Worksheets. Worksheet 1 = Summary Worksheet 2 = Data What I want is to update Summary, for example starting at cell L47 down until L56 (all blank cells). I want to put values in there...
  14. N

    Match Concatenate and Adjust Row in Macro Excel

    Hi all... I have series of data in Sheet1 and Sheet2. I want to match row from sheet1 to sheet2 with the condition. If the result of concatenate in Sheet1 and Sheet2 is match, then the data in that row is adjusted. I am stuck at adjusting the rows Here is my data and the output...
  15. bepedicino

    VBA, Copy, Remove Ants, Keep Clipboard

    I have the following VBA which copies a dynamic range. However, I want to clear the marching ants, but retain the clipboard so I can paste into another application. Can anyone assist? Sub CopyData() Dim a As Integer a = Sheets("Classification").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row...
  16. R

    VBA - Copy row based on text in cell to a new sheet into first empty row

    Dear all, I've been looking high and low for a macro that will help me copy a certain row based a specific string in a cell to a new sheet and the first empty row in that sheet. Please help me figure this out. Context: - One Excel file - Two sheets "JiraData" and "Dash". Please note that...
  17. H

    VBA to format sheet

    Hello Excel users, My requirement is to format the existing input sheet where name is to be aligned with other records.Expected output should be in this format I can very well do this Power Query but now i need to do this in VBA. Can any one let me know how to use VBA code for this requirement?
  18. E

    Find duplicates in column, then insert row above duplicates

    Hello All, I have a table of data where in column C I have values that may repeat. I'd like to find the duplicate values and insert rows above each of them using vba. Any thoughts on how to do this? I've attached an image of a sample data set where the column of peoples names have duplicates. In...
  19. B

    Speed Up Column Formula with VBA

    Hi. I'm trying to fill a specified formula from row B2 till there's no adjacent data in column C. The below is what I have and it works, but it takes some time, which I know is mostly because it's reaching out to another workbook. But, any ideas to speed it up would be greatly appreciated. Sub...
  20. D

    Extracting the MS Word comments of a specific reviewer to Excel

    Hello, I am trying to create a macro to extract the comments made by a specific reviewer in word. I need the results in an excel table where one column should show the page number of word, other column should show the original selected content (for the comment), and another column should show...

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