macros ?

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    Help with multiple formulas

    I am after some help please on the following if any of you kind people wouldn't mind. I have this formula in a cell working fine =IF(OR(Q27="",Q27="Yes",Q27="N/A",N27="Yes",J27="Gap",P27="Yes"),"",T27-TODAY()) but I want to add another function if possible which would be If V27=Fail...
  2. J

    Selection of list of players for a tournament Hi, Could anyone please help me do the excel and the complete set of instructions which are already mentioned in it,
  3. J

    Bundling Products - need help with a quick way to pick which products to sell together

    Hi everyone, Can anyone help with this one please? I've got a list of items orders, the columns include the revenue from each item, the order number, and its unique product reference number. In this first piece of work, i have a list of 634 products ordered, that list is made up of 533 unique...
  4. D

    Tying an excel database together with a search engine

    I have a large number of receivables in a spreadsheet that I am trying to locate. I can use relative reference to work down the spreadsheet one record at a time. Would anyone know how to take the active cell, populate a search engine, and auto-populate the name into it and conduct a search. This...
  5. M

    Macro Question

    Hey I'm new to macros and have a question. I have many workbooks that each have multiple sheets but are consistent in layout. The info I am trying to pull is located in cells C6:C26 of each sheet in each workbook. I want to show that information, transposed, in a separate 'Master' workbook...
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    Creating a "Flow Chart" Parameter Document

    Hello All, I am currently a dental student and we need to know a lot about Oral Pathology. What I want to create is a spreadsheet that can be used for differential diagnosis. What I mean by this is that I want to create a spreadsheet with a set of findings such as "inflammation"...
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    macros for exporting reports to excel

    I need help creating a macro which will export Microstrategy Report to Excel 2010 Thanks
  8. M

    Find/Delete macro stopped working

    I have a macro that searches through data and finds the word TEST in column A then deletes the entire row (the test record). It worked fine for months but recently has stopped working. Nothing has changed. I cannot figure out why it is not working. Below is the code and a sample of the data...
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    Running macros on a protected workbook?

    Hi All, I am trying to decipher how to run a macro when I have protected all the worksheets on my spreadsheet. I am not an experienced VBA person so appreciate any help on this. My attempt (which is largely driven by using the 'record macro' option) is as follows: Sub Split_Shift() ' '...
  10. A

    Find the Last Cell in a Row and Replace the Value

    Hi, I need to be able to 1) find the last filled cell in a row ( for 2000 rows) 2) replace the value in that cell with a certain text ("YES") I am not sure where to start and what formula/function to apply. Could you please help? Thank you! A_K
  11. F

    spreadsheet issues not sure if i'm using proper functions

    background : workbook with 6 worksheets of input 1 worksheet with proper inputted data summary sheet 1 - summary worksheet cell: A2 drop down menu (different builder) cell: A3 drop down menu (builder specific series) cell: A4 drop down menu (series specific models) _100 series...

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