macros and vba

  1. K

    Object Required at Long Variable (???)

    I created a code to pass data from one excel file to another (it is a little confusing project because I am in a company), I believe that the code is correct in general but when I run the program it gives an error called "Object Required" in the variable " k ", can someone help me? Module...
  2. K

    "object doesn't support this property or method"

    "object doesn't support this property or method" can anyone help me? If sh.Name = "QEC 1.2 - montagem" Or sh.Name = "QEC 2.2 -SALA LIMPA" Or sh.Name = "QEC 2.4 Logística" Or sh.Name = "QEC 4.1 - MONTAGEM MANUAL(past)" Or sh.Name = "QEC 4.2 - Desmoldagem" Or sh.Name = "QEC 4,3 - RTM" Or...
  3. K

    How to use "range" with a text value of an integer value

    I need to use the "range" parameter to select a specific cell, it happens that when I "run" the program it gives an error and says "The specified dimension is not valid for the current graph" Error -------------------------------------------- If Range("H(CStr(k))").Value = "" Then...
  4. K

    I can't copy the files to another Excel spreadsheet

    I am trying to create a macro that passes values between 2 different excel files, I tried to create a counter whenever the values are inserted in the spreadsheets, the program does the same for all the spreadsheets available in these files, in case the cell where the value will be inserted the...
  5. K

    The program does not write the value on the sheet

    I created a code to open the most recent file in a specific folder and copy the value if a specific cell to another in a different excel file, the program executes everything, including I receive the value "msgbox" but the values are not written on the second sheet " EEC QEC.xlsx ", could...
  6. K

    Macro help for inserting data in spreadsheets!

    I want to create a macro to insert a value in cell "U37", but that value can only be inserted in spreadsheets with the name other than "Potável C1", "Potável C2", "Potável C3.1", and "Potável C3.2" I know my code is not right but I currently have the following: Dim ws, counter As Integer...
  7. K

    Cell with incorrect value

    I created a procedure that writes a specific text in the cell is empty, but when this occurs the value entered is always "TRUE" can someone help? Public Sub WriteValues() Ws = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count For counter = 1 To Ws Worksheets(counter).Select...
  8. K

    Creating a procedure to search in a column

    I have 3 columns A - Equivalent to "Machine Name" B - Equivalent to "OT Number" C - Equivalent to "Responsible Technician" I would like to know if it is possible to create a procedure that when the user inserts the "OT Number" the procedure looks in column B if there is already an "OT...
  9. K

    Object Required Error

    I have a form called "Miter_2_Correc", and I don't know why vba won't let me open it, can someone help me? Code: Private Sub bt_calculate_Click() Call CheckEmpty End Sub Private Sub CheckEmpty() If Not IsNumeric(tb_x1.Value) Or tb_x1.Text = "" Or Trim(tb_x1.Text) = "" Then...
  10. K

    Write a value on all worksheets in the workbook

    Good afternoon friends, is there any way to write a value in a specific cell on each sheet of the excel workbook using "Foreach" or in some other way? Example: Write the number 3 in cell A3 of each sheet of the current workbook
  11. K

    The program does not detect a specific folder

    I am trying to open the most recent file in a specific folder but when I run the program an error appears and says that the folder does not exist (but it does exist), can someone help me? Code: Private Sub WriteValues() Workbooks.Open (myMostRecentFile)...
  12. K

    Procedure doen´t result

    Hello guys, i have a problem in my procedure, everything that happens before trying to execute the procedure is read by the program, but when we call the procedure it doesn't just work in the specific form, can someone help me? This codes works: Private Sub bt_calculate_Click()...
  13. H

    Comparing Data from multiple spread-sheets and fish out wanted data into a separate spread-sheet organized per tab

    I have multiple tabs of data (named AB, BC, CD, EF, FG, GH, HI, IJ, JK, KL, LM, MN, NO, OP, PQ, QR, RS, ST, TU, UV, VW, WX, XY, YZ, Z00, Z01, Z02, Z03) in my "critical numbers spread-sheet" with wanted numbers per application identified in each tab but columns and rows are inconsistent. I have...
  14. K

    Set Focus doesn´t result (???)

    I'm trying to select a textbox from my form in excel with the command #set focus "but apparently it gives me an error, can someone help me? Error: Private Sub cmd_Recheck1_Click() A0r = in_A0r.Value A90r = in_A90r.Value A_90r = in_A_90r.Value A1 = 0 A2 = A90r - A0r...
  15. K

    Can anyone tell me why my file isn´t save with this code?

    Since I added the time format the code stopped working, is there any way to include the time in the file name? Code: Sub SaveAsPDF() Dim FilePath As String Select Case MachineName Case "A4", "A8.1", "A8.2", "A8.3", "A12.1", "A12.2", "A12.3", "A20.1", "A20.2" FilePath...
  16. K

    Convert file to pdf regardless of user

    I tried to create a procedure whose objective is to convert the excel spreadsheet to pdf and save it in the folder "D:\Users\(UserName)\Documents\Project\(MachineName)", this program will be used by several users on different computers , how can I make the PDF be saved in the documents...
  17. M

    Instead of pushing fomrula into the cell i want to push value by evaluating

    Transformed(PRow * (c - 1) + 1, 29) = "=MAX(Y" & Sum + 2 & ", IF(H" & Sum & "= 99,I" & Sum & ",SUM(OFFSET(H" & Sum - 1 & ",1,12,1,-H" & Sum & "),Y" & Sum + 3 & ")/H" & Sum & ")) " Formula is getting pushed and code is running properly But i want to evaluate the formula and push in value. I...
  18. G

    Facing problem in finding Syntax for Advanced auto filter with wildcards using Macros

    I have created an event like when something changes in a cell, then an advanced filter should happen. The values to be filtered will be in C2:E3 with C2,D2,E2 as headers. the values will be filtered in B6:D67 with B6,C6,D6 as headers. Now the issue is: the values which I filter with...
  19. C

    Insert picture from a webpageURL into excel using macros

    HI guys, I hope somebody can help me here. I'm using Windows 10, Microsoft office 365. 1) I have many webpage URL with me in Column A. Using VBA, I want to extract an image from one webpage URL and put it in the next respective column. (Please note, it is a webpage URL, EX: Chicco 6 Feeding...
  20. M

    Macro to launch a dynamic url in a cell

    I'm very new to Macros and all things excel and have been trying to find the correct code or help for days. I have a few urls that are all dynamically built with the hyperlink formula based on populated data on other sheets. One of my sheets contains all the of website formulas for the...

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