macros and vba

  1. B

    VBA Macro will post formula incorrectly

    Hello everyone. I am using a macro to consolidate two files and have the information referenced between two sheets, but when the macro is supposed to paste a formula {=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B6,GTN!A:C,2,FALSE),""}, what I end up getting is a different one {=IFERROR(VLOOKUP('B6',GTN!A:M:M,2,FALSE),"")}...
  2. R

    Marquee (moving text) in the excel

    Hi all Mentors, Deeply appreciated any help. I have created one excel for stock entry, there are four sheets, in that; first is Home sheet where in Cell B5 there I want to one moving text from right to left. I was able to achieve that task, but when I am trying to navigate with other sheets...
  3. J

    Opening a workbook using array values

    Hello I'm trying to figure out a way to open the workbooks using the array values stored. The only bug I encounter is at "Workbooks.Open(StoreList(0))" where I encounter "run-time error 0 subscript out of range" but the address is correct so I don't know why it can't find it? Sub uniquestores()...
  4. F

    excel vba ile iWorkBetter altyapısı kullanılan bir sitede seçim işlemi yapmak..

    Üzerinde çalıştığım site iWorkBetter altyapısı kullanılan yapılmış. dolayısıyla internet explorer vba kullanmakta sorunlar yaşıyorum.. bilgisayarda selenium varken aşağıdaki kod ile seçim yapabiliyordum ancak şuan selenium kullanmam mümkün değil. dolayısıyla sadece excel vba ve ie tarayıcı...
  5. K

    how to check if a date is old

    I'm creating a database of a library, I created a macro to check if the expiry date of the request that the user made has already passed, if this has happened the cell value should be "Expired Term" otherwise it should be "Pending" , but when the program executes the macro it always shows the...
  6. K

    account validation crashed in vba macro

    I have a macro to check if the user has entered the "Username" and the "Password" correctly depending on the data present in another excel file, it happens that I enter the data correctly and the program detects that the password or user is wrong Private Sub bt_seguinte_Click() 'Oculta as...
  7. K

    Type mismatch in excel Form

    when I start my form I'm getting the error "Type Mismatch" Code: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim split_name() As String, name_person As String Dim c As Long, contar_usuarios As Long Workbooks(OtherBookPath).Sheets("Usuários").Activate contar_usuarios = Cells(Rows.Count...
  8. K

    Can´t open the Form(Application defined or object error)

    When I try to open the Form I get an error ("Application defined or object error"), can someone help me? lb_erro_email.Visible = False lb_erro_confirmar_email.Visible = False lb_confirmar_checkboxes.Visible = False Select Case True Case Trim(tb_email) = "" And Trim(tb_confirmar_email) =...
  9. K

    Type mismatch in excel array

    I'm creating a macro in vbaque transcribes the values that were assigned to the variables in a specific Excel sheet, it happens that when the program tries to write these values it gives "crash" and the error "Type Mismatch" appears, can someone help me? Private Sub bt_seguinte_Click() Select...
  10. K

    How to use foreach in my current macro

    I created a macro to check if the user name and password are correct when he tries to log in, the code works perfectly but I would like to change it and start using it with the "for each" function, is this possible ? Private Sub bt_seguinte_Click() lb_erro_usuario.Visible = False...
  11. K

    The program does not return the correct value

    I created a macro that detects if the user has entered invalid characters or if the "Textboxes" are empty, but the program is returning the wrong value, can someone help me? Code: Select Case True Case Trim(tb_morada) = "" And Trim(tb_cod_postal) = "" Or (Not IsNumeric(Len(tb_cod_postal)...
  12. K

    Macro is not returning the correct value

    I'm trying to remove a name of a specific file from its directory name, it's not the first time I've done it and I remember using the "Unbound" function last time but instead of the program returning the name to me of the specific file it is returning the number of the field corresponding to the...
  13. K

    Empty date field when it is not

    I'm creating a "Database" in Excel, for that I created a Form for users to register For this Form I created a procedure to check if the fields contain invalid data or if the textboxes are empty the problem is that even if a specific "Textbox" is not empty, the program displays the error...
  14. K

    is it possible to add 2 "variant" variables in vba?

    I have 2 "variant" variables, one with a value of -32 and another with a value of 22 but when I add them the result is -3222, is it possible to really add 2 variant variables?
  15. K

    "type mismatch" in the label caption

    I'm trying to perform a calculation in vba but when the program does it the error "Type mismatch" appears because the result is 0, can someone help me?
  16. K

    Excel crashes after execute code

    once in a while when my excel runs this code it crashes and starts in recovery mode, does anyone know what might be happening? Private Sub bt_directorychange_Click() Dim fd As Office.FileDialog 'A variável "fd" irá corresponder á caixa de diálogo Set fd =...
  17. K

    Variable has no value

    I'm having a problem with the code, my program always works, but sometimes (I don't know why) the variable A2 (only happens with this one) is not passed and takes value 0, because this could be happening? Private Sub cb_Agrid_Click() If Not IsNumeric(in_A2.Value) Or Trim(in_A2.Text) = "" Then...
  18. K

    Variable value changing for no reason

    I'm passing values from one Excel sheet to others, it turns out that the variable P666_2 has the value "xxx.xxxx" but when the value is passed to the other sheet the value is in the format "xxxxxxx,0000", can someone help me solve it this problem? Sheets("Calculation_Sheet").Visible = True...
  19. K

    How to create my own "text to speech" in vba

    I would like to make my own "text to speech" in vba, when the user kept the mouse over a button or a textbox I would like the program to play a specific audio created by me, how can I do this?
  20. K

    I can't log in with my own database in excel

    I'm creating a database in excel, as such I have the users' data and their passwords inserted in the tables (picture), I would like to know if the way I'm checking the credentials is correct because I'm not able to log in with the data I enter even though they correspond to the ones in the...
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