1. L

    prompt save only when changes have been made

    whenever I close a workbook, even though no changes have been made, a message box prompt to save or not almost always appear. I want the workbook to prompt only when there are changes made - and close right away when there are not (no prompt nor message box).. thank you
  2. N

    Formatting cell depending on month

    Hi folks, I have a sheet that has various columns of dates and payments on those dates, grouped in weeks across the sheet. As each payment is made, I change the date to show the date the payment was made. As a quick visual aid ref, I change the highlight colour of the date cell to one of two...
  3. J

    problme in pivot table

    Hi everyone I make moves in a table in excel and everything works fine the update is automatic. But when I undo one of the movements made, the system does not update. I try with refresh but it not works. how to overcome this situation. Thank you
  4. D

    2016 Re-open After Change -- No Warning Message is given

    In prior versions of Excel if a change is made to a previously saved file and then if a Reopen is attempted a Warning message is given that says something like "if you continue to reopen the file all changes will be lost". However, what I'm finding with my Excel 2016 (365) is that the file...
  5. W

    Automatic total each time a new entries are made on a work sheet.

    Need assistance to make a formula such as =SUM(G2-E3+F3) in G3, automatically work in Column G each time a new entry is made in Column E or F.
  6. I

    Recovering previous data

    A coworker of mine made some changes to a workbook and saved those changes. She is now trying to recover the initial workbook (before she made the new changes and saved it). Can someone assist me with how to recover the old file. Thanks
  7. T

    Transpose Macro - Struggling with Arrays

    Hello - I made a jenky macro that transposes a large set of data. It runs slow because it's a lot of data that it goes through. So I had the bright idea that I wanted to spend 2 days in a row improving this dumb macro I made. I really tried making this an array or a range type macro and keep...
  8. K

    way to find out what changes made by macro

    hello Folks , is there any way that we get to know after running a macro what changes are made by macro in a sheet
  9. B

    Personnel tracker

    I want to have a workbook where one sheet has say 100 names of personnel on another sheet I will have say 6 worksites that have 8 personnel name cells for each. I want to have drop down lists for each cell so I can pick a name and add it to the worksite ( this name would not be available to the...
  10. S

    Changed spreadsheet from english text to what looks like code

    Hello, Many years ago on excel 2010 I tampered with a spreadsheet I made after I saw a trick online that made the text unreadable (sort of looks like code) but it was not encrypting it or using any type of formula. Just trying to use the spreadsheet now (7 years later) and I cannot for the life...
  11. L

    saving the changes of other users

    Hi I was watching youtube video about sharing excel file. When userA open a shared file and at same time userB made some changes. If userA try to save the file then excel would say userB made a change and would highlight which cells. In the video, UserA went to Track Changes-->Accept or Reject...
  12. M

    Index adn match with max and min criteria

    Hello everyone, I am glad to be here. I need some help with this table please. I have different lots made on different machines and the corresponding cells are marked x or y In G6 I need to find out which lot has the largest risk number and smallest potency. In H6 I need to find out which lot...
  13. C

    Alternative to Sumproduct

    hi I have a spread sheet which has a few thousand formulas similar to the one below causing the spreadsheet to take a while to calculate whenever an entry is made is there an alternative to the formula below - im using excel 2010...
  14. C

    Creating Range with a Variable Starting Point

    I am trying to eliminate volatile/single thread functions to make my sheet run faster. The transition is proving difficult in many aspects for me. I have many numeric values that are variable in Col B up to row 214. They continuously descend in value. An entry can be made that will add to a...
  15. M

    SUM COUNTIF Statement Issue

    I'm looking to create a query to give me a count of the following subset of data: It must be "HA" , "HB", or "HC" or "HD" in Column A. It must be "Slide 4" or "Slide 5" in column B. It must be "AX123" in Column C. It must be "T" or "T-1" on Column D. When I made the "SUM(COUNTIFS(..." query, I...
  16. N

    Excel shared with change history

    I have a file that I need to share amongst numerous people who will be given a password to modify. I need to be able to see history of any changes made to various cells / ranges within the file along with who made the changes (login ID from computer is fine). Is this possible to do? Thanks,
  17. S

    Time clock buttons.

    I have made a sheet with a dropdown list of my employees names, as well as another sheet with the names, and columns with dates, and in, lunch out, lunch in and out columns within the date ones, I am trying to figure out how to have it so when they select their name in the dropdown box and click...
  18. L

    Sum of profit

    Hi Im trying to set up a spreadsheet where in one column I have each day of the month, against each day I'm putting in my final figure on a betting site, e.g... <tbody> Start with £20 Mon £25.60 Tue £10.00 Weds £15.00 Thurs Profit/loss -£5 </tbody> So on Monday for eg. I made a...
  19. D

    Multiple countif question

    Hello guys, I have question for my following issue: I'm trying to figure out the amount of emails registered from each email domain by month, the information I have is Column A the dates of creating (for example(01/01/13)) and in column B I the emails ex (
  20. M

    CUBESET(Connection, Set Expression,[Caption],[Sort Order], [Sort By]) - Slicer Info as Chart Title

    Hi all, I have several pivot tables and pivot charts that use slicers to dissect the data, I would like to have the chart title reflect the selections made via the slicers and read an interesting article that made use of the following formulae I'm not sure if I can show the site below but...

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