1. proficient


    Hello everyone, I have a list from A to Z, what I want to do is to make a probability list of two alphabets, like AA, AB, AC when A series finishe I need to make B list then C, D till Z, all sets will be made in same colum after finishing previous alphbet sets... what formula will work here...
  2. E

    Paste Into Large Number of Visible Cells (Mutiple Rows & Columns)

    Hi there!! I increasingly finding it difficult to adjust a huge data set which was deveoped for business plannig purposes. Changing non-adjacent rows require filtering the entire data set. This in turn implies that you just can't paste the new data over filtered data set in excel. I know I...
  3. S

    Return value that most often occurs adjacent to another value

    I need a little help please, I have a large list of employees, each month they make mistakes in processing I have a report generated monthly which contains columns relating to their names and the types of error they have made - where each person may have made multiple errors of varying...
  4. P

    Copy/past and delet selection

    Hello. I need a macro that copies a selection of rows into the "S, T, U" columns and paste them into the first empty line of columns "A, B, C" and delete the selection made by me in columns "S, T , U " Thank you
  5. V

    Average multiple ranges of numbers excl zeros

    Help with what should be a easy solution I will set the scene Column named Parts Made, (31 rows 1 for each day dated for every day) I want to average the parts made on Mon to Fri and make a projection of how many parts we should by month end. I also want to average the parts made on weekends as...
  6. H

    show syntax for function as in-built function

    Hello Excellers, What is the code for showing syntax while entering a custom made function in excel like in-built excel functions? Regards, Safal
  7. M

    excel copy and special paste (values) changes the real value

    i made cell A1 equal 1.123, cell B1 equal 1.22 and cell C1 is a formula: =A1-B1. it shows the value 0.001. then i copied cell C1 and made a special paste (values) in D1. i expected that the value of D1 would be 0.001 just like C1. but it is different. excel made it 0.00099999999999989. why did...
  8. R

    Excel undo button

    Hello All, Can anyone please modify the undo vba code in this sheet. It's not working properly. The undo button will place back the last entry that I made after I accidentally press the clear entry. Please check this file. thank...
  9. M

    Set Variable as ComboBox.Value

    Is it possible to set a variable as the value of a combobox? Specifically, I would just to like to do something like this: Set X = Me.ComboBox1.Value Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(X) Where X is the value of a combobox selection made previously on the same userform. Of course, this doesn't...
  10. R

    Excel auto sequence numbering

    Hello all, Trying to figure it out how to set an auto number in the worksheet i am working on without using vba code. Here is my scenario.,, Let say the number 1 starts in column A5. Which i have type that #1 in the cell A5 then an entry will be made in column B5. Now if i make my next entry...
  11. T

    Conditional formatting on charts

    I have a bar chart of daily sales. I want each day to be color coded according to the number of sales made that day, for example - 0-20 sales = Red, 21-40 sales = Orange, 41 - 60 sales = Yellow, 61+ sales = Green. Lets say on Monday, 35 sales were made, that bar should be colored orange. Is...
  12. K

    Get summary of combinations could be made with each sum?

    Using Excel 2000 Hi, I got numbers in cell D5:Q7 distributed in the 3 rows 1 To 42 I need to make combinations picking 14 numbers out of 42 numbers these make combinations from Minimum sum with 287 and Maximum sum with 315 My query is how much combinations could be made with each of sum...
  13. I

    Average of count

    Hi All I have a table with 6 columns; Agent - Staff Member Called - Phone number called Internal/External - Where the call went Date - Date of Call Time - Time of Call Length - Length of Call I am trying to build a Pivot Chart, which shows the average number of calls made by each agent at...
  14. D

    Adjust axes on automatically updating chart

    Hi all. I have a chart that will have up to 60 entries. The chart will update automatically whenever a new entry is made. I accomplished this task 2 ways, by using the OFFSET function and also setting up my data in a table. The chart works great, but my x-axis scales up to 60, because that is...
  15. J

    Segregating NOW function

    I'm making an accountability log where one of the functions uses the NOW function to auto detect the time that a selection was made. The problem I'm running in to is that every time any edit is made, every cell that uses the NOW function updates to the current time. This is making it impossible...

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