1. JenniferMurphy

    Variable formatting of time values

    Is there a function, add-in, or easy way to format time values so that the units displayed vary with the magnitude of the value? What I mean is that the function will convert the value to the units that will be >1 but less that "1" of the next higher units. If the value is less than one...
  2. DRSteele

    PQ: Max of absolute values in across columns

    Can someone please help me in Power Query? I would like a custom column to report the maximum magnitude of values per record, in other words I would like the max absolute values. The column names are on row 30. It seems easy in Excel, but I can't figure out the syntax in PQ. <colgroup><col...
  3. S

    Creating A Chart Showing Magnitude (2 X-Axis)

    Hi, I am trying to create a chart that shows the magnitude (first X axis) of a weighted average (Y axis) per Unit (second X axis). It needs to visually show the weighted average over time. Can you individually stretch each bar on a bar graph to show individual magnitudes? Thanks for all your...

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