1. V

    Data Source in new instance of Excel MailMerge

    Is there a way for me to perform a mail merge and use a data source that is will be opened in a new instance of Excel? Currently I modified some code to work for me, but the VBA opens the workbook in one instance, then when the code for mail merge occurs, it opens a second instance of the same...
  2. V

    VBA - Mergemail

    Hello! I have built a macro to generate and send invoices using the full Microsoft Office Suite and VBA. Cover letters are generated using Word and MergeMail. It's working pretty smoothly except when the macro opens the template mail in Word, it always ask to select the table from Excel. I would...
  3. C

    Mail Merge that only acts upon rows that contain data and not functions

    All, I am confident that someone has a solution to the below... I have a mail merge that works perfectly except... It will run each row regardless of content in trigger cell (Name) The data in the sheet being used is all copied form other sheets and consolidated on this one. When I run the...
  4. J

    Mailmerge data layout - vertical or horizontal

    (Apologies of this needs to be in a Word forum, but it is 50% Excel related!) I have some data that I use to create a mailmerge, and in its raw form, the data looks like this: <tbody> hardware support price Alpha a1 £11 Alpha a2 £12 Bravo b1 £22 Bravo b2 £24 Bravo b3 £26 Charlie...
  5. J

    Creating mailmerge from excel using VBA

    Hi there, Please can someone help me? I have created (found on google) a code to create amailmerge from excel using a Macro. I am an absolute novice with VBA so pleasego slow! The code is: Dim Outlook As Object Dim Email As Object Dim ws As Worksheet Dim ws1 As Worksheet Dim address As...
  6. G

    Transposing statement for mailmerge

    Afternoon all, Bit of an odd one, and I'm probably over complicating the issue here. Essentially I have a set of data like this: <tbody> Cust No Name Invoice Date Due Amount 12345 ABC 00001 19/03 4000 12345 ABC 00002 20/03 4500 23456 CDE 00004 19/03 3000 34567 DEF 00007 11/02 2000...
  7. P

    Executing word mailmerge from Excel vba

    I am new to vba. I only use to record. I currently find myself in a situation above my knowledge. I have 6 word docs mailmerged to 6 Excel docs in the same folder. I named the .doc and it's corresponding source Excel doc with the same name. I want to create a form using ActiveX textbox and...
  8. E

    Generate labels in particular format from table of data

    Hi there, fine folks! I would like to generate labels for an envelope from a table of data. I have the table of data in a worksheet within a workbook formatted to have the six columns of information. This worksheet is called LabelPrep. I formatted a second worksheet called Labels to look like a...
  9. K

    Runtime -2147023170 error on MailMerge

    We utilize Excel worksheets in a workbook to help document site inspections. From these worksheets, a findings letter is produced. The VBA written is included in Excel as an Add-In. My department has 20 machines ranging from desktops to laptops to Surface Pros 3/4 to HP Elite X2 tables. All...
  10. P

    Need help please

    Hi all thanks for taking a look and any help provided. The object of this sub is to mailmerge to a word documeny depending on a listbox selection. the sub works fine upto a certain point but having trouble completing it fully with added functions. the sub runs to the end as it stands with the...
  11. F

    Macros for Mail Merge with Unique Subject, CC BCCs and Attachments

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently searching for VBA codes for mail merge word document to be sent to outlook. Basically, I was able to find a code to show a unique subject for each email and its working and a third party free software for attaching pdf file in the email however, can't find any...
  12. welshgasman

    Mailmerge Excel to Excel

    Hi everyone, I need to create a mailmerge from Excel and use Excel for the mailmerge. I discovered the code below from Mail Merge in Excel - Microsoft: Office FAQ - Tek-Tips Function RangeName(sName As String) As String RangeName = Application.Substitute(sName, " ", "_") End Function Sub...
  13. R

    Mailmerge problem opening datasource

    Hello: I am trying to do a mail merge using vba, and it keeps failing to connect the datasource. When I run the code (below), it throws up a "select table" message to a table that does not exist. The non-existant table is always in a directory which is one step closer to the root than the...
  14. M

    Removing blank entries and moving to the left

    Hello everyone, I have a table of customers who purchased different quantities of different products. Some of them didn't purchase anything. I need to use a non-destructive & updatable way (delete and shift empty cells is a no-no so I think formula or a macro) to assign products and their...
  15. J

    Filling Contact Information Automatically for MailMerge

    If I am formatting a spreadsheet to use for MailMerge address labels and I want my spreadsheet to reference another page and automatically fill the addresses of particular high schools, how would I do that? For example, I have a list of 500 high school seniors with their high school name that...
  16. W

    MailMerge Switch Not Formatting Correctly

    Good Morning, I am trying to use a switch to modify excel data in a word mailmerge. I used the switch \@ "h:mm:ss AM\PM" after my field in advanced settings, but for some reason it renders like the below. Basically, it says A8P8 not automatically putting in AM or PM based on the time. What am...
  17. T

    Mail Merge Split documents Formatting issues

    Hi, I am using the below Macro to split the mail merged into separate documents. What I need is it to split into separate documents keeping the whole page including the header and footers and saving as in the first merged field on the page, which is the first piece of information on...
  18. R

    Simple Automating Mailmerge using Excel button

    Hi everyone. I have a spreadsheet that has a name, address, postal code and some figures that I need to put into a standard letter. It is just one record i.e. one person, and one set of prices that go into the letter (which is a quote). I'll call the spreadsheet "Costs" and the word document...
  19. R

    reorganising data for mail merge

    I have a spreadsheet as a .xls generated from a swimming carnival program. It gives me data in column A that looks like: <tbody> Appleby, Esmae - Female - Year: 7 - Comp#: - T - DOB: 14/03/2003 #73 Girls 12 100 Free Secondary Bonnyville Sarah - Female - Year: 7 - Comp#: - T - DOB...
  20. S

    Add Bookmarks in Word 2007 using Mail Merge or VBA

    Essentially, I would like to find a way to create 400+ bookmarks in a word document through mail merge or by some process with VBA. I've created a word document with several mail merge fields that create individual pages for U.S. States with some summary information. I need four of these fields...

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