1. D

    What would be the best way to do this?

    I am making a spreadsheet that allows you to enter an activity, press a button, then it stores the activity. A list of activities are compiled over time and there is another button that selects a random activity from the list. You can't use variables for this as they only last until the...
  2. D

    making excel recognize it's 20XX not 19XX

    is there a simple way to do this so that it's not PC dependent ? change the settings within the workbook? rather not use formulas
  3. J

    Adding Paranthesis Around Multiplied Numbers in a Textbox

    Hi, I need help with creating a code where in equations that I am making, parenthesis would go around the multiplication, just like in the picture below. Here is the photo:
  4. C

    Match Function Problem

    G’day Excel Gods, I have multiple files that reference a single MASTERFILEfor specific data. Traditionally, I have used a standard VLOOKUP formula, but this runs into problems if you want to add a column in the middle of the reference sheet later. It throws out all of the reference column...
  5. D


    I have a dropdown list on sheet 1 , the data is on sheet 2. is there a way of making the list autofill?
  6. J

    VBA cutting and inserting multiple rows

    I am trying to code this correctly. Please Help I am working with data sets taking up 10 rows, no merged cells and all cells the same height, each job list takes up 10 rows. after selecting 10 rows making up 1 job, I want to cut them and insert them 10 rows up (moving the job above down to...
  7. M

    ListBox Item - Change text font

    I there anyway of changing the any aspect of a listbox items font? I deally I want the font to be green or at the very least someway of making it stand out from everything else in the list box. TIA
  8. E

    Making a Macro recognize Checkboxes

    Hey all, Is there a way to make a macro recognize that a check mark has been checked? and if so what is it? I am trying to have a few check boxes select different ranges and a button copy those ranges and then paste them elsewhere. Thank you in advance.
  9. S

    Error Message Dimming

    If I want an error message such as "On error Goto Help" and then later "Help:" I would just do that. however, Excel is making me dim "help". How would I do that? As a string works but isn't right I don't think.
  10. T

    Date format: recent 2-digit years registering as 1900s

    Hello, I'm using the following formula on B2 =ROUNDDOWN((TODAY()-DATE(E2;C2;D2))/365,25;1 to display the current ages of a list of people on column A. E2 is the 2-digit year, and recently some people born in the 2000s have been added to the list, making my life difficult. If I type 2000 the...
  11. C

    Command Button To Reset Values to 0.00

    I am trying to figure out a code to reset about 10 columns of data back to 0.00 without wiping out the formulas contained in a few of the cells. Would I be better off just making a command to set specific values for each cell and copying in the formula there? Thanks in advance.
  12. P

    Dynamic Range Names

    Hi Sometimes the obvious is obscured. Is it possible to make the NAME of a range dynamically linked to a cell such that the range NAME will change if the referenced cell is changed? I am OK with making ranges dynamic but never made the name so? Cheer Paul
  13. P

    Making font disappear

    Hi All Is there a way to make a font disappear without making the font color the same as the cell color? Thanks
  14. R

    Counting data based on Month and Year only

    Hi All, >> Please see sample Based on the Input month (which is in date format), I'd like to get a count of sales by sales person: disregarding the day. So, as George 8764 is listed twice, he should only be counted once, making...
  15. T


    Hiya Could anyone advise me on how best to adjust the following formula? It works fine for calculating the % of 'Yes' /'Yes'+'No' across the range J2:AB500. However, I do not wish to include columns H, L, P and T from within this range. What's making this difficult is that columns H, L, P and T...
  16. corppunishment11

    Why is my Macro changing cell location to thinking it's text?

    =VLOOKUP(M2,BI_ABC_PrvsnP01,2,FALSE) When I run my macro this one line changes M2 to 'M2'. That's making the formula bomb out and I'm having to manually remove the ' Thanks!
  17. K

    Block typing in cell but allow pasting

    Hi All, I have a sheet that is used for reconciling information from 2 sources. This includes a column that I only want filled with a pasted value, as one user insists on typing the amount in manually and invariably ends up making some errors. Is there a way I can lock these cells so they...
  18. P

    Dynamic Named Range

    Hello all. I apologize if the subject title seems vague. I will try to put into words what I would like to accomplish, if possible. Let's say I have one workbook called Template.xlsx. In it I have defined a range name "AccountType_Eng" (=DropDownLists!$B$4:$B$201) I use another client...
  19. J

    Returning Calculations based on a search function?

    Hello All, thanks in advance for your help! This may be an easier task than I'm making it out to be , but here's my predicament.... I have sheet1 where I am interested in making calculations over several months for instance: <tbody> Account Name # of 3 over 3 mos # 3 over 5 mos Happy...
  20. G

    Making a graph with frequency and duration

    Hi all, I am having a hard time working out a way to achieve this graph I need for work. First a brief description of the context. I work in a IT technical team and we respond to incidents and requests on a large university campus. Management are making decisions regarding our staffing at...

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