1. N

    Releasing memory while adding new images

    Maybe a silly topic, but I'm still novice and quite unsure about some details. I have a Userform. Left side column has the menu, consisting of 7 options/"buttons". Those buttons are actually images which change when their area is hovered. E.g. they are originally blue, the hovered state is...
  2. M

    Enter "today's" date when data entered into a specific cell?

    Hi guys, I'm setting up an Excel sheet to maintain a spreadsheet for asset management. We have an asset management system in place, but there are occasional times where it's offline(Or I am), so I wanted to make something that I could chart these items on, and I wanted to get a little fancy. So...
  3. J

    RunTime Error 9 -Copying Worksheet to Exisiting Macro with same worksheet name

    Hi, I have tried the following which does work when run in another module but when I put it at the beginning of my main macro (which worked previously) it will bring an error. Further on down I have a macro relating to the newly created worksheet and I also amended it to include ThisWorkbook...
  4. T

    Import data from SSRS into Excel

    I can import data from SS Management Studio into Excel using VBA and ADO. Is the process the same if the data is in SS Reporting Services instead of SSMS? If not, how would I go about it? Thanks
  5. S

    Selecting files using macro and converting it to zip file

    Hello all, I am a beginner in macros. Here is what i wish to do. From a given cells in a column i want to select a particular pdf file and combine all those files into a zip file. For eg if the excel sheet contains the following columns: Roll number, Preference. So if i have the following data...
  6. S

    How to count only unique values following a Countifs statement

    Hi I am really stuck with my formula! Any help is much appreciated I have created my countifs statement which is working fine and returning a result of 3 - but i want to take this one step further and do a count only of unique values to show that although there are 3 headcount assigned to tasks...
  7. R

    Cross-check multiple instances for a match

    Hello, I'm looking to match delegates at courses to interest columns based on the topic of the course. The original data looks like this: DATA EXPORT <tbody> Course Email Bookkeeping Basics Bookkeeping Basics Bookkeeping Basics Management...
  8. D

    Process Time Management

    Hi guys . . . I'm after some help / guidance.. I have 8.5 hours a day available (Monday to Thursday) and 4.5 for a Friday (07:00 - 15:30 & 07:00 - 11:30 respectively) I need to plan in a number of activities that could span over multiple days (in hours & minutes) I want to enter a start date...
  9. J

    Function: If and statement with numbers and dates

    Hey! Unfortunatelly, I am still not good at defining own functions in power query. May someone of you can help me. I have the following table: Date - Value 01.01.2018 0.75 The aim is to get for weekdays a maximum value of 0.75. So if the value ist 0.76 and its...
  10. T

    Inventory managment system (stock level)

    Hello! I would like to ask you for help programming inventory management system in excel using VBA and userform. I would like to form one easy excell file, which gives you information about stock level (I am starting with small business for parents and my 2 parents besides me will pack...
  11. T

    Find "brand" keywords in free text fields

    background: I'm building a reference file of branded product names. My aim is to have a clean list that can be used to search through a free text fields from a CRM system. I want to find brand-names, but do not want common words like "account" or "management", since that will return almost...
  12. apgmin

    drop down multiple

    Please help A1 has the list has specialisation ( From a data validation list ) B1 has the semester no. ( 1 to 6) Now from Cells c1 to j1 the values should change based on the value of cells a1 and b1 like if the specialisation is marketing Management and semester number is 1 cell c1 till cell...
  13. A

    Management Tool help

    Hi This may get complicated so please be patient with me. A management tool was developed to track staff performance. There are three tabs that my administrator will paste information into which is extracted from our different onlinr management systems. There is a tab that automatically...
  14. F

    Converting SUMIFS to SUMPRODUCT

    Hello - HI used to SUMIFS statement to read from closed workbooks to find out this doesn't work. I'm having trouble converting the SUMIFS statement to SUMPRODUCT. I'd very much appreciate it someone would help me re-write to a SUMPRODUCT. =SUMIFS('[State Funds Financial Management...
  15. P

    Is this coding possible? change once for all sheets

    I want to see if this is possible. I have data like this: there are 1000 rows like this and 17 sheets of this. If we gave access by mistake for all, or want to change an no access to a has access, i have to go into 17 sheets and locate the row and change. Could a macro do this based on the...
  16. H

    Combine cells into new cell with different font style

    Hi, I have a data set with four columns (A,B,C,D) having a different style of data in each column. I want to combine these four columns in column E while preserving the format of each cell (for example, cell C is italic while rest are normal). Can anyone help please ...
  17. A

    VBA MACROS for Bed Management System

    Greetings, I am a facility manger who is really in need of something that will work...I've tried IF statements, ARRAYs, but so far VBA has gotten me the furthest. Can anyone please assist with code for a bed management system. nothing too complex, 143 bed facility. bed numbers remain the same...
  18. J

    Need help with formula. - perhaps wildcard and a mix of indirect?

    Hi, need to automize the description based 3 criteria. - Personnel number (#3 and #4 are letters short for department) - Personnel code (random) - Appointed period would like to have the description within such format: e.g:Finance_Department_01.01- 01.07.2012_PN_876789 (Indicated in red)...
  19. S

    Hyperlinks to return active cell value.

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get the following macro to work. The first tab has a column (F17:F2000) with hyperlinks that return the value on the cell thats clicked. When a user click the cell F17. It will return the value on that cell (User ID) to another cell. The worksheet has a large...
  20. K

    Removing portions of text in excel

    I need help on removing sections of text out of a huge workbook I'm building. For example, it currently reads this in one of them (they all follow the same pattern): • Examine: Access control policy; procedures addressing account management; security plan; system design documentation; system...

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