1. MannStewart

    Force mandatory input into particular range when a specific cell in same row is filled

    Hi, can any VBA expert help me with a code just to force mandatory input into a particular range when a specific cell in same row is filled. Traditionally, I have used elsewhere, & tried again here - to use EXCEL's provided Data Validation - Custom Setting - Formula - to achieve this, but in...
  2. handri

    Mandatory cell input

    Hi, I looking for a new vba code for these. In my workbook. I need to make B6 cell as mandatory or need to fill first before you can do other work in workbook. Also a message popup if they not fill the B6 FIRST. Meant after save and open if B6 are filled you can continue your work. Thank you
  3. I

    Make mandatory depending on other column value

    Hi, In my excel sheet there are 10 columns. If column "E" cell values are equal to "contract" or "permanent", I need to make column "F" and "G" respective raw values are mandatory. Ex: If E5 value is equal to "contract", I should enter "F5" and "G5" values. Highly appreciate , if you can...
  4. T


    I want to write a function where the first argument is mandatory (the year) but subsequent arguments vary from no arguments to as many as entered. Is that possible? I don't want to write: Public Function MyFn(Year, Optional Loc1, Optional Loc2, Optional Loc3, Optional Loc4, Optional Loc5...
  5. M

    Make a range of cells mandatory if one cell is filled in as NO

    currently I have the code where I am making one cell mandatory when one cell is filled in as yes or no. I want an easier way to specify more than one cell to be mandatory when a certain cell is filled in as no code at the moment to make one cell mandatory 'Mandatory Dependant Questions If...
  6. M

    Make a range of Cells Mandatory rather than writing separate code for each cell

    HI, If Application.Sheets("Supplier Checklist").Range("C2").Cells = "" Then Cancel = True MsgBox "Please fill in the mandatory cells" End If For example if I want to make cells C2 to C21 all mandatory, is there an easier way to do this other tahn writing separate lines for each cell, how about...
  7. S

    Mandatory Field on Save and Send

    I have been reading up on mandatory fields and with the help of a few forums have successfully created macros to achieve this for filling in a cell before saving or before closing. Question is, is there a option for mandatory cell to be filled before save and send? Or do you have to disable...
  8. N

    Opening workbook with 0 value should be other value before able to save

    Hello guys, I've been trying to combine some codes to make a mandatory cell input before one can save the workbook. the thing is some colleagues have to input values into a cell which is normally blank or 0 before they can close the workbook as this is often forgotten.. The workbook contains...
  9. R

    Converting Years to Days

    This sounds simple. There are 365 days in a year so YearValue*365, right? Unfortunately no. There is not 365 days in every year, this in itself makes me sad. But I digress. So I am trying to figure out what a persons "mandatory retirement date" would be based off of certain criteria. The...
  10. T

    Mandatory Cell Inputs - Close Loop

    Hello all I have a workbook that needs to go to various external stakeholders. I need them to fill a number of fields. I have named the range of these fields "Mandatory". However, there are occasions where the external stakeholder may not be ready to fill the form in after viewing it and I...
  11. R

    Making ALL fields in a userform mandatory

    Is it possible to add code to an already existing script that encompasses ALL fields in the userform and makes them mandatory, or do I need to list each field separately in each form?
  12. K

    Mandatory field in range based on previous inputs

    Hi I have tried lots of diffferent variations but I can not make it work. I would really appreciate if someone could help me with my macro. I have a spreadsheet where people will populate some of the cells in column J. Then based on input in column J I want the fields in column K to become...

    Make it mandatory to fill a cell- before tabbing to next cell

    I have a worksheet that is protected and users can only tab through and select unlocked cells. I am aware I can make cells mandatory on save/close, etc. using a macro, but is there a way I can prompt the end user before they tab to the next cell? I am envisioning a data validation box...
  14. S

    Mandatory Column Validation in Excel

    hi, i am Trying to Create an Excel sheet that will have Few columns R1 will have the names of the columns suppose i have 5 columns say Name | DOB | ADDRESS |Contact | Member i want to make Name and DOB column mandatory. this xls may contain only 1 record or 100 or 1000 but this validation...
  15. 3

    force at least one checkbox to be selected

    I have two groups of checkboxes (1-7 and 8-11). I am in need of vba code that will force the user to choose at least one checkbox in the group of 1-7. The checkboxes are in a merged cell range A9:K10. Additionally, if checkbox 7 is selected then L9:O10 must be filled in. Checkboxes were...
  16. S

    Mandatory Cell based on Criteria

    All. I'm an intermeadiate excel user that needs your help. I would like to create a condition to have a certain cell become required if another cells has information in it. I found the following macro that works perfectly with one acception. This is a log sheet that I need this to work in so I...
  17. P

    Mandating Form-Field entry depending on Option Button selected

    Hi, I'm creating an excel-based request form and I'm trying to mandate certain form fields/cells depending on which option button my customers select. For example: Possible choices are: Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3 Each option corresponds to a particular section of the form. So, if...
  18. J

    Make certain cells mandatory

    I have an input sheet, with a button that copies the data to an output sheet and then clears the input sheet. I want to make some cells in the input sheet mandatory all of the time, and other cells in the sheet mandatory some of the time. For example: D5, D7, D9 mandatory all of the time I7...
  19. F

    Unable to Save Blank Form with Mandatory Fields

    I have a macro to prevent users from saving a file leaving mandatory fields blank. Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Cellcontents =...

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