1. P

    Manipulating named sequential Option Button properties

    I have developed a search function within Excel. There can be multiple results. The results are listed on a page. I would like to be able to: 1. Create the number Option buttons according to the number search results 2. Make the Option buttons visible. Alternatively, I have created 100 Option...
  2. S

    Help with data manipulation

    Hi I have imported some raw data on sales and need to manipulate it so that i have 1 column for Date, 1 for sales and 1 for quantity. So i'm trying to create a macro that inserts new rows, inserts 3 new columns "date,sales,qty", then transponses my values down. I've made a demo spreadsheet...
  3. T

    How does one enter in two variables, both of which have to corrected, to get an answer?

    Hello, I am attempting to speed up the process by which we calculate weight percent of sulphuric acid based off specific gravity and temperature. The issue I am having is, the values given in the charts we have are not exact, therefore we have a hand-written equation that is tried-and-true...
  4. Living

    Extracting and Manipulating Text from Cells.

    Hi, This could be a bit complicated, but hopefully also useful for others. We have the following sample of 10 cells from a large file with similar data: N: 1; B: 162; M: 278, 278; T: 24; A: 103, 105; I: 393; Ḥ: 7240, 7390, 7465, 7546, 7617, 7756, 27399, 8380, 8741, 8894, 8985, 9559...
  5. J

    What are the equivalent keywords to perform string manipulations?

    Hi all, I want to convert a sentence (stored as a string variable) from the present tense to the past tense but I'm having trouble locating the relevant string manipulation commands to accomplish the task. Does anybody have any idea how I could do this within my current code (shown below)...
  6. G

    Split Column based on contents

    Hi I did a query using VBScript to gain some server info and now have a text file in the following format \\servera\ dog cat mong \\serverb\ dog cat mong ming \\serverc\ What I am looking for is a clever macro to move the rows relating to each server to a new worksheet eg tab1...
  7. D

    manipulate list of data into separate columns

    Hello, I am using Excel 2007. I have a list of data that I am trying to parsed out intto separate columns depending on criteria in the first column/list of data. Example data: <table style="border-collapse: collapse;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="477" height="741"><col...
  8. K

    Copy data from rows to columns based on criteria

    I recently posted a thread whereby I have a listy of 15,500 entries of policy numbers and the funds invested in these policies. However each seperate fund had a seperate row on Excel (i.e. a policy with four funds had four rows on Excel). What I have been trying to do is have one row with...

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