1. C

    End of Month / Max if is showing the incorrect date

    Good morning, I'm using the below formula to display the oldest date in a range (to the end of the month) if there is a % value in a designated cell range. =EOMONTH(MAXIFS('FA Afford'!I22:I33,'FA Afford'!E22:E33,">0"),0) In an older version of the document I'm using (where the cell ranges...
  2. B

    Sum duration values only if -3

    The table below shows an ID reference and each -3 (shown in red in my example only) is an accumulative count of the duration and needs to be added to the value above it. So if the ID is NOT - 3 it will be just be the adjacent duration value. However, if the ID is -3 it now has to be added to...
  3. M

    Hyperlink url changes - mass change

    <tbody> Hi I am having an issue performing a mass update on url addresses within excel. I have a macro embedded spreadsheet that contains a list of url links to file folders. The purpose of the macro is to select each folder individually and email out to the relevant person. The root file...
  4. D

    How to Simplify this Time Consuming Tax Via Macro

    Here's the link to a sample spreadsheet I made: Essentially, I want the macro to go to the "Final" tab -filter for each unique security ID -insert a new sheet and name it that security ID -and copy and paste that info into...
  5. Nelson78

    Application.SendKeys "{TAB 2}" does not work

    Hello everybody. I'm a newbie about automating external application via sendkeys method. Now, I can get in the external application, I can write (for example "5"), but I cannot shift the focus two fields on the right (as I manually do without problem). I mean: nothing happens. Maybe somebody...
  6. F


    I'm using the Subtotal function, and that works good for what I'm doing, however, I don't need all the extra rows. Without the Subtotal function, I'm manually adding up the duplicate orders and then deleting the extra rows. Example Row 1: route 1 item D4 order 50 Row 2: route 1 item D4 order...
  7. T

    VBA Color + VLOOKUP

    Hi I am not familiar with VBA and hope that somebody can assist. SheetA: A1 B1 C1 101 98 If I manually highlight cell A1 at C1 = vlookup(A1,SheetB!,2... If I manually highlight cell B1,at C1 = vlookup(B1,SheetC!,2... (Highlight A1, refer sheetB, highlight B1 refer SheetC)...
  8. R

    Formula Question

    Hello, Having an issue, currently using Excel 2016, formula's only work when I overwrite a concatenated formula by manually updating those fields with the exact same data that was being auto populated. I am using this as a small database, for 800 numbers, concatenating the base 800 numbers...
  9. A

    Macro or other to Search a date and replace with new date with a condition

    I have two date columns B and C both formatted to date xx/xx/xx I want to be able to (ideally) run a macro which searches for a specific date in column B and replaces it with a new one but only if column C is empty. As the dates that will change further down the line will be manually updated...
  10. D

    save excel sheets as pdf via vba

    i need to re-arrange the tabs so that it saves the PDF in that there way to do this without manually moving the worksheets? i tried re-arranging the sheet names in the vba array code, but that didnt seem to do the trickl
  11. T

    creating macro help

    I need help setting up a macro for a billing form I use for work. I need when I click a button, it recreates a copy of that same excel sheet, but I need the numbers from a certain column(sheet 2; column e13:E21) to slide over a column(to D13:D21) and also be added to the value thats in that...
  12. D

    VBA - What variable types should be manually unloaded at the end of a macro

    Hi, I'm trying to make myself a cleaner coder, and hopefully write code that does not slow down every time I run it. Can anyone help me with a list of variable types that need to be set to nothing or unloaded from memory manually at the end of a macro? Thank you, Daniel
  13. P

    How to shorten if or formula ?

    Dear Sir and Madam, Need your suggestion on how to shorten this formula ? The data range is from B11 to B21, at the moment I had to manually add in one by one...
  14. D

    Rearranging data

    Hi guys!!!! I have this data of weight meassurements, i have one measurement for every hour of the last 5 years, but the format of the table its not useful for me, I need to change it to another format. The one in green is the one i have, the one in yellow is the one I need. <tbody> I used...
  15. M

    Matchmatical Formula in Cell based on a selection from a dropdown

    Hi all, I have an excel sheet that has a dropdown with different selections (Products) in it and based on that selection a certain cell generates a preset number from a table. I have then another cell before that where I can enter a number manually. finally I have a cell with a formula in it...
  16. Y

    Hello Excel gods Please how can I convert a PDF file to Excel is there a good way to do ?

    I always have to do it manually and honestly it sucks, Thanks you guys
  17. albertc30

    dropdown list in alphabetical order data validation...

    Hi all, again... I have been reading on this and have found a few good youtube videos. One in particular mentioned 4 ways this could be achieved, the best way being the new function SORT. Sadly, this is not available on my newly bought office 2019 professional. Just another way Microsoft has...
  18. S

    VBA macro for Host Explorer

    I'm trying to modify an existing macro that interacts with Host Explorer to essentially reset a connection prior to executing the remainder of the macro. Manually, I would do this action by pressing, in sequence individually, "ALT - F - D - ALT - F - T" as these are the keystrokes/hotkeys to...
  19. J

    Code to Grab All Used Rows

    How do I write code so that my macro selects all used rows? For example, I have to import data into an Excel workbook every morning and the number of rows are never the same. I need to select all used rows (I do this by manually with ctrl + shift + down arrow) and adjust the row height to...
  20. W

    VBA code to sort rows in alphabetical order

    Could someone please help me to create a small VBA script that is able to automatically sort the 10 rows contained within range A1:C10 in ascending alphabetical order, using the contents of cells A1:A10? Also, if I record a macro while manually performing the above sort just using the Sort...

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