1. C


    Hi I'm trying to forecast my unit sales for the following year. I have last years data but I'm at a loss as to where i begin. My data is below along with what i expect the market changes to be. <colgroup><col><col span="12"></colgroup><tbody> Monthly Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun...
  2. E

    possible to have WORKDAY FUNCTION holiday range to include time stamp?

    Hi. = Workday(A1,1,[holidays]) For the "holidays" I have no problem with my list: (1/1/19, 1/21/19, 2/18/19, etc.). However, I am making a stock market calendar with different time increments. Sometimes the market closes an hour earlier to observe the upcoming holiday. Thus instead of...
  3. T

    Change from Hour to hour and minute

    Hello Im new to excel and wondering would it be possible to change the hour formula to hour and minute? example first column which has hour {0;7;22} can it be changed to {0:30;7:30:22:30} as in the energy market it always starts at 7:30 not 7 for example, LOOKUP(HOUR(B2),{0;7;22},{"Off...
  4. A

    Graph Help - Display multiple data

    Hi, I am struggling to display data in a visual way. I am trying to show a customers market growth across several categories and then my companies growth in those categories relative to the market growth. As an example: In Category 1, Customer A had growth of 2% in the market but our business...
  5. M

    match and index not working

    Hi All, I am trying to compare two tables of having varied rows and columns. I want to see if values in table 1 matches with data in table 2. I am using index and match formula. I am checking each cell in table 1 with table 2 data set. However I am getting 'no match' everytime. Can anyone...
  6. K

    Find similarities in different workbook names

    I have some pretty cool code set up that will automatically run when a workbook opens depending on the file name. I want to be able to compare each word of each name in two different workbooks and if any of the words in the name match, do something. EX1: Workbook one is named, "FL HOME MARKET...
  7. M

    get data at specified date time

    Can anybody tell me how to copy cell data at specified date and time ? I am having auto updating every 15 min sheet of stock market price. I want to save data every 15 min to a predefined cell.for one day. Thanks in advance
  8. xeven_

    Calculate D in G when F is changed ?

    The value in column F is 1000. The value in column D is 21.14. Each time I increase the value in F by 1000 the value in D should also double, E.G. – F = 2000 then D = 42.28 and so on. Is there a formula I can place in column G that will calculate the base amount in column D each time I change or...
  9. O

    Salary benchmarking: hit the brick wall

    Hello everyone, Been some time I've posted here, but this has been bugging me for few days now and i cant wrap my head around: Problem: i have employees salary data and i have market max/ave/min salary data. 1. make stacked floating chart for market data and put scatter points per categories...
  10. C

    Forecasting help

    Hi, I'm having trouble with this problem Construct a forecasting worksheet to calculate: 1. the number of new clients each month, and 2. the total client base (cumulative number of clients signed up) each month. In your model, make projections for 60 months (Periods) for the two scenarios...
  11. M

    Formula to calculate market rent rates

    Hello I have a work book with two tabs. 1. Contractual Rent Steps - This shows the annual cost per square foot. 2. Market Rent Steps - This will use the annual market cost per square foot with a 3% increase when the tenants Contractual annual rent step increases. What I am trying to do is...
  12. R

    Concatenate dynamic Column values with column header

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help with my problem. I need a formula which can concatenate the values in a row along with its corresponding column header and sub header descriptions, I assume it might some combination of INDIRECT with Match and Concatenate but am struggling to thing of how it...
  13. sdruley

    Missing Formula in Cell Again

    The problem with the missing formula in a cell has been haunting me for the last 2 months. I have heard of all of the possible causes but none of the solutions have helped me. I wrote a letter to Microsoft asking that some resources be put on the issue. It would seem that you could have the...
  14. J

    SUMIFS or countif ???

    Good day. Need to know price of apple in 120203... what excel formula shall i use??? i have large database with different product code as well as market code!!! <tbody> Product Code Product name price market code 001 apple 2.00 120203 001 apple 2.00 120203 001 apple 3.00 120203 001...
  15. J

    Listed price to know

    Hello guys, Need your help as i need to know listed (repeated price) price for apple sold in 120203 :warning: which excel formula shall i use? i have large database with different product and market code... <tbody> Product Code Product name price market code 001 apple 2.00 120203 001...
  16. A

    Graph values from 2d table where series switch places

    Hi I have a problem that I'm not able to overcome. I have the data as shown below (dataset much larger, but follows the logic below). - Cells A1:C1 are merged, so are D1:F1 and so on - I want to show a graph with Months on the X-axis, and Market Share on the Y-axis, and then different lines...
  17. K

    Revenues starting and terminating based on present probability of market entrances

    Hi guys. My first post! I am trying to model multiple players entering a market with pre-defined probability. The portion that I cannot solve is starting a cash flow when the players enters the market and ends when the revenue reaches a certain level within a five year period. For example, the...
  18. C

    Excel Top 5 Items based on criteria

    Hi, I have a large data set and I am looking for a formula that can help me select the top 5 items based on 4 criteria that may change. For example, my data set has the below headers and I want to return the name of the Market for the top 5 scores. I'd also like to be able to change the...
  19. A

    Power Pivot Slicers; Hide Data Items with No Data (Against Specific Measures)

    I have a typical Fact Table and a typical Customer Table. My Measures include Market Share within Country and Market Share Globally... for example; the country market share is calculated as follows; Total Revenue Last 12...
  20. M

    Powerpivot calculation based on fields in pivot

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to have a column in calculate based on the fields that are included. For example, if only market is available, I want the % of per capita spending to be divided by the total across all markets, but if I include market and product, have the % spending to...

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