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    Iteratively Get Array Position Index and Update Array Value

    Hi I am trying to create a program in VBA where I have an Array A and I am trying to Iteratevely find the minimum value in the array, get its position in the array and next update its value to an arbitrary large number (say 9999). The code I have come up with so far is something like this For...
  2. P

    Index with a Min and a Match? Lookups? I have been wracking my brain!

    This one has been driving me crazy!! I'm hoping someone can help!
  3. W

    NUMBER IF MATCH List with no Blanks, NEED HELP!

    <tbody> Help!!! I need a formula for this case: In sheet 1, there are two columns A and B. If a number is inserted in column B, the matching projectno. in column A needs to be transferred to sheet 2. Blank cells has to be skipped so there will be a list of projectno. which will activate if the...
  4. S

    Match value with other value in difference sheet

    Hi guys, Could you help me, please? I have a big data and many row. I have 2 sheet, sheet 1 have column name, netto and fee. Sheet 2 is like sheet 1. But field from sheet 1's not like sheet 2. Sheet 1 have data cell in netto, sheet 2 have data cell in fee. My expectation result if Neo A have...
  5. B

    Array formula using INDEX, MATCH and INDIRECT fails with #VALUE

    Hi I have a worksheet that lists all the state changes for an issue along with the date of the state change: IssueID, OldState, NewState, DateOfChange 111, 1, 3, 05/05/2015 111, 3, 4, 06/05/2015 111, 4, 3, 07/05/2015 112, 1, 3, 08/05/2015 112, 3, 5, 09/05/2015 I want to change this so that it...
  6. A

    Formula for finding last occurrence of a matched value and displaying the first word of a corresponding cell

    Hello! I am a bit stumped here. I am working on a workbook with 2 worksheets and I need to figure out 2 formulas: Worksheet 1 contains (among other data): <tbody> A N O P Participant name <tbody> Month Started (First Session) </tbody> Month Completed (Month of Last Session) Current...
  7. M

    Help! Referencing a cell based on ranged criteria.

    Hello! I have been stuck on this formula for quite some time and was hoping I could get some help from you genius excel people! Below is an example of my spreadsheet. What I am trying to achieve is a formula in Cell R2, that matches the value of cell B23 with cell range C1:Q1 (B23 has a drop...
  8. J

    Vertical then Horizontal MATCH lookup array formula

    Greetings, I am hoping someone in this forum can help me with this as I am stumped. I need to write an array formula that first evaluates against a vertical column of values and then finds a different value in the row of that vertical value. This sounds simple to do with INDEX - MATCH, but I...
  9. C

    Stumped on how to use an Index and Match statement within an IF Function

    I am trying to put an if statement before my index statement. The index statement works: =+INDEX($C$52:$C$125,MATCH(M31,$E$52:$E$125,0)) I want to put an if statement, so that if the my value in L3 can be matched to the array A52:A124, it will return the value from the index statement...
  10. E

    Create a dynamic rolling trailing 7-day average that auto updates

    I am creating a dashboard and I want it to automatically create a 7-day trailing average based off the the =today() cell that it looks up on. So I have the raw data in a sheet that has the data by day: <tbody> 8/1/2015 8/2/2015 8/3/2015 8/4/2015 8/5/2015 8/6/2015 8/7/2015 8/8/2015 People...
  11. A

    Best VBA option to compare multiple cells on multiple sheets and return results

    This is my first post and I haven't found what I need by researching, so I thought I would submit a post. I have a workbook with two spreadsheets. The first contains specific information about a medical claim (year of the claim (column "N", diagnosis codes columns ("R" -"AP"). On the second...
  12. P

    V-lookup help

    I have to reach out to this forum as I've hit a brick wall (brick wall being, simply not enough smarts!). I'm thinking V-look up or Match but not really sure how to achieve the desired result. In the layout below I want retrieve from sheet 1, the person for each address. Note: In the actual...
  13. S

    Indirect / Match function used together

    Alright maybe i am not to verse as i thought i was. I want to use an indirect cell reference as look up points for an index match deal. Easy you say well the cell reference is a table. Sheet 1 contains Table named "LookUp" In sheet 2: Cell A1= "LookUp" I want to write a index match that goes...
  14. T

    using wildcards for text in index/match multiple criteria in Excel

    I'm having trouble using wildcards for text in index/match multiple criteria; I need to find the nearest site along a river (x) below a certain point (distance =21), each stretch of the river is labelled with the streches downstream (so stretch abc is upstream of ab). My problem arises when the...
  15. C

    Nested Index, Match Array Problem

    I very much hope someone can assist. I am trying to use a nested INDEX and MATCH array formula to return the value in column C when matching column A and column B, but with a few more criteria. The range containing all the data <tbody> A B C 1 Cat 1 January 1, 2014 John 2 Cat 2...
  16. L

    Three Way Lookup: INDEX and MATCH with blank space in row header

    I'm trying to do a three way lookup when there are two row header variables and two column header variable using INDEX and MATCH. I want to fill the table with dollar amount by match Id code, name and month. There is blank space from month to month. I tired this below formula but obviously...
  17. K

    Moving Data + Filling In Where Data Is Missing (sum if, match, average if, offset)

    Hi all - having difficulty with the following. I've read all the related posts I can find and tried many different formulas, but can't figure this out. We have Sheet 1 that consists of unique rows of data with columns that are as follows: ID, Original Price, Date, Price, Date, Price .... Price...
  18. D

    Check for Presence of a Value in a Column Based on a List

    In a separate column I would like to answer "Yes" or "No" if there is a value greater than zero somewhere in the same row if that number falls under the column header that matches a predefined list. It can be more than one number meeting this criteria, but it has to be at least one in the row...

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