match cells columns

  1. S

    How to Validate data in 2 columns

    Hello everybody, I am stuck on a small problem. Please help me out. I have tried couple of things as pasted in the code below. I have to validate data in column A with data in column C Each cell data in A should match its corresponding cell data in C. e.g: A1 = C1, A2 = on If they...
  2. W

    Index match help...

    Hi, I have a complex situation and need to mine data for 3 conditions for an exact match. I currently use the VSC column of data in a vlookup formula to map the FGA then again to map the FGA Name, but the results are less than %80 accurate because of the vlookup restrictions. I want to include...
  3. E

    Using nested IF and Match to return multiple values if true/false

    I want to have a formulat that put one of two different values ("IN" or "T") in the column if row A on US FULL SERVICE-Mdwst-West sheet matches the values in two different columns on the “Hotel accounts” sheet. I think it’s more like a nested IF function….with a match function included in it…...
  4. A

    Timeseries column cross-reference and matching?

    Hello all, I’m a new noob to the forum, would appreciate if anybody could provide some help. I have 5 sets of columns, each includes a Time column and a Price column. However, the 5 individual Time columns of the 5 sets don’t match, i.e, the dates are not continuous (there are...
  5. C

    Find All Matches Update Missing Info

    I have to enter in manually the dates for E-H and update the matching vins manually. I have been trying to create a macro that would find all matching VIN's in column B and then fill in missing dates from E-H that have already been entered. I keep running into issues with the code I have been...
  6. H

    Match & create a column

  7. B

    Match, use variable rathet than value in quotes

    Hello all, I am searching column A for a value and deriving the row. Hard coding the value works as expected. I can't seem to get the code to work using a variable Value in quotes works, "DEV ". nMatch contains the correct row #.Variable with value "DEV" doesn't work. nMatch is 0. Dim...
  8. K

    Sales lookup comparing day to day

    I am trying to create a formula that will look up sales. I would like it to be Saturday to Saturday and here is the problem. Jan 1 2010 was a Friday, were Jan 1 2011 is a Saturday. How do I create a formula that looks up and matchs Jan1 2011 Saturday to Jan 2 2010 Saturday and then displays...
  9. S

    Need to match multiple cells

    Hello, I'm looking to create a formula or VBA function in which multiple conditions are met. Here are the columns (Row 1 will be for headers) and the type of data in each column. I'm starting with B2 as an example, but I'm looking to paste the same formula throughout column B. A2...

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