1. D

    Search Sheets Help

    I have an idea for a search sheet that i have no idea how to create, and am looking for help. I would like Sheet 1 to just be a search box and you can type in an address, and below it will be a table that will show the results that match your search. The matched search data will be stored on...
  2. JohnPoole

    VLOOKUP Query

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help to randomize a VLOOKUP. I have four values on column A, all Zero. Column B has values A,B,C,D The VLOOKUP returns A as this is the first matched value. The VLOOKUP correctly returns the result of the minimum value in column A: =VLOOKUP(MIN(A1:A4),A1:B4,2,0)...
  3. A

    Formula to Count Matched reference as 1, regardless if are multiples matched in Range/Reference.

    Good Morning, I don't see easy, is a bit complicated my goal I'm struggling with a formula to count the matched reference on a Range to be matched. I know that are a some some formulas that do that job, but what i need to do is go a lil beyond the count. I applied the formulas , Count...
  4. L

    how to count matched pairs and matched triples on each line of 10 data units, (numbers and letters)

    I have a spreadsheet of 116 lines of 10 units of data in each line. I m keeping track of a pick-5 lottery, so I write 5 numbers of reference plus another 5 numbers of another reference, totalling 10 units per line. I d like to process it into a statistic table. To avoid confusing two same...
  5. vds1

    Set of amounts that sums to zero

    <tbody> ID_SPAR ID_ITOR AMOUNT DESIRED OUTPUT 3221876 4448945 -51471.74 Matched 3221876 4448945 -54452.02 Investigate 3221876 4448945 22239.20 Matched 3221876 4448945 29232.54 Matched 3227654 4448974 -28956.90 Matched 3227654 4448974 -25917.90 Investigate 3227654 4448974 28956.90...
  6. S

    excel match feature

    Hello there, I use countif formula to find out how many times in one year 8 numbers have matched. Usually 8 numbers match only once a year or maybe not. prize money for 8 numbers is 10k as above. But there many times 4,5 or 6 numbers match. For example to find out how many times 4numbers...
  7. A

    numbers extraction

    this is the question posted by another member in "Questions in Other Languages" that I'd translated here the last digit of any pairs of numbers in A:F matched the last digit in G, merged the...
  8. X

    Extracting the number just after a text from textpad and writing in columns in excel

    I want to extract specific numbers after some specific words from textpad and I have to write that into my excel columns i.e example, the textpad file is like this *INFO* CRITERIA is MATCHED. DISPLAY ID 123456 AND AT T=369 MAY BE MATCHING OR MAY NOT BE *INFO* CRITERIA is...
  9. F

    Excel Vba - How to copy and paste matched rows from one sheet to below exact matched rows in another sheet

    I am fairly new in excel vba scenario. What I am trying to accomplish here in this macro is,I have two sheet, two column, sheet1 Column A, sheet2 Column A, both have possible matches in column A. I am trying to find all the matches between two sheets and copy matched entire rows from sheet1 to...
  10. S

    Match dates and amounts by searching and adding amounts together

    I need to match amounts of money in one column to the same amount in another column by summing a selection of amounts in the second column for the same day (not all amounts for the same day). It can be the sum of up to four amounts in the second column to equal the first column single figure...
  11. M

    Help Required Please! Copy data from one sheet to another when criteria are matched.

    Hi, I currently have some excel formulas in Sheet "A" which pull data from Sheet "B" but I need to rewrite this in VBA code so that the information that is pulled through is permanent and does not disappear when the data in Sheet "B" changes. But I'm struggling with putting the VBA code...
  12. zookeepertx

    Count duplicates in in A, then duplicates in B in that range, then work with data in B

    <tbody> A B I Z AA AB AC Once fine Once Same Double Twice Same Double Same Different New Third Fourth Match Different Fourth Match Fourth Fourth Normal Five Fourth Opposite Sixth Help Sign Apple Help Street...
  13. S

    VBA copy worksheet to new file

    Hi, I would like to copy one tab/sheet form my workbook and have it saved to a new file. Can the file be saved under the tab name and placed in the same directory as the original workbook? It would be OK to keep saving over the previous file. I also need the cell formulas changed to values in...
  14. J

    Formula for matching three columns and returning result from nth column

    Hi there, I am looking for a formula to do the following: Return the value in column AE if column A value matches a value in column D AND column B matched a value in column C AND column F matched value in column G. Basically I want to find the row that matches 3 values and return something...
  15. M

    How to get LAST value using INDEXMATCH

    I'm using this formula, which has been working perfectly... that is until it found 2 matches. How can I edit this so it shows the LAST matched value, instead of first??? =INDEX('Q3'!$F$1:'Q3'!$F$332,MATCH(K22,'Q3'!$AB$1:'Q3'!$AB$332,0)) Thanks.
  16. srizki

    Please correct the formula

    I am using the following two formula, =INDEX($L$2:$L$3583,MATCH(1,($AA$1=$R$2:$R$3583)*(AB2=$M$2:$M$3583),0)) Or =SUMIF($L$2:$L$3583,INDEX(L:L,MATCH(1,(M:M=AB3)*(R:R=$AA$1),0))) They both are array formula. The problem is that they only fetch the first value matched, and I want to add all the...
  17. H

    Highlight numerous referenced cells through Loop

    I have the need to highlight about 20K+ cells in one worksheet with cells referenced in another worksheet. Need a VBA loop solution for this. As example: Have a sheet named "GoBaby" in which the cells need highlighting if they match the cell values referenced in sheet named "Matched" . So...
  18. E

    How to use number range in INDEX/MATCH?

    Hello! I am using Index/Match and in the value to be matched, I want to specify the value of a cell +/-5%. How do I specify that? thx!
  19. D

    3 Columns F:G:H, Match column 2 & 3 Return value from column 1

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with this lookup, i can't use Vlookup because i'm using other formulas to split the name were there is a space. I can't use index, match the way i know because there is nothing on the top row. It's just 3 columns. So Column F:G:H. I want to: match D22 to...
  20. S

    Compare sequentially Coma Separated Values from two columns and give matching values - Help Needed

    Hi I have a challenge where I have to compare the coma separate values from 2 columns (Column A , Column B and find the sequentially comma separated matching values and output to Results column. Example: Compare "Column A" values (Coma Separated ) with "Column B" (Coma Separated) and output...

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