1. D

    Pivot table solution? Please help!

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a list of materials for different sections: The top of the list looks like this: I have about 6 sections (EM, Formulering, Inspektion & more - please let me know if you want all the names). I want to create some sort of pivot table (I assume? I...
  2. U

    Sum If and Circular Reference

    I am looking for a "less manual" way to do my current process. I have a sales channel "NHOM" or "NHAF" and multiple material groups "W01 or "W02" for example. I pick out the main material groups and then any others are grouped as "Other". There are different types and count of material groups...
  3. B

    Numbering new products in sequence

    Hello, I am producing a list of patterns references and each pattern needs to have a unique reference. Example pattern 1 is 100-1525/1525/8-001 and is made from a sheet of material 1525 x 1525 x 8 thick 100 = Denotes type of material 1525 = dimension 1 1525 = dimension 2 8 = thickness 001 =...
  4. R

    Barcode scanning application

    Hi Hope you are doing well!! I need to create an excel sheet for store support. Application details: I have a material which has a QR code and some Location racks with QR Code. Whenever i get the material to my store i will scan QR code in material and rack.this two data should be recorded in...
  5. M

    Multiply Input Cell by Another Cell

    Hi There, I'm trying to multiply a cell within a table that I would input a number into by another cell and struggling with the VBA formula. For example, I would input 5600 into F2 and want it to multiply by D2 and display the result within F2. <tbody> A B1 C D E F G 1 material Desc...
  6. U

    How to segregate data lines based on percentage automatically?

    Hello. I am trying to take the percentage based on plant and material number and segregate the handling units to two different plants. For example, in the information below, I want excel to look at another worksheet. if the plant and material match, plant 1 will get 20% of the total 5,801 and...
  7. U

    How do I automatically count the finished goods of raw Materials?

    I have raw materials. I want to be able to get the finished goods total from the raw material reference. the raw material is in another tab. I am desperate. Any help is appreciated.
  8. S

    Minimum of the multiple dates for a Product

    Hi, I have a list of products and associated dates. A product will have multiple materials and each material have a expiry date. Something like table below. <colgroup><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Product Material Material Expiry AA a 16-Aug-23 AA b 17-May-23 BB b 18-Aug-25...
  9. M

    Bill Of Material Forecast Based on Timing of Material Change

    Hi All, I am looking for help regarding forecasting future material requirement from finished goods forecast. I have this set up currently in excel with a few index and sumproduct formulas. However the material code within the finished goods can change depending on promotion etc, at various...
  10. gheyman

    Using the value in a cell (which is a spreadsheet name) as part of a formula

    If I have in cell A1 this value [CLIN 0010 MATERIAL COST SUMMARY A3382276.xlsx] can I write a dynamic formula that uses this value? Sort of using a concatenate This is my formula. But I want to change it so that the part that says [CLIN 0002 MATERIAL COST SUMMARY B53388.xlsx] is dynamic...
  11. M

    Calculating Selling price from a complex formula

    Hi All, I need a Excel formula to calculate my selling price based on a predetermined profit. What is know is: 1) The final profit after all the cost ($20) 2) The item cost 3) The merchant fee which is 10% (0.10) 4) The payment processor fee which is 2.9% + $0.30 5) The shipping material cost...
  12. P

    Recall a whole table based on a selected cell value

    Hi, I have a number of tables (in a single sheet). Each table has some properties (temperature, presssure) pertaining to a particular pipe material group. What I want is that when i select one of the material groups (in another sheet), it displays all the values related to that table underneath.
  13. H

    Pivot Table Question on Rows

    Hi All, I have a question about Pivot Tables. Not exactly sure how to describe this but I'll try It's about Row Labels. When there is one entry in a row everything is fine eg Material Number Sales 2019 Sales 2020 123456 555000 600000 But if I add a row in an...
  14. N

    Excel2016. Return several criteria for an article as text

    Hello, I have a list with articles which have technical criteria. I would now like to have the criteria returned as text but the complicated bit for me is how I can show the different temperatures... I tried if functions but it didn't really work. Would anybody know how best to solve this? My...
  15. N

    averages from price change data

    The following table in PBI has price changes. I want to get a table of a) monthly date-wise weighted average price. maybe i could create a table in PQ for each date in calendar and then group. But how do i do in DAX, since there are many materials. b) simple average by material with considering...
  16. S

    How to calculate recipe of ingredient stock

    <tbody> Finish Product code Finish Item Qty 2001 Burger 2 2002 Caffe tea 3 </tbody> <tbody> Finish Product Code Raw Material Code Raw material item Qty Sub Qty 2001 1001 Salat 0.2 ? 2001 1002 Sugar 1 ? 2002 1003 Caffe 0.7 ? 2002 1001 Water 0.9 ? 2002 1003 Tea 0.2 ? </tbody> MY...
  17. P

    How do I sum, excluding duplicate values?

    Example: I have one item number ABCDE but this item number appears 3 times, on rows 1 through 3. Each row lists a different raw material off the bill of material, along with the budgeted tons. Material A 5 lb. 500 tons ABCDE Material B 1 lb. 500 tons ABCDE Material C 2lb. 500 tons...
  18. J

    Data quantity calculations & summary across multiple tabs

    I have a workbook for budgeting construction projects. Each element of a project gets its own tab (for example, walls, roof, floor, etc.). Within each of those tabs the user chooses a category of material from a drop down menu, then the actual material from a second drop down menu. Those drop...
  19. B

    match and interpolation help.

    Hi all, I am facing issue for match and interpolation of values as below. I need exact value and intermediate values if i select temperature and material group. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col span="9"></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col...
  20. U

    Exponential Smoothing for each Plant and Material

    I have over 800 lines of data. I am trying to create a forecast for each material based on the plant. I have consumption for two years. I want the forecast to be automatic so when someone enters the plant and material, the forecast is auto populated. Currently the issue I am having is how to...

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